Project: V | Recap, adjustments & FAQ

So… is the fan and heat exchanger of the new V cleanable with standard tools?
Is there a way to open the V?
Are there ANY parts that can be replaced or are exchangable without a soldering iron?


Hey, @Archoran!

We confirm that the heat dissipation system of the new V can be cleaned the same way as that of a standard laptop. That being said, opening up the V risks breaking the screen, so it’s not something we recommend doing. However, assume that the V has been opened, the NVME SSD is replaceable without a soldering iron.


@Archoran The V cannot be opened without invalidating the warranty because the only way to open it is to remove the screen which is securely glued in the device - so there are no replaceable/exchangeable parts.

I was thrilled for this device and even right now I am fighting in my mind to pay for order but I just cannot believe that community did choose such terrible design that eve’s competitors use, where everything is glued together, nothing is replaceable and just opening the device totally breaks it turning this hardware to extremely expensive garbage pile when even one part breaks. Is this really the device you people did want? How did this happen, what did go wrong?


Nobody cared about a device being 2mm thicker in exchange for being repairable… But that is what EVE did with the Workhouse design of them… they screwed it - or glued… respectively.


After my experiences with the original Eve V. I feel this is something that is going to come back to hurt this version as well. I would have loved screws, but these device designers just want to make THROW-AWAY devices these days. We should be pushing for sustainability and repairability over profitability, even if it adds a 1mm thickness here or there and increases the cost by $1.


Why would I ever buy an Eve product ever again if I couldn’t open it up to repair or replace parts like can be done with the Surface Pro 8?

Sure would be nice if we could get an update given many of us have heard virtually nothing since handing over our hard earned.

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Seeing as the V is due to start shipping at the end of this month I guess that old production must REALLY be rolling by now. Would you be so kind as to show it off as you promised?


Yeah, What’s going on??? Where are we at???

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Hey @apgray & @darraghlong,

We are expected to detail the latest situation of Project: V by the end of October 18th CET via a dedicated topic.


Apparently community preferred 2mm thinner device instead of reparable one. You can blame people for voting for bad design and not talking about this issue more. I prefer to wait for Eve V3 and see if it will be reparable than buy current one and throw it to trash if even one tiny part breaks inside.

Yeah I am regretting my purchase already

@mantisghost Actually, you can’t blame the community on this one. No one requested 2mm thinner device instead of reparable one. In fact, there was a huge vote for the device to be repairable. But, unfortunately, Eve disregarded this and went ahead with a similar design as the original V (which is completely unrepairable). I’m sure there would be many more people still using their original Vs if that had been repairable.

Eve disregarded this and went ahead with a similar design as the original V (which is completely unrepairable).

Then what happened to listening to community? They were so proud that they do so.


not only this. Community said, no bigger screen, no fans, smaller bezels, better battery or at least as good as V’17…

We have none of the above. :unamused: :pensive:

I have to say, I am sad for Eve. V1 started so well, I remember Konstantinos being all excited etc… where is he now? Overwhelmed? So sad…
Will be the last device for me, I don’t cancel it, I hope it works (didn’t order a keyboard! Still don’t believe in Eve’s keyboards)…

Although Windows 10 Pro will be pre-installed, will we have access to an ISO disk (or equivalent) for any OS-related repairs?

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Can you go into a bit more detail about what you are looking for?

The preinstalled windows will have the standard Microsoft recovery options available and Microsoft has tool to create install media on their website (Download Windows 10) where you can download the Windows 10 iso and use it to create a bootable USB. All you would need is your Windows 10 Key.

There are several ways and utilities to get the key but launching an elevated command prompt* and running:
wmic path softwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey

will display your 25 character license key.

* to launch an elevated command prompt

  1. Hit the Windows key
  2. type cmd
  3. select Run as Administrator from the right hand panel