PS5 VRR and the blackscreens

I can confirm the blackscreens too.


Hi @PrazVT,

The problem is that it is a newly implemented feature with PS5; therefore, we couldn’t do proper testing beforehand. The video signal doesn’t play well somehow with Spectrum, even though technically it is supported.

Our team is working on a fix coming as a firmware update soon.


I understand; I hope the team can figure it out!

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@Cas any update on this?


Hi @StoneOver_86,

Not yet. This issue has been escalated for priority fix. I will report back once we have more news.


Hey, guys, I’ve got some good news.

After only a couple of builds, the fw dev team has sent me a firmware that they say worked perfectly fine in Elden Ring on PS5 and VRR enabled, with no blanking.

So, without any further ado, here it is.

A couple of things to note - this is a test .bin, and I have no idea if trying to revert to v106 official will cause problems. Also, I do not know if this will work for other blanking or flickering issues yet, this was targeted for the PS5 issue, so please test for that issue accordingly.

Edit: Added the following:

Both Marvin and I have now tested the installation, and it goes perfectly fine - it will reset your settings, but may not need multiple power cycles, it may go in a single power cycle.

Marvin also confirms that VRR on PS5 is now working, both supported and unsupported (forced) games, and both with HDR enabled and disabled.


Confirming that at least from a quick check Ratchet and Clank is not doing blanking as I originally mentioned above. Also Miles Morales is working as well. Yay!


I can confirm that screen blanking / flickering issues are fixed in Destiny 2 on PS5 with VRR on and the forced option on. With the FPS counter on, it looks like the game is trying to use VRR but I suspect the framerate caps (60fps for PVE, 120fps for PVP) are due to the game not being patched to take advantage of the feature yet. Otherwise, game runs smoothly!


Tested 10 games - all works with the update! No blanking issues whatsoever - in-game that is. The blanking still comes when entering and exiting games.

Nice nice nice. Time to head back into Spiderman and enjoy those extra frames!


Sadly I’ve run into a new bug from this test firmware.

Displayport is no longer stable for me. Windows 11 PC with a NV3080FE via DP 1.4 cable. After the monitor enters sleep mode, it will not display an image upon waking up. Instead I see the backlight turn on and this is how the OSD displays: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Even after rebooting my pc (hard shutdown or soft restart) the image does not recover unless I hard power cycle the monitor. Also I was no longer seeing the bios screen which has never been a problem via DP.

The whole reason I went back to using DP on my 3080 is because when connected via HDMI the monitor rarely enters the sleep state (backlight is on while perpetually flashing ‘No Signal’). Fortunately I can use hdmi for now, but have to again accept the monitor will never sleep unless I use the power button.

I know there are many variables at play here but this all getting quite frustrating as someone who has been enduring these ‘quirks’ since delivery in July 2021 and one of the first to report blanking issues in general/gaming use.


Have you tried HDMI and verified it will not sleep?

Mine still does.


Just wanted to say I am very impressed by how quickly y’all churned out a test update to fix VRR. I can confirm it seems to be working on my end!

Edit: the only thing I’ve noticed is that the frame counter seems to be a bit glitchy (constant flickering between 59 and the actual value)


Yes, I’ve been using hdmi since that post. HDMI will sleep fine when the PS5 turns off but almost never turns off when set to the input source from my 3080 (hdmi 1 for my pc hdmi 2 for the ps5). It has to be some specific combo of my Nvidia branded 3080 FE + Windows 11 (I had this problem with windows 10 as well) if yours goes to sleep properly.

I’m sticking with HDMI because DP refusing to wake up at all (plus that weird state for the OSD) is a worse scenario. I will certainly take this annoyance in exchange for functional VRR with the PS5 but this issue with DP did not exist prior to today’s firmware for me.

I’ve reset the display to defaults but I can try flashing the firmware again if you think this is a fluke. I’ve also tried unplugging the USB connection to see if it was the culprit but no change in sleeping.

Additional update
Monitor crashed again waking up, but this time on HDMI source from my PC. The display had gone to sleep fully (no backlight/source message). When it woke up, no source image could be displayed and same broken OSD screenshot as I posted above (yellow text). Had to pull the power from the brick and then it returned to functional. Something isn’t quite right waking it up from sleep. I guess my original assumption that it was isolated issue for DP isn’t valid.

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Just out of curiosity, does the same thing happen if you reverse the HDMI connections?

As in swap my hdmi inputs 1 and 2 (1 was pc, 2 was ps5)? Or swap ends of the hdmi cable from source to monitor?

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It’s not perfect though - there is some random flickering in game menu, but in game it seems to be fine. Again, likely due to the game not supporting VRR officially yet. I had to play for a while to notice that. I’m going to turn off the forced option and check again. But definitely a step forwards!

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Are there any RTX users or MacBook other than @Upstaged who have given this a go yet? I’d like to check if the VRR fix also works on the occasional black screens I get while PC gaming, but given that it’s uncertain if a rollback works properly, I’m reluctant to cause issues for myself.

The display signal is typically reset and renegotiated when entering and exiting games. This will always cause some sort of black screen regardless of display. It’s just that the Spectrum’s black screen lasts a lot longer than most other displays.


DP input doesn’t work properly anymore. Blackscreen - turning the monitor off and on doesn’t help.


Update: and no picture from PS5 either…

Update2: pulling power supply made it work again.

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Yeah, swap the devices on the inputs. Put what is on 1 on 2, and what is on 2 on 1.

Yes, me of course.

I played Need for Speed Payback last night, working my way through campaigns. Played a couple of weekends ago as well.

VRR is definitely working, however, it really makes the game feel choppy as heck, this game had not had this issue ever since I got the 3080 Ti.

Obviously it is the work week and I haven’t had much time to play, but I did try that one game - and for the first time, that game had felt … unplayable to me.

I need to test more games and that game again, it might have been me, not the game, who knows? But I have limited testing time during the week.

EDIT: fixed typos, added the following:

By unplayable, I mean it really felt weird. My perception was that the game was being choppy, whereas before the PS5 test bin or was smoother.

I will try to flash v106 stable over this, and see if it makes a difference.