Project: V | Key features

Love it…
… but I don’t think they have enough volume for a 3rd party to develop its custom keyboard, so I don’t think it would actually provide any advantage. It could be better to go just for the cheapest solution, whichever that is.

Perhaps “A wireless one that besides the option of using pogo pins also connects to the V with Bluetooth” sounds better? :wink: (At the time of writing, the poll can no longer be adjusted.)

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There are two keys that are in the recent Microsoft Sculpture keyboards and I love them: changing from one desktop to another. It’s really handy.


That’s what I was thinking

As far as the extra keys go it would be great if a few of them could be user mapped instead of having to choose one option over another


On a hardware level, the V keyboard will not support remapping the keys by the end-user; however, some third-party software solutions may be used to enable remapping on almost any keyboard.

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Hi, I’m not sure I fully understood the options for the bluetooth keyboard. I wish one of the options had said “Keyboard that can connect directly via pogo pins or indirectly via Bluetooth as the user requires.” That would be ideal for me. A wifi one that also connects via Bluetooth seems different to that. I suspect some of the voters will have been a bit confused by the phrasing of the options.

Re function keys: I ticked “other” as I mainly use them to control the volume and change screen brightness. Being able to slap a key to mute or move to the next track is also handy.

Should a detached keyboard lie flat or have the means to prop up at an angle? I would be happy with the former if it helps simplify the design. People can always put their phone under it if it’s on a desk. Stiffness is the most important factor, and I’d also test it for grip when resting on trousers and skirts as might happen on a train or plane.


Windows has a built in toggle to bind the “Print Screen” button to Snip & Sketch:


Just something to bear in mind as a way to save a button if people vote for snipping as a button.


Why on earth would you go with half-height arrow keys when the layout allows for a proper inverted T? Please, please, please do not waste this opportunity to improve compared to first gen.


I enjoy both the Bluetooth and direct connection of the original keyboard.

My biggest complaint about the existing keyboard is that it does not remember the FN key setting. It will default to the utility keys every reboot. I use the F keys all the time so am constantly having to switch it back. That would be my biggest improvement recommendation.


It is now quite obvious that a wireless connection is needed by more than half of the people.

And what is the difference between wireless and Bluetooth enabled?

Also, I wonder how much does it cost for 2nd option “I want both”?



A Turbo button! So we can toggle the CPU between a normal (i.e. throttled) speed that has the fan off for silent web-browsing/word-processing and a TURBO mode that allows the fan to activate if needed for maximum performance in gaming and video rendering! Whoop! Who’s wit’ me?! :racing_car: :raised_hands: :smiley:


Vote this in. Great idea.

It would be a great way to describe a hybrid keyboard if we have confirmed that we will keep the pogo pin connection method in the Bluetooth keyboard. Although we expect that it is almost the case as it seems that most of you guys prefer to keep the pin connection, we still need to work out the details and explore other possibilities along the way. For example, if making the Bluetooth one without a pogo pin will bring down the cost significantly, it may be worth asking you guys whether you want to keep the pin or not. The emphasis of our Bluetooth one vs. the standard one is on the ability of wireless connection, i.e., whether you guys value its Bluetooth function at a cost.

We’ve got you covered! We have already decided that those keys will stay there.

If we were to go with a fully-customized layout, we would have probably designed it to be an inverted T, which is the most popular option in our community poll. However, choosing between a customized layout and up to $40 extra expense, more of our members voted not to spend the extra. Therefore, we have chosen a readily available layout that fits our community’s and our best overall preference.

The wireless function here refers to Bluetooth. Thus, they mean the same mode of a keyboard.

It will depend on the cost of adding an additional keyboard to the most likely V + keyboard + pen package. If there is enough interest from our community, we will evaluate if it is possible to sensibly provide this option.


It would be cool if it there were tablet boards that used kailh’s x scissor switches

I mabe do not want to run windows?! I would suggest a “system” key instead of a designated Windows key…

  • Increase &
  • Decrease Sound Volume

I was missing those two options in the poll. These are probably my most used ones :smiley:


I’m not a fan of the right column set up. It’s usually a significant factor in my purchasing decision but I’ll reserve judgment for the final product and reviews.

Volume up and down, a delete key, screen brightness up and down and media controls are my preference.


the bluetooth keyboard was one of the main reasons why I got the Eve V, it’s sad to see that it might be removed. As a digital artist, it’s extremely useful to be able to disconnect the keyboard to draw on the tablet, and still have the keyboard to the side for shortcuts. It’s one of the biggest features that the Surface Pro doesn’t have. For people that don’t want it, why couldn’t we just provide a way to disable it (and the only way to re-enable it is to connect via pogo pins and enable it from the system)?


Exactly what i just wanted to write! a turbo button would be really perfect!

Was there a survey done on whether there should be a vertical stack of keys to the right of Enter, highlighted in the below picture?

I don’t remember seeing that before in any of the previous pictures and I could imagine that it’s something that individuals may have views on. From a personal perspective, I really dislike such keyboards as I often hit page-down instead of enter.