Proper 1 liner update! [10.08]



Finally some good news!
@Konstantinos do you know already what the range for the shipping of prod screens may be ?
I am a bit worried about: Sharp will provide that information once we confirm that displays are compatible …
Not that at the end they say, we can ship in a month etc…
I understand they dont want to tell a delivery date before ordering etc, but are we talking about them being capable to ship within days after ordering or 1 week, 2 weeks, …, or is that at this stage unknown and may be anything?



“I’m on a Highway to Hype…”
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Awesome news @Konstantinos, those screen look very sharp and amazing.
I can’t wait to see the next update and also have my hands to this beauty device, the V. I hope that every test that you will conduct on the sharp’s screen will have no problem. Finally some good news for this project :grin:


We don’t know yet, but as we’ll place an order at Sharp very soon with the extra condition that the first ~600 panels should get delivered ASAP :slight_smile:


We are still checking our options out! It seems like supply for 1tb SSD is super limited. So far most of the distributors have 8week lead time. We will let you know if we find a faster option!


Almost ready for the webstore.


Great news Team, thanks for all your hard work and effort. Must be great for you to see it coming together :slight_smile:


I didn’t even know that was possible. Hmmmm. How much would it cost?


at the moment it’s not sure, if such an upgrade will be possible and what it will cost! right now the team is - as far as i know - talking to possible suppliers and checking the possibilities!


Thanks for the update and sharing good news. Waiting impatiently for the next update with (hopefully) more good news and shipping timeline.


In Eve we trust!

Big thanks for the Eve Team and their hard work and endurance. You are doing an amazing job although there is alot of negativity in the forum at the moment because of the delays.

One Offtopic Question: Saw the Bootlogo in one of the pictures you posted. Is this the final Bootlogo? If I remember correctly there was a poll but with a different outcome :smiley:



Yep, as far as I know, that will be the final bootlogo - it was supposed to be a bit more of a small gimmick/secret as it’s been finished for some while now before the whole discussion about the bootlogo even started :slight_smile:


That poll was totally unofficial anyway


Hahaha @Konstantinos Snowden the Leaker ! :smiley:
Thanks for the clarification and it looks totaly fine for me :smiley:


Hi @Konstantinos, I don’t see test about the new display heat issue, I assume that will be taken care of?
Plus, hope this new display will not cause any static to the V


Brilliant!.. We’re on the move again…


YESS!!! The future seems suddenly brighter now :slight_smile:


Great news! Out of interest (and perhaps a daft question) is there any need to re-test the anti-reflective coating with the new screen?


Add one more test post all assembly has been done to make sure, when it is completely assembled shake the device or drop in soft/semi hard surface and see if the device functions, why because, when it is shipped it goes through lots of Physical handling by the logistics company, and when it reaches us (based on proto experience) it cables or components becomes dislocated. We want to avoid dead system reaching us. :slight_smile:


Per UL our devices were subjected to a drop test. Passed with flying colors. I would guess EVE also has some drop testing protocol.