Project: V | A look inside (& FAQ!)

Okay, now we’re talking. That’s basically my dream device. Couple of questions still.

  1. Is each Thunderbolt port 2x or 4x ?
  2. Is there any plan for Linux support ? If yes, does it include support for proprietary software like fan control ?
  3. Will a tool-kit for EVE specific material be available to purchase for the consumer ? I have a 1TB NVMe I paid a hefty price for already a few years ago, and I definitely don’t want to spend money on another one if I can avoid it. I’d like to see a kit with at least glueing material and detailed instructions.
  4. Alternatively, could there be a way for buyers, maybe only early adopters, to send their SSD so they could be installed on their device during assembly ? Could such option be more affordable than the cheapest SSD available considering logistics ? (Also, would that make any sense from an environment preservation perspective, considering transportation pollution and e-waste ?)

Visually it looks great! Very sleek! Port placement on both sides is nice. Quad front facing speakers is awesome. Good screen choices…I really appreciate the FHD for entry level.

I’m not thrilled about losing USB-A but it’s not the worst decision and it was inevitable sooner than later.

No bluetooth for the keyboard is a mistake IMO. That was one of the key things that I found very useful about the gen1 V and set it apart from the competition.

All-in-all I think Eve has done a good job of giving the community what it asked for. There were obviously compromises that were necessary to build a quality device of this kind with the mfg/supply chain options that are available. I suspect that many of the things we wanted but didn’t get are more achievable in a notebook type device.


The specs look great, really sad about the exclusion of Bluetooth on the keyboard, but I’m loving everything else I see so far, especially the display, that sharp igzo panel was really a great choice the first time around, and I’m looking forward to the updated one. I’m hoping we can get this ball rolling soon. My original V broke about a year ago now, and I did not get any help from Eve customer service with getting it repaired (hard drive went bad), and I don’t know who to trust locally with any data that may still be in the drive if I take it into a repair shop. So I have been without a mobile pc for all this time as I cannot afford to buy anther device in the interim. Thank goodness for my desktop pc and android phone, but this little device fills a big gap between those two. Hoping we can get a better warranty /service program that actually does something with this model. On that note, maybe we could go with a bit higher end hard drive this time around. Edit : not sure why my post was hidden as off topic, I thought this whole thing was supposed to be about coming up with a more reliable /serviceable design than last time.


I agree!
Is there a chance this can still be added given enough demand?


Many laptops have a half-way SD card reader. What does that allows is to use the SD card as just a reader and not like internal memory storage.
By having a tray to carry the micro-sd it means it is supposed to be inside the device all the time.

An SD card reader, either micro or normal size, it must be easy access and quick. If you have to remove-replace-remove-replace a tray to copy images/video/data I would much prefer to have a dongle…
Do not forget that the tray will need a pin-ejector… A lot of people will use god-knows-what when they will lose the provided tool to eject the tray and then all of those tablets will have damaged ports.

I really want to see how you thought to use such a thing… It was voted somewhere? Did I missed it?


in many occasions the keyboard will be detached from the tablet for use…also detaching them can be good for your body posture when using the computer.

i think a wireless connection should be provided…in my memory it is not asked in the previous poll

in terms of battery…it will be good to store the pen with the keyboard and charge it through the keyboard as well…

so please reconsider


I agree with that, it’s a good solution

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All TB ports on the new V will be 4× as required by the next-gen TB’s always 40Gb/s.

Our primary concern is to get everything to work well under Windows. In comparison, Linux support is only a secondary consideration when sourcing components. However, the Linux community is exceptionally crafty and will likely get most if not all of the hardware on board to function.

We first need to see what kind of tools are required to perform this task; however, everything can likely already be found in existing toolkits such as those from iFixit. A pre-cut adhesive might be something we can offer as it will possibly be produced for factory assembly. Yet, nothing is concrete.

Besides the added risk of shipping your precious drive around the world, it will significantly increase the assembly line’s complexity. That is, instead of having a set number of models resulting in a pallet of Vs ready for any customer, each device with a user-provided SSD will essentially become its unique model that will need to be individually tracked for its intended customer. Such a change will ultimately lead to a premium that customers pay for us to perform it. Use Spectrum as an example: if we add factory Delta E calibration, it will roughly double each monitor’s total time on the factory line and probably result in (an optional) premium price if we decide (not decided yet, off-topic) to offer it.

(Personal) Although more storage drives get purchased potentially leads to more e-waste, the drive you can send out is functioning well, which may be used for other purposes such as a portable drive in a Thunderbolt SSD enclosure or as storage of a PC. The additional shipping resulted from customers sending their drives worldwide will create carbon emission at the same time.

