Project: V | Loops, Finishes, And Cables, Oh My!

Battery life is about 3.5 hours of video playback at full brightness. You can find more info here:

The reason why it’s much lower than the Surface Pro and other similarly sized convertibles is the V2 has a smaller battery and a higher screen resolution than the competition.

Can we install a new battery when this one inevitably loses charge capacity?

No - it’s pretty much impossible to open the machine - the screen is tightly glued.

disappointed… the former V had such a good battery life, HAS still (at least mine)…

Compared to the original V, the V2 has a smaller battery, a larger screen, a higher resolution screen, and a processor with a higher TDP and a fan. So, it will get nowhere near the battery life of the original V.


well and I’m not clear about, did the community ask for a larger screen (many did not; I sure did NOT), for a higher resolution (not so sure), for fans? Not sure… disappointing still… :frowning:

And this will be my last order from Eve, unfortunately… :disappointed: there are too many disappointments…