Project: V | Fully Functional Prototype

This is really awesome and this will be my new setup if the lower spec spectrum ever comes to live… The second and third thing for my usecase is the visibility of the display in bright sunlight (the old V outperformed here every SurfacePro or Apple device) and the battery life… Mapping damages at historical buildings is a work which is often missing a plug to fill the batteries for a whole day…


Hey, @JXP!

I’ve created a small video showing PC Mark 10 and Wild Life running on V (2021) with Windows 11 installed.

Here are some device specs and test conditions for your reference:

Eve V (2021) prototype:
Intel Core i7-1165G7
32GB quad-channel 4267MT/s LPDDR4X
3840×2400 10-bit IGZO IPS panel
64-bit Microsoft Windows 11
Unplugged, balanced power settings

While I was tweaking the UI and privacy settings to my liking, I noticed that the animations are smooth.


Does it support docking stations. My monitor only has a HDMI port. Would love to know which would be compatible


What are the possibilities of upgrading the internal memory past 1 TB? Would love to be able to get 4 TB.


Hi, is there any Battery Test? From the Page, the V2 has a lower Battery Size than the Surface Pro 7 (which is not great about battery life.)


Hey, @nkpp!

Based on your suggestion, in the footage for our new topic, I intentionally rested my right hand on the screen when drawing the lines!

Hey, @hatter!

For the V 2021, we have decided not to send out testing samples as the mass production in Q3 is nearing.

Hey, @sgerner!

The weight of the V 2021 Tablet is 904.5 grams, and that of the Keyboard is 363.4 grams.


For the amount of money we are paying I would hope the battery life is fantastic.


Yes, when we read the Win 11 stuff, I think there will come 120hz Displays for better Pen latency. But, I will wait for Q4 what will come from Microsoft and other OEMs before deciding.

Hey, @jonyeezy!

We confirm that the Eve V 2021 supports Thunderbolt and USB-C docking stations with no requirement on specs.

Hey, @woojoo666!

We do not plan to do this; however, we are willing to get back to this idea when the condition is right.


Hey, @Techmo

Here are some shots comparing the first-generation folio keyboard cover with the current generation.

V 2017 on top, V 2021 on bottom. Notice how the curvature of the new keyboard back is more in-line with the curvature of the V’s back, enhancing the aesthetics.

2017 model on left, 2021 model on right. In addition to the obvious size difference, you can see the modified mount points for the V 2021, along with a larger touchpad, redesigned arrow keys, and more.

A closer look at the new connection assembly. The 2021 model (top) has the additional guideposts to facilitate alignment when connecting to the V 2021.

Touchpads - old at top and new at bottom. In addition to the difference in size, the touchpad also has a subtle change in color, different from the keycaps.

The connection ports for the V, with the newer 2021 model on top.

Hope these help!


Thank you so much for showing the new V and the keyboard in detail! I see how there is less gap between the V and the keyboard and hoe it curves nicely to the back when connected. The texture and color look great and I like how much bigger the trackpad and the arrow keys are! The new magnet guides on the keyboard look like it will hold on much better than before. Looks to be an excellent keyboard!


Hey, @hillberg!

More than 1 TB of internal storage is not something we offer as one of the SKUs. That being said, if a user manages to open up the V 2021, the 2280 NVME SSD can be swapped out to support a 4 TB SSD. However, we do not recommend doing it due to the risk of breaking the screen when opening up the V.


I think I read the V 2021 has the i7-1165G7 with Intel Iris Xe graphics, which supports 4K HDR. This this great when paired with Spectrum, as the V 2017 does not support HDR.


I ordered the 2 TB version, will there be a possibility to upgrade it even further to 4 TB?

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Hey, @hillberg

Just to let you know, the device hardware does support increasing the storage capacity on your own. While our SKUs do not go any higher than 1 TB, if you’re willing to assume the liability, you can take it apart yourself and replace those drives with larger drives, up to 4 TB.

Have a great day!


Hi @nkyadav and @Lore_Wonder. Just to confirm your responses. Are you stating that if someone removes the screen to access the components, that will not invalidate the warranty? I’m somewhat surprised given the 13" screen is glued within the device and thus it is incredibly difficult to remove without breaking it.

Hey @Phil

Let me double check and verify this with the team. and as soon as I know for sure I’ll reply.

Have a great day!

EDIT: Got some feedback from our product manager @Rob

Despite months of trying to find a way to make it work, the final device is not designed to be user-serviceable or for parts to be user-replaceable. Thus, opening up the device is a risky maneuver, and is not covered under warranty.

Hope this helps!


Is the V2 going to suffer this issue?

Is the procurement team aware of this issue?


Hey, @apgray

I’ve forwarded your concern to the team to get an official response, and will update you when we have more information.

Have a great day!


@hillberg So, to reiterate what @nkyadav states, due to the design of the V 2021, the internal drive cannot be upgraded (nor replaced by you if it fails). Whatever you order is what you will need to stick with.