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I was one of the people affected (I wanted a UK keyboard). However, the keyboard on my V 2017 failed some time ago and I’ve been very happily using a cheap wireless USB keyboard from Jelly Comb since then. Despite being cheap I find both the keyboard and mouse good to use so will continue with that setup.

Far more of a problem for me is not being able to get the new V with a UK charger.

Note that the V2 doesn’t have any USB-A ports so you’ll need to use a dongle if you’re using a keyboard with a wireless receiver.

Actually, one should ask for a refund as a matter of principle…

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Bugger! I hadn’t thought of that. Ah well!

Will ever exist a Portuguese keyboard layout?
Will be difficult to go for the new V without it…

Hey, @ampsousa

Unfortunately, we are only able to offer the US ANSI layout.


What about a “blank” keyboard with an agreement with a good quality key stickers provider? Invest on finding a good quality key white transparent sticker and make it available to customers.
For this to work, there should be an option for a “blank” keyboard, to just stick the letter/character it self
Your thougts?

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Hey @ampsousa

That is an intriguing idea. Would you be willing to explain this more, and in greater detail, perhaps even including a mock-up if you’re able to?

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@ampsousa That will not work. The ANSI keyboard has a single-height enter key, and the ISO keyboard has a double-height enter key. So it’s impossible with stickers to map an ANSI keyboard to an ISO keyboard. It would only be possible if Eve offer a “blank” ISO keyboard in addition to a US ANSI keyboard.

This web page illustrates the issue well:

The second (more minor) issue is that the stickers do not work with a keyboard backlight. The lettering in the keys is transparent to allow the light to go through (and light up the letter) while the rest of the key is not transparent. That would not work with stickers.


… such a partner that denied us the layouts that we ordered. I am sure you evaluated the numbers of refunds because of the lag of a right keyboard. If there is enough demand, how does the team feel about the idea of selling keyboards other layouts standalone in the future when the partner takes back their restriction? Or with the idea of developing a keyboard dock for the V?

Hi @Archoran,

It is unlikely that more layouts become available in the foreseeable future. Regarding the reason for the current keyboard availability, it is explained by our previous comment.

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Such a shame you’re not producing other keyboard layouts besides US anymore. Any idea if these will be available in the future?


i hope we will be available to order other layouts later. It is realy a shame only us keyboards are available. I’m looking for an other manufactor

Eve have confirmed that there will not be a non-US keyboard for the 2021 V even in the future. Therefore, if you want a non-US keyboard, you will need to look elsewhere.

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I guess it is just not doable at the current price. So this is unfortunate that they cannot go beyond US keyboards - unless (I guess) with much higher cost! But which customer would pay much higher cost just to get a German or French or other keyboard layout.
I guess that EVE will learn from it, I don’t know if there will be another kind of 2in1 or so in future by EVE.
But most probably unfortunately I won’t be a customer anymore, but for other reasons than keyboard: I am in the US and did not even purchase a keyboard, I was interested in a tablet. (I have another 2in1 laptop which serves me for typing like right now).

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Well you have to pay more anyway. You have to buy something else from someone else anyway. For example the brydge keyboard cost around 180€ anyway.

Hmm. Anyone knows a good adapter which can be used to convert the pogo pin to a usb port?

Remember the pogo pins are proprietary - i.e. unique to the V2, so you’re not going to be able to buy anything “off the shelf”. You’ll need to make it.

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Check the following 2x images.

The first image is from an international keyboard I adapted with a sticker provider. (since I was expecting (amost 2 years) for a portuguese keyboard)
You can notice the keys I changed with the stickers (e.g. Ç, E, top row, …). Had to work with the provider the correct size to cover the whole individual key, letter type and they got me a nice set.
You can also notice on Z and X key something I added. The < and > characters. I added this to these keys and modified the windows keyboard mapping to add new AltGr+Z and AltGr+X to give me those chars.

This image is from the original portuguese keyboard I finally received.
The most obvious differences are the ENTER key and the dedicated < and > key.

Since we don´t have a standard portuguese keyboard, the idea is to have the international keyboard without the keys printed. Pure blank (meaning only the black plasting). With that I could ask for a complete character set like the ones from the first image, white on transparent background withou the need to cover phisically the whole key.

EDIT: Detail key sticker

You can see the sticker covering the whole physical key


Check this image

This is a complete set.
Since the original keys are present, it was made to cover the whole physical key (it could be shorter than the physical key, but this way looks better :-))

EDIT: Detail key sticker

You can see the sticker covering the whole physical key



Hi @Phil, check on my other posts how I did it.
Managed to have a functional “portuguese” keyboard with the necessary keys

It’s an interesting idea.

I’m not sure how many people would be interested in a non-standard Portguese keyboard, which has keys in different positions from a normal Portugese keyboard and requires a special keyboard-mapping application to work correctly.

Secondly, if I understand correctly, the only reason why you’re suggesting that Eve create a keyboard with no writing on it is so that you don’t need to purchase stickers that cover the letters. But I would have thought the cost of getting the correct-size stickers would be less than the cost of Eve creating a special keyboard that has no characters so you can use smaller/transparent stickers. And, either way, it doesn’t solve the problem you’ve lost the benefit of a backlit keyboard.