@BlackEagle @eoscollins @yetanotherone Update 18/10: Based on your overwhelmingly popular feedback, we checked back and found that our previous decision was not adequately evaluated. We will ensure to explore it further and come back when we have news to share. Thank you for your suggestion! :+1:

In the post, we mentioned that the keyboard’s weight and thickness will benefit from the absence of a battery and a Bluetooth transceiver, and subsequently, these aspects of the entire device. Additionally, the Bluetooth feature in the keyboard, though adds flexibility when implemented correctly, never quite worked the way we intended it to in the 1st-Gen V’s keyboard. It had connectivity problems, which reduced the keyboard’s reliability. Other limitations, such as the lack of Bluetooth mode’s Windows Precision driver support, made the 1st-Gen touchpad’s behavior change concerning the connection method. Therefore, until we can do it right, we would rather forego the feature than risk frustrating the end-user with a likely flawed point.


That’s great to read ! Would you consider surveying the community on this matter, now that the glued design is blocked ?

Also, on the topic of serviceability, could there be a way for buyers to buy batteries off your shelves ? Batteries are basically the only consumable part of a laptop/2-in-1, and I’d appreciate to be able to replace it on my own. One of my laptop got a bloated battery once, had to send it to CS for 3 weeks and was left without portable computing solution during the process. Pretty annoying tbh. I don’t mind voiding the warranty, especially if proper disassembly and reassembly instructions are provided.


I’m very disappointed (like a lot of people) with the announcement that the keyboard can’t be detached. Note that this was indeed an announcement and not a consultation.

Pen users (be they artists or just people who like to hand-write notes in meetings) still benefit from having a working keyboard near (but not on) the keyboard. For instance, keyboard shortcuts, opening files etc. Now, if I’m on a train, I put my Surface on the tray table and put my Logitech portable keyboard on my lap, while others try to type on a flimsy keyboard that is half hanging in space. At work, I am able to put the screen in the middle of the table for a team meeting and control it from where I am sat. All of that is now gone.

Over the summer, the tone within Eve has shifted away from asking and responding towards something that feels more like guiding us towards confirming your own preferences or (as in this case) just telling us what has been decided. It’s such a shame.

I urge you to (1) reconsider the decision in relation to bluetooth keyboard support - even if it just means running a poll for a fixed keyboard vs a fixed+bluetooth one and (2) be more alert to the danger that you are increasingly looking for confirmation of your own preferences rather than genuinely consulting.


Is there a Linux edition planned ?


We will evaluate if it is possible & sensible for us to provide these options. If they are deemed viable choices, we will run them through our community to gather opinions from you guys. :ok_hand:

It is not something we are currently working on. Be sure to post your idea under the What’s Next category if you would like to discuss it with our community, and we will carefully consider it if many of you are interested in it!

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Thanks a TON for your message! This is community development process and this is exactly where your help is needed the most!

Bluetooth as a feature slipped through the cracks :slight_smile: We have not properly studied it for new V. This is because previously Vs bluetooth keyboard performance was worse than when connected to pogo pins. We have decided not to consider this feature if it presents risk of product feeling raw


We are not just electronics company. We are driven by voices like yours!

This week we will investigate with the supplier what Bluettooth keyboard takes and after understanding all the bottlenecks/ requirements get back to you with feedback and hopefully (if it’s doable) with a detailed post asking for directions to take blue tooth implementation to!

Thank you!


I think actually the main reason you feel this way is because new V is our first second gen product when we already have a lot of knowledge and accumulated feedback. Nevertheless your comment proves it yet again that we should not take anything for granted and make sure community has a say on all aspects of the device!


Thank you for looking into this! I really feel that not having a BT keyboard greatly reduces the usefulness of a 2-in-1 device. I have found that I prefer the laptop form factor for most things but tablets are much better for some things. Having a BT keyboard makes a 2-in-1 a much more viable option as a do-it-all device.


USB-A socket in the current V seems in the opposite direction. If the new V has a USB-A and the V team considers this matter, it would be my pleasure.
I believe the surface of USB-A is with company logo, USB logo (molded strain relief), two square holes in the shield (and thus the empty half), and sometimes an indicator lamp.

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Thanks @Konstantinos - that’s the kind of response that proves the Eve I know and love is still alive and well. Much appreciated.


I may have missed it since I’ve been a bit out of the loop, but is there a dedicated amplifier like the 1st gen? I use pretty hard-to-drive headphones on a regular basis.


Great !

One final question then. Will Project V pre-odering work like Spectrum’s ? If yes, how much will be asked for the first payment ? If that’s left to be decided yet, can you keep the community in the loop a bit ahead of pre-order opening, in case we need to set ourselves up ?


Yes! The new V will have an audio Jack amplifier; we aim to implement an amplifier that matches or exceeds that of the 1st-Gen V.

You will probably be able to reserve the new V from our own web store similar to that of Spectrum, where we will implement a pricing model that increases dynamically based on the sales. The first payment amount should be revealed alongside other reservation details, which is being worked out. As always, we will keep you guys updated with the latest news & announcements, and our community will be the first to hear them.


Hasn’t the CPU platform been decided upon (Tiger Lake)? Or does this mean it will be dependent on which specific chip is in each configuration of the new V?