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I hope everyone is doing well!

We’ve had a flurry of activity going on, as you’ve no doubt seen here in the community, and there is still a lot left to do. On that note, following our previous topic Everything Touch, where we covered the touch performance in depth, we are here to bring you another exclusive look at the Keyboard.

So, kick back, relax, and enjoy the show as I take you on another fantastic look behind the scenes.

Folio keyboard cover

Color, materials, and finish (CMF)

A new folio keyboard cover accompanies the new V, and we’re not going to disappoint. These units are manufactured using an 80/20 blend of polycarbonate and glass fibers for all parts except the keycaps, which use transparent ABS. The entire body is clothed in a textile material with a canvas-like feel.

Top-down view of the Keyboard, in all its glory. The legend print is to be finalized.

A closeup of the keyboard, focusing on the fabric as well as the keycaps, not to mention the touchpad.


Speaking of materials, several of you are keen on the durability of the Keyboard, and so are we. Our product manager Kira (@Kira) detailed the tests it underwent, all of which have passed our strict guidelines.

Test type Parameters tested Time
Cycle temp
Temperature 25-55°C,
humidity 0-95% RH
51 hours total
Cycle temp
Temperature 25-55°C,
humidity 0-95% RH
51 hours total
High temp and humidity
Temperature 25-55°C,
humidity 0-95% RH
50 hours
High temp and humidity
Temperature 25-55°C,
humidity 0-95% RH
122 hours
Button lifecycle 1M button presses 200 presses / min
Mechanical crosscut on keycaps,
using test equipment
1 full cycle in test equipment
Drop Drop test machine,
80 cm height,
all 4 edges, top and bottom,
dropped to wood
6 drops total
Alcohol friction Alcohol 95% 500 cycles @ 60 cycles / min
Leather alcohol friction Alcohol 95% 100 cycles @ 60 cycles / min
Rubber friction Rubber 74# 800 cycles @ 60 cycles / min
Pencil hardness Hardness 2H, 45° angle 5 parallel lines,
3 mm apart,
10 mm length
RCA RCA tester machine
(abrasion test)
50 cycles
RCA RCA tester machine
(abrasion test)
200 cycles
Waterproof 20 mL each,
dropped from 5cm height,
between AS, GH and L: keys,
total 60 mL
3 min while connected,
dry with tissue,
reconnected after 4 hours,

In addition to these tests, the new Keyboard design has added guideposts on the folio, with matching receptacles on the V, for better alignment of the pogo pins.

Current generation is on top.

Essential functions showcase

Let’s take a closer look at the folio cover in action.

The cover - always with your V when closed.

The tablet - just a flip away.

The laptop - elevated or flat. Your choice.

Many of you had enquired about the function lock when we surveyed your favorite keyboard icon style. Watch Grant (@Lore_Wonder) as he demonstrates switching between primary and secondary functions for the Fn keys, which persists through reboots.

Now listen to the sounds of the key presses.

Finalizing the designs

One of the cool things we do is evaluating a comprehensive list of designs for our ultimate products, involving CMF, layout, prints, and functionality. Some of you are familiar with our Mouse Pads and Desk Mats, which use Cordura fabric for its excellent durability. We also evaluated this material for the folio keyboard cover.

Top-down view of a Cordura-covered Keyboard prototype.

Lateral view from the front edge.

Lateral view from the right side.

As you can see, Cordura looks gorgeous on the Keyboard. Unfortunately, we had to scrap this idea. As our product designer Joni (@Joni) pointed out, the main reason was that it made for a rigid fold between the connection to the V and the actual keyboard section, and thus would not fit nearly as seamlessly as it does with the current fabric. This is evident in the pictures above, especially the side view, where the Cordura-covered fold is curved against gravity.

It was a great idea to explore, but it did not suit our needs in practice, so we found an alternative.

That’s it! Thanks for strolling down keyboard lane with me. As always, please feel free to respond with any comments or questions below, and we’ll get back with answers ASAP!

Have a great weekend!



Looks great! I like how the Cordura fabric looks and it’s too bad it didn’t work out. I like the simplicity and elegance of the keyboard, It feels more subdued and seems like a good fit for a business executive without the quirkiness of the previous keyboard with the Oops! key, but I’m glad the V key is unchanged. The new guide supports for the pogo pin attachment should make it more secure and less likely to fall off and I hope the ribbon cable won’t detach when flipping the keyboard back. Does it still have RGB backlighting, or is it going for the whole serious business look, because I wouldn’t mind if the LEDs were just white.

Overall, it looks great whether it be on campus, at home, or at work!


Why are the keys so worn out on the photo? Especially space bar, shift, right arrow key and o letter.

Hey, @mantisghost!

