Proper 1 liner update! [10.08]



Hello Eve Family!

Great news! We have finally received 15 samples of the amazing Sharp display. It’s looking very sharp :slight_smile:

Our team is now testing displays actively. As of now they seem to fit perfectly!


In the following few days our team and our manufacturer’s team will:

  • Test displays to make sure they fit perfectly mechanically and don’t cause any issues during assembly.
  • Test displays with charger and pen to make sure that no frequencies interfere
  • Test touch panel and performance thoroughly to make sure that touch sensitivity and precision is not compromised
  • Test diplays for color performance
  • Send 5 display samples to touch panel vendor Liabao for bonding and further testing on touch performance
  • Send 2 display samples to our pen IC vendor Elan to make sure that displays work perfectly with the pen
  • Send 2 displays to our CNC housing factory to make sure that displays fit housing perfectly

Process above will take around a week. We will update you immediately after we have news! So expect next update Before next week’s Sunday 20.08!

We will update all of the backers on the shipping timeline as soon as we get confirmation from Sharp regarding their shipping schedule. Sharp will provide that information once we confirm that displays are compatible with our device.

Things are looking better everyday and we can’t wait to ship Vs to you! Comparing our screen next to new Surface Pro screen you can already see difference of Sharp screen having deeper colors thanks to it’s higher contrast ratio and IGZO technology!

Community Digest 14.08

First one to like here!!! yeah, great news !! thanks for update!!!:heart_eyes:


Just double checking so you plan on also testing to make sure new screens don’t add any audio interference?


Not every day that a product delay makes the product better


Yep absolutely! We will test everything!


Btw, is there a test to see the power consumption of the new SHARP screen. It would be interesting to know if it fits the claim.

Last time it was 3 watts at 100% brightness right?


F*** YES! It’s happening



Yeeeeeeeaaaaahhh!! Great News. Hopefully fitting the new panels and testing goes well.


So it begins… :smiley: Awesome News!


Here in Germany we say "Sometimes signs and wonders are still happening!"
So let’s all get a bright smile that shall stay in the faces for the next weeks!


In other words … awesome!


great! hope I can have it before November!


That’s encouraging. hope now everything falls in place without anymore delays. Sharp screens has made the product even more exciting. Guess its worth the wait.


Awesome! The stars align! Prepare for the greatness that is the V!


Things are looking bright and promising :smiley:


Ahhh!!! The excitement rallies!! Waiting to be awesome with V


That’s great to hear! While I hoped to hear this news 3 weeks ago if the shipping could have been on time as initially thought, the next thing to try to pre-empt is whether shipping of the final screens if the testing works out could be expedited between Sharp and Eve so that we’re not left waiting another 3 weeks for screens to ship and ending up with V’s shipping slipping into late October with the necessary time taken for screen bonding and production. Good luck team and looking forward to the news.


Great news for the screens! :rofl::+1:

@Konstantinos is there any news about the 1TB SSD upgrade :question:


At last some good news. Hopefully, this will continue and we will get our V asap. fingers crossed


Come on, you had use spellcheck, right.:grinning: