Project: V | Revealed

so… bigger screen … but…
===>>> how wide are the BEZELS ???
I was looking forward to a small tablet with nearly no bezels… but it sounds like it will be bigger than the XPS 13" (which I possess)…


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Love it but I’m quite new on this forum so I don’t know if this is easily found somewhere else but is there estimate for when I can order one?

I have a feeling that when it comes time to upgrade from my current iPad Pro 10.5” I’m gonna have a tough choice, do I stay faithful to Apple and get the next iPad Pro or do I get this? Hmmmmm…

Love the design! When can we make an order? :smile:

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Exciting, but we need more tech specs please… RAM?

Are you getting rid of the fingerprint reader in favor of face id cam???


Smaller bezels are usually beautiful, but with a tablet a lot of people like having a little bit of bezel so you have somewhere to place your finger while holding it without touching the display. Personally, I really like the size of these.


the design looks WOW!! Bigger screen is great!

Yet, still cant see how the pen can be stored with the tablet.
waiting for more news


Will you guys be considering using AMD CPUs in the design. Currently the performance and temperature seems to be better than the Intel option albeit if it can fit into the Eve chassis.


Beautiful design and I can’t wait to have it in my hand.
Very good point for the crutch.
On the other hand, I still have concerns for the connection of the keyboard with the pogo. Because on mine after 2 years the keyboard did not work anymore impossible to recharge it I think that the connectors in the bend are cut

As explained in this past post.

We are aware that AMD has been kicking up dust in the CPU world recently. And if we had somehow missed it, your comments here in the community would have left no doubt that we would be remiss if we didn’t contact them. So we did, and they’ve been very helpful! We’ve reviewed their offerings for viability, from as early as before the project was announced, all the way to mere weeks ago. Though we were not able to find a processor that fits with our project this time around, AMD is constantly developing new platforms, and it’s always possible that a third-gen V might play for the red team!


This will be great. I’m so happy for the wacom thing… I’m so much in pain with Microsoft surface pen right now… I hope you will kill it ! I’m sold with just this … :smiley:


I like it, but I really wish you had stuck closer to the square design with sharper curves like we originally voted for. This kind of just looks like the first Eve V

@Peigeot Not to my knowledge, but at this rate, it probably won’t be before Q2 2021


RIP King Of Ports ;(


I like it. I think the only USB-A device I have left is my mouse that needs replacing. Wish there were 4 C-ports. 1 A-port would have been nice for field work. I’m a BAS technician and software developer and alot of stuff still uses serial but I’ll live without it. I’m sure there’s a USB-c to serial out there somewhere

What resolution is FHD+ in 16:10? I thought fhd+ normally refered to 2220x1080 which one more of an ultra wide\phone resolution. Would be nice to have the option of the lower end screen on the high spec device to save power but I don’t know how much power it would actually save in the long. Also would add complexity and probably cost to manufacturing for a sku few people would choose

Did we ever settle on an SSD location design? With the fan assembly I feel that the device has to be a bit thicker allowing for a user accessible m.2 (preferably NVME).

Also wish the sd card slot was easier to Access. Are sim+SD combo trays hot swappable? “Expandable storage” it’s great but figured the SD slot was more for pro photographers who would want an easy way to transfer their media without taking apart their device. Wouldn’t a full sized sd or sdxc tray be better? Dosn’t matter to me as I’m not a phtographer and I don’t know how many we have here. happy the SIM slot made it.


Looks very nice. I never purchased the V before, but this one looks to be my first.


Huh, this sounds like a supplier thing since the aspect ratio is 16:10 and not 3:2. Since this is sharp I’m guessing fhd+really just means 1920x1200? Also explains the 4k panel offering.

16:10 is fine. It’s a middle ground between 16:9 and 3:2. The bigger screen also helps compensate the change in aspect ratio.

But can you guys provide the new v’s physical dimensions compared to the old one since there’s a bigger screen now?

There’s an lte option now? Was this why there is no full sized SD card slot from the original concept?

I do hope that lte is something separate and optional to keep the price down. I have no interest in lte offerings given the pandemic.

I’m also concerned about that keyboard layout render. It looks like it had some keys on the way right column that hinder the enter/return key and such: similar to some older lenovos and hp’s which I’m not a fan of. Hopefully we get more details


Thoughts and opinions:

  • The design looks sharp!
  • I see an extended keyboard mounting indent on the bottom. Is this to improve the strength and rigidity of the keyboard’s connection point?
  • I’m willing to make the Type-A sacrifice if the Type-C ports are constructed so that standard cables can connect securely. I’m disappointed that we’re down one port overall, but having multiple Thunderbolt ports can more than make up for that with splitters and a docking station. (Donald Dock perhaps?)
  • I’m VERY happy to see an actual power on/off indicator in the corner!
  • A SIM tray bonus feature! Optional mobile connectivity for productivity! Yay! :slight_smile:
  • The tray for a microSD will certainly be easier to use than the hidden port from before. There were times I wasn’t sure I’d get the microSD card back out…
  • I look forward to having dedicated low-frequency speakers, as I’ve heard that work very well in the past on a couple of my old HP laptops.
  • I’m happy to see active cooling. Even though silence is golden, I much prefer maintaining performance under load without burning my hands. I hope the cooling is optimized for 0 rpms at idle. That would be a good compromise.
  • I look forward to hearing about the changes to the keyboard. The easily worn-out connection ribbon was my biggest complaint about the last generation.

Is the lack of interest in LTE due to the need for cost savings at this time? Because its use would of course be completely optional given that a SIM card and data plan is a 3rd party purchase. Having the antenna installed is another question, but I can’t imagine that costing too much extra.

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I have a question, what is the refresh rate of both FHD and 4K? ( Sorry, I haven’t login for ages.)

Also, please made the charging via the USB-C ports on both side possible.

My current machine now is XPS 15 9500 which can be charged via both side.

This will replace my retired Surface Pro 3.


FHD and 4K (a.k.a. UHD) are resolutions and have no implied refresh rate. The minimum expectation is always 60hz. We will need clarification on the official refresh rate if it’s anything better.


Thanks for info.

Someone might want to know what should be the maximum fps if they should occasionally use this for gaming via EGPU.