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Hey community,

Here is a quick update on the V status. Although we have all components and packaging readied in the warehouse, the assembly factory continues to be overloaded with production demands due to the ongoing power cuts. This means that we’ll still need to wait for the assembly spot to be arranged for us.

V box, envelope, and keyboard box

Pen box

The current situation puts our earliest start of shipping estimate in the third week of January. We’ll continue to follow up with the factory to keep track of the assembly status. While we understand this latest development is not the news you were hoping for, please know that we are doing everything within our capabilities to get this assembly spot secured and get your devices delivered to you as soon as humanly possible.

We wish you a lovely holiday!



Well golly no one could have seen this coming.

@Lore_Wonder I know you have been busy, but could you please answer this question from the previous Eve V delay thread:

Is there a really good reason that Eve have been unable to have the factory confirm a slot, rather than a vague eta?

Have you asked the factory to confirm what the lead time is, and to confirm when a guaranteed slot will be avilable? If not why not?

You mention in your post above that you will be following up with the factory, so I guess it should be no extra effort for you to provide clarity


Dear Eve Devices,

I have reserved any statements here for some time while I observed the BS excuse after BS excuse given as reasons we the community, who have backed and paid for systems still do not have said systems in our hands, months after we were meant to.

Showing a small sampling of specific components or a collection of boxes of boxes may pacify the fools you imagine us all to be but the reality sadly for you, is actually quite different.

Let me enlighten you on what I have been up to since your failure to meet the September shipping date…

Meet GPD, who like yourselves:

and UNLIKE yourselves:

Oh, and have I mentioned the specs and price vs EVE V 2021?

  • Screen Size: 8 Inches, 10-point Touch Control
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-1195G7
  • GPU: lntel Iris Xe Graphics 96eu
  • DDR: 16GB LPDDR4x 3733 (ships set at 3733MHz but is perfectly stable at 4266MHz)
  • SSD: 1TB M.2 NVMe (user upgradable)
  • Stylus: Active Pen With 4096-level Pressure Sensitivity, Original Handwriting
  • RS-232: Expansion module × 1
  • KVM: Expansion module × 1
  • Thunderbolt 4: × 1
  • USB A: ×3
  • HDMI: ×1, 2.0b
  • RJ45: ×1
  • Thermal Design: Active cooling with large fans
  • WLAN: Wi-Fi 6E
  • Battery Capacity: 38.5Wh, 10000mAh
  • Length: 198×137×20 mm
  • Net Weight: 0.7kg

EUR 950,00 for the early backers on IGG including stylus, keyboard and two expansion modules.
Modules for 4G/GPS and MicroSD readers are coming soon.

Concept stage: June-September 2021

Mass Production Assembly: November-December 2021

Mass Production QC: November-December 2021

Units for IGG backers boxed and ready to ship out-December 2021

Shipping & Delivery: December 2021-January 2022

So Eve Devices, carry on doing what you’re doing, we believe all of your BS… you’re doing really well but I am filing for a divorce… I have been seeing someone else!

Very happy backer and long-time community member


I think this is pretty unfair to eve.

It ignores he efforts they took to engage with the community.

Eve also asked their community (who they value) for feedback, and then, because they love the community they chose to protect the community from mistakes, they ignored the community’s feedback in their vast wisdom. that shows true stewardship and care for the people who eve take money from and sometimes even deliver products to


Interesting but not a valid comparison for that slot I prefer the MSF Duo which in itself is not a valid comparison. We all have preferences, but a critique should look at all the underlying features and factors.

Thanks for the update, I am still waiting with baited breath

I agree, we all have preferences but my reason for looking at the GPD as an alternative to the V 2021 is that spec-for-spec it is a swap-in replacement.

The only thing the V 2021 has over the GPD Pocket 3 is the 13.4" 4K display* and the option to go up to 32GB RAM.

Otherwise, the Pocket 3 has a newer and noticeably faster CPU of the same generation and class (1195G7 vs 1165G7), a much lower price and better portability, guaranteed linux support, the expansion modules, plus the option to easily upgrade storage without voiding the warranty (I bought an 8TB NVME for mine).

Other than the 32GB RAM option, there is nothing on the V 2021 I can’t get on the Pocket 3 for a lower price.

If I want a bigger 4K touch screen when I am on the go*, I’ll just buy one of these and combined with the Pocket 3 would still have spent less than the price of a V 2021.

Congratulations, you appear to have designed a fairly conventional device, assembled from industry standard parts, with little or no user input. I was formally an executive with Dell computers, we did this all the time. Good luck with your future endeavors.

Yes, the progress of the Eve V has been frustrating, I for one didn’t buy into the idea to acquire another standard computer, assembled and looking like pretty much everything else available from suppliers.

There is no doubt that the last 2-years have been the hardest we’ve seen in our lifetimes for assembly and supply. For that I’m happy to wait, even though I know that once built and sent to the USA, we will likely have further delays in delivery once it arrives.

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Hatter if you aren’t a member of gpd they should hire you… Their devices look cheap, eve is not only a price beater, it comes along with quality and a much better appearance

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Fyi Eve, you guys should update the website’s estimated delivery date


Well… I own a GPD Pocket One Mix and for my personal use the non standard keyboard is an issue for me. Its just too small for usage and the 8" are too small to use an external keyboard.

Long storry short I just wanted to say the keyboard is another difference.

Is Eve still on track to be shipping from January 16th?

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I have received my GPD Pocket 3, have already upgraded it to an 8TB SSD, installed Linux and have started to use it.

I have literally been able to order a system that was crowd developed in June 2021, announced as an official project at the time that Eve was supposed to ship the V 2021s in September and I am now typing this response on it in January 2022, while Eve keeps providing excuses for why they can’t do the very things that this manufacturer has done under the very same supply chain and power-cut limitations.

Considering the V2021 is effectively a now obsolete-spec’d Surface Pro clone built on an Intel reference design with a few customizations, while the GPD Pocket 3 is a tad bit more custom-designed in a more thermally and durability challenging form factor… sigh, at this point I will just request a refund of my V2021 deposit.

Seriously Eve Devices, you had one job!


Unfortunately I am inclined to agree… the specs are getting obsolete.
I don’t understand why not recall the parts, and have them assembled elsewhere.
By now, they bought parts for X, MONTHS ago, as those parts and so the final laptops get obsolete, the value is no longer X, but less… they are going to have trouble to sell those.
Unless something changes soon, I’ll put in a request for refund as well.

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can you tell me if the GPD has a screen with an active pen or is it just capacitive?

Active pen compatible with MS Surface series.
From their site: “4096-level Pressure Sensitivity”

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Mid January. With all the Spectrum updates it would be great to get one for the V2. Where are we at?


I agree, there should be an update on the V 2021 by now. Can you provide if you have a date on when it can be assembled or have a backup plan?

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It has been nearly a month since this last update and we are all still here twidling our thumbs waiting for news. Is there any word on production, assembly, or shipping that you can give us? Any nugget of info is better than silence!

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Cancelled in early December and received full refund.
Ordered Framework in January. Received in 6 days.
Fully user upgradable (including the MB) and the ability to swap peripheral connections is awesome. While Framework can only advertise as C ports until certification all 4 are thunderbolts and Windows 11 identifies them as such.
I really wanted the new EVE but these latest delays forced me to look at other alternatives.