Because it’s a keyboard development sample that has exchanged countless hands for various testing purposes, we don’t cherry-pick units for photographing behind the scenes for our community.


Have you done any spill tests on the keyboard?

I don’t think of myself as a messy or sloppy person, but I had to replace my keyboard on my Dell Precision M3800 twice in 6-years due to spill issues.

It would be useful to know about spills, and keyboard replacement options.


Hey, @Techmo

I agree about the Cordura - those pics showed just how fantastic that would have looked wrapped in it. I made a joke that I’d love to have a one-off made purely out of carbon fiber (no, this is not happening, I’m only wishing for it) - but that Cordura experiment showed me there are much cheaper alternatives (than CF) that will still look really, really good.

I also agree that the look of the keyboard itself is nice. Functional, but with style.

As for the keyboard backlighting, I asked our product manager Rob, and he said that there are 4 dimmer settings for the keyboard backlight when enabled (think full, dim, dimmer, and dimmest) as well as completely off. Also, he confirmed it is only white LED, not colored.

Finally, many aspects of the previous generation V keyboard were redesigned with a variety of goals, and durability was one of the top goals we had in mind. The ribbon cable was no exception in this case.

Hey, @cathcam

Funny you should mention this. I do have a water proof test report, but I was waiting on a translation on some parts so I did not add it in to the post.

The translation:

Inject 20 cm³ of water each between A and S, G and H, as well as L and : from 5 cm above. After three minutes, unplug the Keyboard from the Tablet and dry it with tissues. Four hours later, test its functionality and observe the appearance.

I’ll get this added to the table above shortly.


Good to know that this is only prototype material and final one will be sturdier than this :slight_smile:

Hi is the keyboard Bluetooth enabled like the previous one? I sure hope so. Thanks

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No bluetooth - it has no battery. Connection by pogo pins only.

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Will this keyboard work with the original Eve V? My keyboard pogo pins do not connect it properly anymore. So the Eve V just sits there collecting dust. Or is there a way to get a replacement keyboard for a reasonable price?

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Hey, @worldspy99!

The new Keyboard is not compatible with the first-generation V due to the guide notches added around the pogo pins. These notches provide an easier connection and enhanced protection of both the Tablet and Keyboard. If you would like to inquire replacement option for V 2017 keyboard, please get in touch with our support team, and they will let you know the possible options.

Hey, @Artur_Jedrzejewski! FYI

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Looks cool. Any chance the keys could be etched, or the characters to protrude from the surface somehow?

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Thanks, nice update.
I do like this layout better than the V 2017 model.
I still would have liked to have seen it as BT but that’s not what the community wanted. The negative to the original was never knowing how charged the keyboard is.
It is also a pity it does not work with the original V 2017.

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hello there! This keyboard will work with 1st gen V?

About the Pen, Microsoft shows a Vid with improving the Ink in Windows 11 (Edge)MS Edge Ink API
I’m not a Dev, so my question is, will this also work with the Wacom Protocol special if MS improves the Ink API for Desktop Programs.

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Hey, @Liquinvest!

According to the article you linked, this Edge ink API improves pen latency by shortening the time between a pen input is registered and displayed on the screen. Instead of taking the traditional route of letting the browser process the pen input and then forward the result to the web application, this API allows Windows compositor to draw the ink strokes and display them as soon as possible. Because this enhancement takes effect after a pen input is registered, it seems that it will not be limited to specific protocols. Nevertheless, we’ll still get in touch with Wacom for confirmation.


Hey, @cathcam - just wanted to give you a quick update. In addition to the spill test I mentioned above, we’re also stipulating that there is no warranty for water damage to any of the electronics (including the keyboard). Replacement keyboards will be made available for purchase.

Hey, @BMac5620 - the keys and legends on the keyboard will be laser etched, and this is the only option we’re able to manufacture.

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Hello All!
Today I got some sad news and I would like to know if anybody else got the same news…

Due to the global pandemic, the UK keyboards will not be produced and I have the only option of US keyboard…

Can EVE at least send a screenshot of the available keyboards layouts? Is it just US?

That would be a really big disappointment…
They seem to be late on delivery and by the time I will get it, other big companies may have a similar for the same or less money!


Yes, as @ChrisKoups said, the keyboard will be only produced with the US layout. :frowning_face:

Could you confirm if this the only layout for the keyboard? @nkyadav


Hey, @ChrisKoups & @Toxic_caos,

We confirm that US (ANSI) will be the only layout for the Keyboard. COVID has led to a drastic increase in the minimum order quantity of our manufacturer, and as a result, layouts other than the US did not meet the new requirement due to demand. As this is potentially a crucial purchase decision factor for many of our customers, we reached out to those affected directly via email. In addition, we’ll mention it in our upcoming Project: V topic.

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