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A Turbo button! So we can toggle the CPU between a normal (i.e. throttled) speed that has the fan off for silent web-browsing/word-processing and a TURBO mode that allows the fan to activate if needed for maximum performance in gaming and video rendering! Whoop! Who’s wit’ me?! :racing_car: :raised_hands: :smiley:


Vote this in. Great idea.

It would be a great way to describe a hybrid keyboard if we have confirmed that we will keep the pogo pin connection method in the Bluetooth keyboard. Although we expect that it is almost the case as it seems that most of you guys prefer to keep the pin connection, we still need to work out the details and explore other possibilities along the way. For example, if making the Bluetooth one without a pogo pin will bring down the cost significantly, it may be worth asking you guys whether you want to keep the pin or not. The emphasis of our Bluetooth one vs. the standard one is on the ability of wireless connection, i.e., whether you guys value its Bluetooth function at a cost.

We’ve got you covered! We have already decided that those keys will stay there.

If we were to go with a fully-customized layout, we would have probably designed it to be an inverted T, which is the most popular option in our community poll. However, choosing between a customized layout and up to $40 extra expense, more of our members voted not to spend the extra. Therefore, we have chosen a readily available layout that fits our community’s and our best overall preference.

The wireless function here refers to Bluetooth. Thus, they mean the same mode of a keyboard.

It will depend on the cost of adding an additional keyboard to the most likely V + keyboard + pen package. If there is enough interest from our community, we will evaluate if it is possible to sensibly provide this option.


It would be cool if it there were tablet boards that used kailh’s x scissor switches

I mabe do not want to run windows?! I would suggest a “system” key instead of a designated Windows key…

  • Increase &
  • Decrease Sound Volume

I was missing those two options in the poll. These are probably my most used ones :smiley:


I’m not a fan of the right column set up. It’s usually a significant factor in my purchasing decision but I’ll reserve judgment for the final product and reviews.

Volume up and down, a delete key, screen brightness up and down and media controls are my preference.


the bluetooth keyboard was one of the main reasons why I got the Eve V, it’s sad to see that it might be removed. As a digital artist, it’s extremely useful to be able to disconnect the keyboard to draw on the tablet, and still have the keyboard to the side for shortcuts. It’s one of the biggest features that the Surface Pro doesn’t have. For people that don’t want it, why couldn’t we just provide a way to disable it (and the only way to re-enable it is to connect via pogo pins and enable it from the system)?


Exactly what i just wanted to write! a turbo button would be really perfect!

Was there a survey done on whether there should be a vertical stack of keys to the right of Enter, highlighted in the below picture?

I don’t remember seeing that before in any of the previous pictures and I could imagine that it’s something that individuals may have views on. From a personal perspective, I really dislike such keyboards as I often hit page-down instead of enter.


It is the non-customized layout option available to us that has the least compromise and does many of the opinions we surveyed right. Many of them we reviewed have one or more critical drawback that does not make sense to us.


For example, one layout splits the right Shift key into three mini keys, use the left one for Shift, the middle one for Up arrow, and left the right one for a shortcut. The layout squeezed the “<”, “>”, “?” keys and the rest of the cursor keys into mini keys to fit the three keys mentioned above. In contrast, full-sized keys are our preference as they are more comfortable to type on and easier to find. Another example is that one layout doesn’t have the backslash key in the correct place for its ISO and ANSI version. We assumed that whoever designed it doesn’t use the backslash key in their workload.

We should be able to have a slightly larger keyboard that fits the extra column correctly with the increased display size and subsequently footprint of the new V compares with the 1st-Gen,


I agree with the poster above, we definitely have to keep the dual pogo+Bluetooth keyboard. I use that feature all the time: I plug the Eve V into my TV and use the keyboard/trackpad from the couch. It’s honestly the one single feature that made me choose an Eve over the Surface, if that goes away then I’d rather just go with the machine from the larger, more established company.

Heck, I’d love to see Eve build a Surface Book competitor with that feature too: a super high-end performance workhorse with a solid hinge and detachable Bluetooth keyboard. The lack of Bluetooth is one of the main things preventing me from getting one of those too. (That, and I hate the silver, wish it came in black.)


Can you Eve put extra effort into strengthening the ribbon connector inside the keyboard? I’ve had 3 break, and stop working on me exactly the same way. I’m tired of this crap. its so hard to buy replacements… especially when it’s out of warranty. my first experience with these issues, the keyboards would spaz out my V when physically connected, and wouldn’t charge too. Thank good the keyboard had bluetooth functionality which saved me during emergencies. I would like to see a strengthening connector cable internally or have a redundant connected ribbon cable which operates in a parallel circuit at least? i don’t want to spend 3 months waiting for support to get back to me just to buy a replacement keyboards for another hundred dollars.


That would be reeeally nice!!

Present previously in a VAIO.

I know I’m very late to the party. I’ve always enjoyed the wireless keyboard that the original V has (until the ribbon cable broke and it’s now dead). Would there be an option for a wireless keyboard for this one as an accessory? I know the keyboard that comes with the V2 would have no such functionality.


Welcome back, @Icirian! I hope the following quote helps to answer your question.

We have surveyed our community and got a good idea of how many of you were interested in a Bluetooth option with added cost. We are looking into whether we can provide such an option in the future.

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I’m curious what you and your engineers can come up with.
If Bluetooth is added the only missing feature for me would be an USB-A port. That might make it too thick though… On the other hand, added thicknesses and weight (independently of USB) could increase the lapability and make the two variants more distinct. I might even get both if it enables additional usability.
Main point stays BT though, especially if the two variants stay very close.

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I must’ve missed this post among the sea of replies XD. Thank you very much for digging that post! It’s great to hear that there may be a dedicated charging port on the keyboard!

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My V2018 keyboard is out of order. Although it is recognized by my V2018 as “V wireless KB” via Bluetooth saying “58% battery” (it keep saying 58% for a month), I can’t type at all, or the indicator below the arrow key does not light on. I guess the wire is torn or detached inside at the flexible part. On detaching from V, it is almost inescapable of giving much stress at that part. Yes, the V support team was really very quick and kind when I reported this! But I am surprised that the kbd is out of order within just a few years and the V team have no stock anymore.
If the poorly compatible connection, flexible and thus weak part, and the stock condition are improved, V2021 owners including me will be happier. The eve V kbd is not simply the kbd, but the official one that perfectly fit with and cover on V (and the only one saying “oops!” and “∇” on it. Will they be on the V kbd 2021?).

Though it is minor, instead of 5 pogo pin, how about employing this kind of way of connection? Does this match to V situation?
The connecter of the device will not be worn, loosen, or damaged by the daily repeat of attaching and detaching. The magnet attachment can be detached in any direction. This may solve the poor compatibility of 5 pogo pin and still possess the advantage of magnet. At this moment the diameter is a bit too large, but will be smaller soon, I hope.
The weakness at the flexible part may be (or already is) solved by V team because it’s been quite long since it had been reported. It seems that the flexible part is just supported by the surface material Alcantara and there’s nothing else inside to protect. That may be the trading-off between the flexibility and the weakness.
If V2021 is sold much more than V2017, the team will hold some kbds in stock for future demands.
That’s how I am thinking / dreaming of.

This person may also want to buy another V kbd now.
yan78 previously fixed the flexible part, which is a bit too difficult for me.

If the V team consider about producing the V kbd (fitting with V2017) again, it would be my great pleasure and purchase. Or if V kbd 2021 is fully compatible in the same size with V kbd 2017, I am looking forward to it with my widower V2018.