Proper 1 liner update! [10.08]



Yes, we have it already I know that, however, since this is a FINAL leg before it reaches us, and also since there was mention of new cable for the screen (already bought) and its fitment to the device, often if the wires are not properly tucked up, it tends to lose its position and make it dead. As we know we have the data cable that goes from the system board to the LCD that send the video data and the other cables for power for the led and the back light, etc, we need to make sure all the cable for all the other components too does not dislocates itself ESPECIALLY DURING HEAVY MOVEMENT. That’s ALL.:heart_eyes:


UL tested it? Did UL do the rest of the evaluation?


@Ben The anti-reflective coating is applied to the cover glass, not to the display panel. So there should be no issue with that whatsoever!

@razaknk The V mini-massproduction devices have been thoroughly abused to ensure they won’t come apart if your delivery guy manhandles the box a bit. The new display panel should not change any mechanical features of the device, but if it does it will of course be appropriately re-tested.


Does anyone know if the anti-reflective coating will reduce the luminance or colors at all?


Thats what I meant !!!:grinning:


Bit late to the party, just wanted to say fantastic news! So glad that after all of this hardship, we are finally getting to a point where we can see the finishing line! Knock on wood that it goes well from here on!


I’m thinking that the coating is really nothing much over other devices, based on video reviews and comparisons made to MacBook Pros. It doesn’t look special. Doesn’t look like it really reduced reflections compared to, say, a Surface Pro or any non-iPad tablet. Hoping I’m wrong, as I’ll be using my V outside extensively.

@team any comment on the relative performance of the coating?


It actually increases color performance as yoy get more transparency.

We will conduct all of the stress testing for V again with new screen.


@Konstantinos - you guys rock!! Thanks for responding and clarifying!


In light of the recent USAToday news article of CR pulling their recommendation for the Surface laptops due to reliability concerns.

Thank you Team Eve for taking the time to deliver a quality product! I’m happy to wait for a RELIABLE product!


Can we still have some place on the webpage with other possible bootlogos to download? :grin: or should the designers of the other logos just upload them in the thread about boot logos? The latter would be a bit hard to find for non-active users though imo.

And holy shit, >100 likes :smiley: (with good reason!)


Wow, keeping the community informed meanwhile producing one of the most interesting products of the year.
I am sooooo jealous of all the backers with their early shipping. If only I had found eve earlier >.<


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Thank you for the updates. I was hoping to have this prior to the new term at school, but my SP3 will definitely hold me over until the Eve V is perfected. I am definitely happy to wait for any known issues to be resolved and could not be more pleased with the transparency throughout this process.