Project: V | Symbols

I would like consistent + and - signs to indicate Volume/brithtness up/down.
As mentioned before each icon should be understandable without looking at the keys around it.
In that way a +/- is much clearer than having different line-lenghts or a different number of lines next to the speaker.

Even after two years of almost daily use of my current laptop I still haven’t remembered the exact position of the brightness adjustments, so I do look for the correct Icon quite frequently.
Therefor it would probably make a (very small) difference to me.

Although I’m sure it’s not a dealbreaker for anyone.

About the “oops!’” key:
How about a combination of oops! And the icon?
That should make it intuitive for new V users but still keeps the originality.
The triangle v is also a very nice touch.

I also have a remark about the key layout shown in the picture:
It seems like there is only one Fn key. Therefor the right Fn-functions are hard or impossible to reach with one hand.
So to me it would be important that the frequently used functions like volume controls, brightness controls and disabling the touchpad can be reached with just one hand.

However I believe the Eve has volume buttons on the tablet part, so volume up/down may not be as important on the keyboard.

The mute button should definitely be further to the left though.


First off, since the keyboard is detachable, why not have 2 or 3 different keyboard options to choose from? one with mostly just symbols, one that is more traditional with a mix of symbols (for the smaller keys: the top row) and words (for the larger keys: enter, shift, backspace, etc.), and one that is words and symbols on most everything. Pretty much like the survey options. This is definitely for a more targeted consumer base but sometimes options are better, especially with this being an extra cost, options can justify the reasoning of selling it separate and also set it apart from all others.

Display brightness: half moon and sun.
Airplane mode: Airplane.
Trackpad: a keyboard with a hand that is using the finger to touch/use the trackpad.
Keyboard backlight brightness: a keyboard with short and long lines around it, similar to the pictured F5 and F6. Choosing different colors would be a cool bonus.
Media controls: The picture F7, F8 and F9 are perfect, same as on most all remote controls.
Mute: Either the pictured F10 or remove the x and put a slash/x over the symbol.
Volume: The pictured F11 and F12.