Project: V | Build Your Own V

The new V will have Intel Xe Graphics integrated with the 11th Gen CPUs.

The new V screen will have 500cd/m² typical brightness. We have locked down our possible screen options at this point of the project.

Yes. We did not state the base price.


@human_garbage I don’t deny that. I’m no manufacturing resource guy I just indicated what I would like. I don’t think many folks need 4k at this size and 1080p is not enough resolution at the distance you’d be working with the device and more and more displays are implementing high refresh of at least 120hz (Apple’s ProMotion and varying versions of laptop displays in numerous sizes and resolutions; see Razer Stealth). The AMD question is somewhat important to consider as their APUs provide better overall graphics performance and there are AMD motherboards that do support TB3 and that is one of the big features that people want for eGPUs.

Is there really no chance for oled and more that 60 Hz?
I would really like to see a model with 4k, oled and 90, 100 or 120 Hz refresh rate.

I know it’s pretty late to change anything but I’ve seen many comments, wanting those specs.
If you would add such a panel to the high end version of the device, the V would kick the surfaces ass

I’m just getting so hyped for this thing. Cannot wait to see pricing details!


The CPU selection is entirely fair. Thanks for the article linking. Perhaps an AMD version can be made down the line? Also…no high refresh is a non-starter for me. So I’ll just have to wait for the 3rd iteration of the tablet. It’s a damn shame really.


Nowadays you can run games & software on a separate (external) NVMe drive which supports 10Gbps (provided the USB ports also support it) :grinning:

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Did you guys steal these storage prices from apple?

120 usd/tb nvme storage is the marketprice for m.2 ssds.

For 700 usd I can get probably around 5 tb of storage capacity.


I know official Linux support might not be worth it financially. I just wanted to let you know that any kind of EVE-sponsored/supported community support actually makes a difference.

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I’m here cause a friend told me it would sell for significantly less than a Surface Pro 7, which is way under-speced for the price. Just paying for form factor.

Typing this from a c.2014 Core I7 Laptop with 256GB HDD and 8GB RAM that I bought for $1500. Its still going.

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To anyone complaining about touch support in Linux-

My main PC is an HP Spectre x360 with a 4k AMOLED touchscreen, 16 GB RAM, and a discrete GPU, GeForce GTX 1650. 1 TB NVME SSD.

6 months ago, touch support was sketchy in Ubuntu based distros. I use Linux Mint 20, and have perfect touch support now.

I suspect Ubuntu works much better or fine now.

Me, personally, I do mobile CAD/CAM work, and I am beating my skull into a wall for SOMEONE to please make a Surface Pro/EVE style laptop with powerful processor, and a dedicated GPU (ideally an Nvidia Quadro series). Even the dedicated GPU was nearly impossible to find in a portable laptop, and picked this for the Thunderbolt 3 eGPU option.

I don’t care about price, I consider this form factor ideal for my type of work, which is mostly prototyping, but noone makes what I want.

In my perfect world, I’d get an AMD version with Ryzen, and a dedicated graphics card. I voted 4k screen- but a 2k screen with 120hz display would be ideal.

32 GB RAM would be ideal.

I wish someone would make an ultra portable with an AMD board already! I’m sick of Intel’s chip level flaws, and sick of the Micro$oft tax, because I’d just overwrite it with Linux Mint.

PHYSICAL WEBCAM shutoff switch- like my HP. Digital security is paramount to me- I want to see physical kill switch for both Webcam and Mic.

I’m definitely at a fringe of many things- but this is already a niche laptop, there’s 100x similar boring specced things out there- make something different- that’s why I’m here. This is the only place someone might hear my wish and me screaming for it with an open wallet begging someone to make it…

@tech101us You are spot on with what I want too. Looks like I’m not nuts.

I feel like it will be easy to make a laptop that people will buy- in the end, it will sell.

But what kind of device will change the game and make EVE get taken seriously as a competitor? Something in this form factor- but specced to 22, not 5.

If EVE did one SKU as the top end super performance option in this form factor- people will buy it, and get other companies to start taking power and portability without compromise folks like us seriously.

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so, what i am seeing in the comments, and my own issues with current choices, could all be solved with a shorter development time. you lock in a choice and 2 to 3 years later when your product reaches market, those choices are shit. :face_with_monocle: not sure how a small company can solve this problem when its crowd source over 2 years, and built by others.