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Though I do think it is something @Mike should follow up on - will it actually cause a short by flipping the keyboard around? Because I’m fairly certain the SP4 allows this and people really like it,


May I ask, what do you do with the type cover when it’s not in use? Do you just pop it off and set it aside, or is it usually just sitting in a bag? I’m actually curious about this since the tablet I just got doesn’t offer that kind of keyboard, so I’ve just been carrying it around in a regular case and have only attached the hard keyboard a handful of times.


Also can someone see what happens when you connect or disconnect the kb physically? Does the BT turn on or off automatically? (As intended?)


Windows doesn’t have that function. I already asked about it somewhere in this forum. So, you’d have to have your bluetooth turned on, when detaching the keyboard.


As @SyrtakiVampir mentioned, you’ve got to have your Bluetooth on the V itself activated to have automagically connect your V keyboard to the V when disconnecting it.

We’d love to have that option of the Bluetooth automagically turning on when you disconnect the keyboard, but we unfortunately can’t have that. :frowning:


If out and about stays in the bag, at home I am not very good and it usually ends up lying on a desk or next to me on the sofa, etc. For my own use the keyboard is attached 80% of the time and only detached when I feel like lounging about and doing a bit of surfing…


What if you disconnect the keyboard to use the V as a tablet without the wireless keyboard? It would be better then if nothing connects.

PS: I’m really not sure if it’s on purpose or not because you’re from Austria and english isn’t your first language so I’m going to correct it: automagically is a funny word but it should be automatically :smiley:


is a word that means that it is automatic, but it seems like magic. Or something along those lines. I know it isn’t a real word, but it is deliberate, at least.
Edit: apparently it is a real word. Cortana (my go-to dictionary for quick stuff) didn’t recognise it when I wrote my reply.


My American software devs friends love to use this word, maybe it’s a jargon ?


@ToiletSheep Automagically is an actual english word :smiley: It’s mostly used in IT and when I heard it I just loved the sound of it :wink:

@nawthor did already do a great explaination and @kazenorin I’ve also heard that word from american software developers.

Here’s the entry in the oxford dictionary :wink:


Guys, there is one big difference between the Surface keyboard and the EVE V keyboard and that is bluetooth connectivity. And there must be some preferences set in the BIOS that always sets preference to the pogoplug connection if made and secondarily choose bluetooth if a connection is not made, and DISABLE the bluetooth connection while a pogoplug connection is in place. Once the pogoplug connection is broken, look for a bluetooth keyboard in proximity with preference to the EVE V bluetooth keyboard if more than one are in proximity.

Because the surface has only a keyboard or no keyboard, it’s an on /off connection with only 2 combinations, but in the case of the EVE V, there are six combinations that have to be handled in code somehow.
They are
Pogo and Bluetooth both available - Choose Pogo
Pogo only available - Choose Pogo
Bluetooth only available - Choose Bluetooth
Bluetooth on but pogo gets connected - Choose Pogo
Pogo connected but Bluetooth is enabled - Choose Pogo
Neither Pogo nor Bluetooth is available - Tablet only

I am assuming you have a control panel selection to deal with the behavior of the keyboard and the current state of the keyboard, whether the Pogoplug connection is to be used or the Bluetooth connection is to be used or neither should be used (in the case that the keyboard is folded back while connected). Again, the Surface needs none of this because it is a two state system, on and off, not a six state system that requires some prefererencing software.


Bluetooth is not available in BIOS level, so it can’t be done from there. I see it in a very simple way. The keyboard starts receiving power from the tablet (through pogo pins) -> the keyboard disables Bluetooth in itself. The tablet doesn’t do anything. It just doesn’t “see” the wireless keyboard anymore, as its (the keyboard’s) Bluetooth antenna is disabled. Simple as that. No need for any control panel settings, no need for any drivers. We wanted a bloatware-free product, and this way it works without even requiring a driver.


Wow, just googled it, it’s actually a word. I like it :smiley:


Would we be able to wake up the device with the detached keyboard from sleep or hibernation? Or I would have to go up to the tablet, open it, then manually go in to bluetooth setting and connect the keyboard every time it wakes up from hibernation?


If you don’t disable Bluetooth before going to sleep, there is no need to re-enable it. And it has “connected standby”, so I think the keyboard will be able to wake it up wirelessly :slight_smile:


Nice, now the question becomes how long does the keyboard last with one charge on standby. Also do we have any sort of battery indicator on the keyboard?

Really appreciate all you prototype testers effort for making this ever more amazing.


An orange light starts blinking when the charge is about 15% and turns red around 5%. It should last longer than the tablet itself with backlight disabled, and about 3 hours with backlight enabled, but I can’t test that because my pogo pin broke off :frowning:


woot? only 3 hours? i guess that’s the price for mobility and being flashy…


Turning off backlight on the keyboard should double or triple that value, though. Don’t remember the thread where it was mentioned, but I believe something of the sort was said a few months back.


I think we aimed for 20 hours with backlight disabled. Backlight is draining quite a bunch of battery - which is why you usually don’t see wireless keyboards with them I think :wink: