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Hey @drayzen
I am not a huge fan of Intel either but the processors will be revealed in the coming days!!
A quick and pretty vague benchmark is presented from notebookcheck website.

It seems that the i7 11th gen will be up to the standards of 4700U. Behind the fat discount that Intel may gave to EVE, which i really doubt as EVE is a tiny company and produce few tablets, AMD does not have native support of features that will be embedded inside the 11th gen Intel.
For a PC enthusiast like my self, I do not care if my desktop CPU has native wifi support or thunderbolt as I have space to fit those features externally (or in the huge motherboard).
When you are talking about a tablet, you want everything to be as small as possible and avoid any extra chips like wifi, thunderbolt, USB4 etc.

It is logical to go with Intel and I hope that they got huge discount to reflect it on their price :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:


So they just announced them and as I mentioned before, the 11th gen is equipped with wifi6 and thunderbolt 4.
Unfortunately they are just 4cores-8threads but I think for a tablet is more than enough!
GPU is equivalent with a 1050 so I think that would be good too.

All we have to do now is wait for the expected release day of the tablet :smiley:


I have to say I’m really excited for this new device. Yes AMD has something really good in their hand but Intel’s offer is also very interesting to look at. I just have a couple points and questions:

  • Please stick with the 11th gen i5 and i7 only and keep the i3 version out of there.
  • Graphics with performance between a 1030 and a 1050 is really exciting. I bet playing Fall Guys on it will be a blast!
  • I’m also very happy that a fan will be added. The current Eve being passive is cool and silent but performance just wasnt there and I gave up the idea of an egpu because the cpu clocks were too low.
  • And since you’ll be adding a fan, will the Eve have Tiger Lake UP3 (12-28W) or UP4 (7-15W)?
  • Will you add fan control for stable performance at higher loads?

But I have to say that so far I’m loving it.


It should be revealed at a later stage of the project:)

A good question! The fan curve at heavy load needs to be carefully tuned. Our engineers are exploring feasible options.


So it will have a fan? I thought it will be fanless to increase battery…

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Please elaborate on these trade-offs.

The current ryzen 7 4800U is almost twice as good as the icelake chips. ( I doubt that Intel suddenly gets that much more performance while having the same efficiency and thermal constraints.

Efficiency on new tiger lake chips should be lot better. Also, it looks like these will be build upon Intel 10nm superfin, which is quite good, and actually comparable to TSMC 7nm.


If the efficiency had that much improved they would be on more than 4c/8t.
They had to choose, either fix the clockspeed or more cores. Since Intel has a slight ipc advantage they opted to go for the boost clock to at least not look too badly in single-threaded workloads.
The iGPU improved a lot, but doesn’t yield a noteworthy advantage.

I recently got the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 R9, RTX 2060 maxQ. and i have to say, i have been blown away by the CPU.
while this laptop is considerably thicker than what anyone would want a tablet, it really shows how well AMD has been doing CPUs.
when running light tasks it runs incredibly cool and besides the ROG armory crate app it can run completely fanless while also having incredible CPU, and graphical performance that’s tied with an NVIDIA MX150. which while i would love it, i doubt that the tigerlakes Xe graphics would come very close to that at all let alone beat.

my 2 complaints that the V could do better though is the lack of TB3. and the mentioned armory crate software which has the fans running constantly despite the CPU being more than cool enough. with the V i would want to have as much control as possible with the fans becasue while i want enough power to need fans i want the “silent mode” to be silent, to the point the CPU slows down to remain cool.


For people worried about intel Xe iGPU performance:


Wow… the 576 single core score of the CPU in cinebench r20 is pretty mind-boggling.

I think that’s a better score than an heavily overclocked i9 10900k!