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Hey guys,

My name’s Gerry. I joined the team three months ago to head Eve’s marketing department. After successfully launching our second-gen V, I figured it’s high time I properly introduced myself and made my writing debut within the community. While at it, why not give a behind-the-scenes look at how the website was developed to support our product release?

“Hey, stranger!”

I’m based in the second biggest city in the Netherlands, Rotterdam. My professional background blends strategic brand communication and agile growth marketing. As a true startup veteran, I’ve helped some seriously cool brands tell their unique story and optimize the dialogue with their audience over the years. That being said, my previous experience has been with a strong lifestyle flare, including travel, fashion, and beauty (read: zero to none technical background). Joining Eve is quite a thrill – I learn more and more about how the industry works each day and in return, provide a fresh perspective.

Getting ready to launch

I want to let you experience the preparation of our website through my own eyes.

It all starts with setting the timeline. The launch date is set to be December 1st, which gave us a total of 6 weeks to pull off the full launch. With the deadline locked, I made backward planning, scoping all key deliverables needed. It goes without saying that having the updated website was the crucial piece to the mix, the most time-consuming one too. Let’s dive into it.

Getting our ducks in a row

A fresh week after I started, I walk into our Rotterdam office. Our Product manager Rob (@Helios) rolls up his sleeves and proceeds to give me a crash course into the product. I hear phrases like “wide color gamut,” “Tigerlake CPU,” and “Gorilla Glass” come out of Rob’s mouth, and at this point, I am convinced that we’re no longer speaking English.


The next crucial step is understanding how to best position our product against our first-generation V and competitors’ solutions. We conduct a market scan as well as carefully examine the learnings we’ve collected during past launches. On the whiteboard, we list a total of 14 unique selling points (USPs) which make us cool. We narrow these down to 5 USPs which make us awesome. Those are the pillars on which we’ll be building our full product communication. Once this is locked, we involve the rest of the team to ensure that each and every one of us, from product to brand to customer support, is perfectly aligned with the narrative.

The next step is to have a kick-off with our kick-ass design team. While considering our overall design language, we develop the aesthetics for our brand-new V. One key aspect we shook hands-on is that we want to focus on transparent, no-nonsense communication highlighting the product’s strengths and potential. You’ll notice that this was reflected in the minimal look and feel we went for – we decided to clean up the animations and let the content speak for itself.

Lastly, we involved our development agency early on into the process to scope the project from their end and ensure they have enough hours to complete it in time for the launch.

Having this crucial prep stage nailed, we’re moving to the actual execution.

Content development

Rob and I literally lock ourselves up in our Dutch office and proceed to nail down every single word that will be placed on the site. We start with the story backbone and flash it out as we go along. We’ve consumed a dozen donuts each, are safe to say high on sugar and are super excited for this step as this is where the whole creative process starts.

Web Design

Having the copy locked, we’re moving forward with the development of the creative assets. Here we have our designers @Dario and @Joni in the lead. Dario is taking matters into his hands and creates the visual identity for the V pages. Keeping clarity and the premium look and feel our product sports, he’s opting for a beautifully simple design. He develops wireframes functioning as the blueprint for web development. In the meantime, Joni is focusing on the juicy product renders of the V that makes the whole site :boom: pop :boom:. This is another crucial step as it lays the foundations for our product’s overall visual communication across the digital touchpoints we have.


Development & testing

Clicking the wireframes and sexy graphics into place, we have a good idea of what our website will look like. We proceed to the production stage – our developers roll up their sleeves to make the final product. This stage roughly lasted two weeks and involved multiple feedback rounds between the coders and the rest of our team. We test and troubleshoot the site to ensure that the final product is easy and intuitive to use across different devices.

Going live

The day of the launch. We’ve communicated to all stakeholders that, including the community and press, we go live at 5 PM CET sharp. To give everyone a fair start, we’re pushing the site just a few minutes before. At this point, I’ve tried and tested it a gazillion times. Still, my heart is pumping in my chest. The chance of the website crashing is low but never zero. I’m taking a deep breath and push the button. Before my final test purchase is complete, I see that a few eager customers have already beat me to it. We’re LIVE.

The madness begins. We’ll be sold out of our early-bird units in less than two hours.

That’s all from me, folks. Let me know if you like to get more of these updates :hot_pepper:



Thus giving me the lucky chance to be able to place my order before the official launch :grin: :grin: :grin:


That website is looking real sleek, Gerry. Nice Job! These behind the scenes looks of aspects of product development that customers usually take for granted are much appreciated, looking forward to the next one.
If you ever need help with product photography from a Rotterdam-based photographer, let me know :wink:


The man himself - Mr. Breezy :tornado:


Ayoo, another Rotterdammer in our mids! I’m gonna keep you in mind. Appreciate the positive reaction to the update too. Groetjes :fire:


I didn’t realize there was such a presence from Nederlands at the core of things… greetings to you from Amsterdam and I agree the site is looking great so far.


Very nice! :slight_smile: Love these behind the scenes!


Hey, thanks for the question! In addition to the product-related pages, we’re working on updating and refreshing the rest of the website too. It’s on to-do and it’s coming :slight_smile:


Hey, thank you so much for the positive reaction! :star_struck:


Always loved the EVE sites visuals.
Are you using Figma or Sketch?
Could you (or have you) convert the previous and current sites into a Design System that could then new applied to all digital products such as Spectrum UI?


Hi Chris,

We’ve using Figma. The website has evolved quite a lot in the past 2 years with the product portfolio expanding and we continue to iterate as we move forward. To ensure consistency, we’re now doing exactly that: developing an overall design framework that we can then easily adapt and apply to any future products/pages. With this steady baseline across the site, we’ll then be able to add some extra “spice” (wherever necessary) that’s specific to each and every product we make.


Oh that’s awesome to hear.
Sounds like you are doing things the right way. Figma is a great tool, I helped switch the entire XD team at my work place over to it at the start of the year and loving it.
Look forward to seeing the new pages.