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I now see more what integer scaling is, it’s cool but not something I would ever use

Hey @cookie, @Shrub,

I have spoken with the team, and the glossy option will most likely be the same model, but with an option to choose to opt for the glossy or matte, when ordering on the store. Similarly to how you can choose to order with, or without the stand.


So for us that already pre-ordered, we will get the option at checkout I assume?


Hey @Liquidshadowfox,

It’s not fully confirmed if this will be the method yet, but if so I think this would be a good idea to have the option in the balance payment window also. So those who already have pre-orders can choose.


When you state a monitor supports integer scaling, it would be nice to provide macro photos as a proof. But based on your subsequent comment, you apparently already realized your original statement was not correct.

All computer monitors before and (so far) after Eve Spectrum, including those based on the same LCD panel, including monitors by LG, blindly do blurry scaling.

We can live with that. :wink:


Is there a comparison post somewhere detailing the differences between glossy and matte.

Also will the glossy option incur an extra fee come payment time?


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Hey @LurkerDoncic

You should find these topics helpful:

Also if you haven’t already checkout Dave’s video in this topic.

Because we will be the only one’s making this coating for the panel sourced, we need to repurpose the LCD production line from LG and pay a premium for that. The glossy coating with a low reflection layer is more expensive in comparison to the standard matte coating. Based on this we can expect an higher price, but it won’t be an unreasonable price for this option.

Similar to my previous reply on the previous topic, but the same applies to both models.


Would this option for the 280 hz be available for the April timeline mentioned above? or is that JUST for the matte?



If we are able to fully implement I believe it will be for both variations. Ofcourse I will double check though.


This is really great to hear. The continual delays had got me pretty bitter, but the glossy variation has me genuinely very excited! Cannot wait and do hope the team can continue to keep the forum posted over the next couple months (especially about delays or complications).


I cross my fingers for it to come true. Anyway, I want to go for the glossy screen :joy: you would know how much the glossy coating would cost. I don’t know how much the price would go up but I’m happy to pay it. I would expect something reasonable. I don’t know, 50€/$ below that would be excellent :flushed: :point_right: :point_left:

They haven’t said yet when we’ll get the mail to pay the rest, right? Well, I’ll keep waiting anyway hehehe these changes have lifted my spirits a lot and especially the good news. I would prefer that they delay it and everything goes well


Hey @Liquidshadowfox, @Shrub, @cookie,

I’ve got some more clarification about offering the glossy option during balance payment phase. This option won’t be available when completing balance payment, but we will be creating an separate process where you can upgrade your current order to the Glossy.

This way if you complete your balance payment before this system is in place and have secured your reservation (Shipping in chronological order, first come, first serve), you will still be able to opt for the glossy.


Awesome :+1: I’ll definitely be doing that. The thought of a glossy triple monitor setup is tantalizing.

Still curious though if the timeline to purchase the glossy 4k model lines up with shipment of model 2 or will happen sooner.

Would also greatly appreciate if by the time this process is implemented, any delay incurred by opting in to the glossy coating is clearly communicated.


It all comes down to what you find important in a monitor.

These are some of the things about the Spectrum that make it different to other gaming monitors:

  • Minimal design
    A lot of gaming monitors come with a very “gamer” design that isn’t to everyone’s taste. The Spectrum has a sleek, minimal design that wouldn’t look out of place in a corporate office.
  • USB-C connectivity + power delivery
    It’s becoming more popular now, but for a long time there were no gaming monitors that supported a single cable for charging a laptop and supplying video. Those that do often have limited power delivery output, maybe 75W but no more. The Spectrum does 100W, which is enough to keep a Maxbook Pro fully charged.
  • Colour accuracy
    Spectrums use IPS panels, which are known for their high colour accuracy. A lot of gaming monitors use VA displays, which have better response times and refresh rates, but have lower colour accuracy and narrower viewing angles. Not only that, but the Spectrum is calibrated from the factory, meaning that colours are relatively accurate.
  • Blur Busters tuning
    Blur Busters are working on tuning the Spectrum so that it has minimum amounts of motion blur. Fixed refresh rate strobing is working today, and variable refresh rate is being worked on. Yes, Blur Busters does work with other monitor manufacturers, but possibly not to the same degree.

If you don’t care about any of these things, you probably shouldn’t get a Spectrum. There’s plenty of other monitors out there that can match resolution and refresh rate, cost less, and don’t have the shipping issues that you get with Eve.

But when you start filtering what’s out there based on factors like the ones I’ve listed above, the number of competing products gets smaller and smaller.



When will it be possible to order the glossy one and what will the price be?
Also can you provide a link, when it is possible

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I think it is a great idea. Would you send us another link to update the screen from matte to glossy? I ask in case I have more questions :blush:

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lets hope 2022 will finally be the year we will get what we paid for back in January 2020 (although i expect another delay to august, at least)… well, at least model 2… for model 1 we will probably need to wait until 2023

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Excellent news!

I’m pretty sure the 4K Glossy is coming this year too then, sorry if I misread.



I have always been more of a fan of mat displays, but I must admit glossy screens look better in good lighting conditions.

Will there at least be something in the form of anti-glare coating. E.g the implementation on MacBooks is great, but on e.g the HP EliteBooks the glare on glossy options is ridiculous.

I’m more anxious about backlight bleeding/ IPS glow. Even with 64 dimming zones it can be a real dealbreaker. Is this getting any attention? It’s the main reason I didn’t give up on Eve and go for the Gigabyte M27Q.

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I have another question.
Will the screen support windows 11?

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