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What’s the Latest? What’s happening with production?


@fitzefatzefrank Thanks for your overwhelmimg input. I’m feeling adivsed. It was not my intention to show the perfect pronunciation. It was just the hint to use it like the word we, because this is what crowd development stays for …we made it. Not them. And surely not 5 :wink:

@Phil I was just thinking of little round stickers to put them besides the original print to have a possibility to lern about the differences of the US-layout…


I understand what you mean. I have used stickers in the past to switch between two ISO keyboards (French and UK English). However, stickers don’t work if you’re trying to get an ISO layout on an ANSI keyboard (or vice versa) because the keys are different, as shown by the keys in blue here:

November Baby! We must be getting close now!


Hey, @apgray!

The completion of mass production is currently slated for late November, with shipping estimated to commence at the end of November. We will keep you posted on the latest status.


I don’t get this. If I have german as language set in my PC and I press the Y-key on a US-layout, it will show me the letter “Z”. Or am I wrong? So a sticker with the “Y” on the “Z” and a “Z” on the “Y” could help me to learn about the difference. I don’t want to start with this explanation for “Ü”, “Ä”, and “Ö”…

Take an example. If you have a German keyboard, to the right of the left shift-key you have a key with < > and |. Now look at the V’s US ANSI keyboard:

Which key would you put the “< > |” sticker on? The answer: there isn’t one (the shift is larger and is next to the Z). You can’t map an ISO keyboard to an ANSI keyboard. You can fudge it by creating a non-standard “ANSI German” keyboard but you’ll need key-mapping software to make it work.

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My regrets but I was really impressed with the prior design, the curves reminded me of the hood on a fast car. The way they curved down was more effective than the redesign which does not create an impression.

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Fast car hood is an interesting angle to look at it; thank you for sharing! Behind the scenes, the turned-down curve style is due to the printing machine not reproducing the more aggressive curve onto the digital print correctly.

The curves on the previous digital print are wavy.

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Pretty pictures on a box I’m going to throw away is not something Eve should be spending time on when they are facing delays producing the things inside the box I AM going to keep.

What is happening with production and when are we going to be receiving the machines we paid for a few months ago now?

Not. Happy. Jan!

This update was posted a month ago, I would say it’s now the ‘end of november’ - what is the latest update on production and shipping?

Very nervous seeing so little correspondence coming out, and what little is coming out is directed to, let’s be honest, aspects of pretty low priority such as box art printing and keyboard pen loops

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Most probably offtopic but: I keep reading from time to time this post from people still waiting for their refund money from Eve v2017. How is that possible? And never an reply from the Eve forum-people.
Because they are only trolls?

Btw back in 2018 I got my money back via PayPal. Thats why I’m so confused that people are still wating. If thats true anyway…

@nkyadav @Lore_Wonder

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It true to this day I haven’t received a refund or a computer going back to beginning

And so it is the end of November.

In response to the chip shortage Tesla used the chips available and REWROTE the software so production could continue!!

What will Eve’s latest excuse be?

Taking bets:

  • Supply chain disruptions?
  • Chip shortage?
  • Dog ate it?
  • Godzilla in the South China Sea?
  • Power outages?
  • Generators broken?
  • Xi banned coal imports?
  • Union strike?
  • Hong Kong Riots?
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Read this other thread which is not very visible.

This link is the same to what I posted. They have the components. They need a spot for manufacturing. But with continued power cuts. They are limited to how many can be made in a day when they do get their manufacturing spot.


LoneWolf not trying to duplicate your contribution. I was just trying to point out there was a separate thread that you had identified with hopefully more up to date info that was not in this thread. Not sure everyone recognized your direction. I’ll be off of this Eve site as soon as I have my full refund in hand. I simply have grown tired of the delays most of which, but not all, seem to be repeats from Eve 1. I hope you all get the device you were promised since it has good potential. The fact the machines would not be delivered this year became evident months ago and if Eve has simply acknowledged that fact my trust level might have been much higher.