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Beloved community,

The new V is ALIVE!

Real components

Back in November, our team reviewed a mock-up that represents the new V in its look and feel. Since then, our team has been hard at work tuning every aspect of the hardware, involving moving the vent holes to an optimized position, craftily customizing the V Pen design to match the tablet’s aesthetics, and testing different magnets that help connect the V Keyboard. After the imperfections found on the latest mock-up have been taken care of, the engineering team put together five V prototypes with actual components and lit them up. After one week of continuous tuning from the firmware team, aside from booting into Windows, the new V can make use of most components. Here is a complete list of the unlocked functionality:

Audio & Visual Buttons Camera Connectivity Mechanical parts
Speakers Power button Windows Hello webcam 3.5mm audio jack Fan
Display Fingerprint reader Rear camera SD card reader G-sensor
Touch function Volume buttons USB Type-C ports Kickstand
Brightness adjustment LTE


Some components not only work but perform pretty well. For example, even though the V Pen is yet to be tuned by Wacom, it already offers a smoother drawing experience than the first-generation V in terms of line control and palm rejection. The speakers produce a clear sound right up to its maximum volume, and the display is bright and vibrant.


Improvements ahead

One of the touch panels arrived at the factory in a broken shape. The reason turns out to be insufficient protective material – the shipper merely added some plastic foam and packed the unit into an EPE bag. This will be corrected in future shipping by replacing the plastic foam with a tray made of stiff plastic that fixes the touch panel in place to prevent any movement during transportation, and adding a bubble bag as an extra layer.

Cracked touch panel

The matte black, anodized aluminum alloy comprising the new V’s housing is observed to be a fingerprint magnet similar to other devices with the same type of finish.

The housing after moderate bare-hand handling

During our visit to Spectrum’s paint supplier Cashew, we learned that some of their matte, transparent paint might be applied to the anodized new V finish with added special powders in the coating to add fingerprint resistance. They can also adjust the color of the paint according to our target. Furthermore, removing the step of anodizing and spray the paint directly may achieve a better result than applying the paint over the anodized surface. We plan to send a couple of mock-ups over to make samples and review the outcome.

Discuss paint solution in Cashew’s sample room

The power indicator is red and bright in these prototypes; we will change it to a white and dim LED that won’t illuminate the room when the new V operates.

The tablet mode and keyboard input are some of the tickets the firmware team is working on. The engineers frequently add new components and refine the internal layout, such as tweaking the heatsink, speakers, and housing parts. Soon there will be fifteen more prototypes assembled with improved PCB, structure, and firmware. Our team will use them for more advanced testing.

There is still much to be worked on and improved, but already, the new V shows a great leap forward in functionality. Enjoy our V update? Let us know what you think!



I am very pleased with the progress and appreciate the excellent report!


Excited to see the progress. This is looking good and I really like the fact that you guys are going through everything including, real-world use case conditions like fingerprint gathering on the chassis.

Can’t wait to see the next steps.

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Thank you for pointing this out! :+1: We are now aware of it and will do our best to double-check our newsletters in the future.


Thanks for the updates. Hoping the V isn’t as delayed as Spectrum


Looking great! Thanks for the updates.

I appreciate, not only the comprehensive testing, but you sharing with the community the results and strategies for improvement where performance is lacking.

I look forward to reading about the low-latency audio performance results once you have gotten to that part of testing and fine-tuning.

The new V:



Thanks for the update


Anyone else itching to get their hands the Eve V2? :grinning:


I’m just hoping for more cool dbrand style stickers to cover the aluminum.

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It’s been a while since we got the last update.
Is everything still on track?
Any news that you can share?

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