Prototype Testers! Meet up anybody?


Hey Community and prototype testers!

After having a great meet up with community here in New York we thought it would be amazing if other people who have V’s now would host meet ups in their cities as well!

As we are about to ship second round of units for community testing we think it would be totally awesome if prototype Testers would have meet ups. Letting other people get hands on V and socialize offline:)

What do you think? Meet ups are fun!

Also joining and facilitating meet up is a great chance to get Eve T Shirts (like the one I am wearing below)
T shirts will be customized to your country with landmark that meet up host suggests!

Meetup hosts and atendees will get bunch of shirts as well as some other stuff :slight_smile:

So what do you think? Who is in?

  • Its a great idea. I want to see V in real like and meet other community members!
  • I don’t want to see the V

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Community Meeting South Germany (Ulm)
Eve meetups. How to arrange one!
Meetup in Vilnius? :)
Community Meeting East Germany (Leipzig)

If there is a possibilty that the meet up is in Paris, France. That would be awesome. If this meet up is possible.


As much as I’d love to have you here in beautiful Vancouver Canada, I think I may be the only one out here! :slight_smile:


If we have anyone here from Norway (or anywhere, really) who’d be willing to come to Stavanger for it, I’d gladly host a meetup.


Well, I have a prototype in Vilnius, Lithuania, so if anyone wants we can have a meetup here :slight_smile:


Anyone from Switzerland among the prototype testers? Or south of Germany not far away from the border?

Community Meeting South Germany (Ulm)

Anybody among the prototype tester near Milan?


I think @zwehn mentioned he’s based in Munich :slight_smile:


Alright, it’s looking great!

So for prototoype testers. If you are excited to do the meet up then you should start a thread with meet up. We could later send it to V buyers and community members.

Make the thread similar to the New York meet up thread.

Imagine guys if meetups between community members was part of community culture.

You could always find buddies in other cities and countries


Me too. :laughing: So @zwehn, when shoud we meet?


How about Toronto Canada???


Great idea. It be would be wonderful if you could send a prototype to some random person in Berlin, Germany, so that I can meet him/her. I would also (selflessly) offer myself to be that guy so that other community members from Berlin can meet me. :innocent:


Calgary is better … :imp:


We could find a slot. There are others also interested so we could meet altogether in munich.


I would say Toronto, Canada also. I live in Montreal but I could drive down to Toronto :slight_smile:


Someone at Espirito Santo Brasil


Hi Pauliunas, I’ll be back in Vilnius for a week on the 6th of April.
If you are around, let me know.



Germany, Ulm somebody?


Germany, Ulm? Here!
Now we just Need a Prototype :grin:
Edit: Seems like I’m too stupid/ tired to properly read … Since you do have a prototype it would be more than awesome to meet up :grinning:


Read my title below the username :stuck_out_tongue: