Project: Spectrum | What's Next For ES07D02

Thank you very much for answering. I´m very happy that this project has become a reality :blush:. hahahaha I would like that one day the Eve team ask the community the idea of ​​making a mouse for both gaming and work, especially for gaming. I personally have ideas of how other brands’ mice could be improved


Don’t wait for us to start the conversation! Head over to what’s next What's Next? - Eve Community and kickstart the conversation right now.

Tell us what the Eve mouse should be. What should it do? What shouldn’t it do? If the community is excited about a new product idea and talking about it, we will notice!

Taking off my community manager hat for a moment - I love the idea!


I’m also anxious to know hahahaha sometimes I read your comments in the Blur Busters forums. I never made an account. I discovered Blur Busters | Everything Better Than 60Hz in the year 2019 when I returned a very expensive monitor (around €1000) that had very good colors. It was my first monitor, the lg 32ud99-w. But it suffers from glow ips and many things. Above all the blur, I couldn’t see a shit. I then upgraded to the dell s2721dgfa. It improved the experience but it was not enough, the problem of blurring in the images still persisted and I had a headache. My eyes hurt sometimes. I’m 20 years old, unfortunately I didn’t live in the days of CRT monitors and televisions. Last year I tried a CRT monitor and, wow! It was true that at low Hz the flickering like 60 Hz seemed very annoying. That’s the first few seconds until a couple of minutes go by and you tolerate it. Each person can tolerate some things, but it was so worth it. There was no blur, I could perfectly while sliding down the page and more things that I will have to say for sure. When you raise the Hz the flickering disappears and that’s rare on CRT screens. Because I thought I would keep blinking. I explain:
currently there are monitors that use strobe light but, it is not! it´s another method like inserting black frames or I don’t know. Something strange was happening because when recording with the camera, there are monitors that show the strongest flicker and others do not, why? Is there something I’m missing?

minute 7:18 please put the subtitles in english so you can understand what he says

I can’t post any answer. The topic is closed :confused: I create a new post for people and Eve’s team to read or will you create a new post in 2022?

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That’s still backlight strobing (This is also a Red Phosphor display like our eve but it’s an innolux panel). Black frame insertion is usually used in Software emulation of backlight strobing or in OLED TVs usually.

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Please @nkyadav @ReignDespair @Lore_Wonder @MarvyMarvz I would sincerely appreciate it if you make this publication more known and you will talk about it within the Eve team. Forgive my ignorance, I don’t really know if there is a team or groups working on Eve. I imagine so because the design group, marketing, technicians, customer service will be there, etc. a QD-OLED monitor made by Eve’s team would be an amazing product and I highly recommend it. The functions that you are adding in the ES07D03 and ES07D02 model together with a high quality panel such as the OLED. I would spend €1,000 - €1,500 (€2,000 seems excessive to save it) than buying a GPU from Nvidia or any other brand. Sorry to anyone who thinks it’s crazy to spend $1,000 on a display but the monitor market is rubbish and we’ve been waiting a long time for OLED to reach the consumer in desktop PCs. It’s my personal opinion. There is NOT a single display that offers true HDR performance, blazing fast response time and amazing blacks. Normally the screens do not have native 10-bit panels and it is sad. I could list many things that I don’t like but Micro LED and QD-OLED are 2 very promising technologies. Yes, you will have to pay a lot. But it is very worth it and we must demand that more manufacturers offer the possibility of OLED monitors of various sizes

I’m not asking you to start another project right now, but in 5 years. I wouldn’t know exactly how long it takes you. It would be interesting if you take this into account :sparkles: :blush:


Some great ideas.

Personally, something in the 32 to 34 inch range qdOLED (or else microLED, as OLED still faces burn-in issues - yes, I read all about the qdOLED but until we have working samples in the real world, I’m not gonna 100% believe that burn-in has been solved) with at the very least our current feature set (expanded, in key areas) is a beautiful idea.

Thanks for your suggestions. It might be good for you to make this post (and add as much detail as you’d like) in our “What’s Next” section: Latest Development/What’s Next? topics - Eve Community

Consider that the incubator for ideas for possible future products :smiley:


Sorry! It looks like I linked you to the wrong place. You should be able to create a new topic in the corrected link in the previous post. This is the correct link What's Next? - Eve Community if you can’t create a new topic there let me know and I’ll see if we can’t get that corrected for you.


As one of the earliest backers by end of January 2020 I am very pleased to have finished my balance payment just some minutes ago. I am very excited to receive the product when it is finally finished - with all the fantastic features included! Yay!


They are already sending emails? uuuh what nerves ^^

I’m kinda scared to pay from now lol…

Hey @Dodo,
No need to be worried about paying now. We have started issuing remaining balance payment notifications so people can reserve their position in the queue (As we will be shipping in chronological order). That being said it’s perfectly fine if you would like to wait before completing.


Will the glossy version be available now or later on?


While as indicated in this topic the glossy 240hz/280hz is in the works. We can’t confirm a date at this time as to when the glossy variation would be available. Once we have more information we will of course share it as a development update topic. Be sure to stay tuned!


Correct me if I’m wrong. If I finalize my Spectrum order for the ES07D02 the optional glossy display is not actually an option. I cant opt-in for a glossy finish anywhere. Its another monitor I might be able to buy later?

It is a bit confusing because it sounded like the glossy coating would be an option for the pre-orders.

WTF!? It was €609 + €48 + €100 reserve = €757?? So… What happened to the reservation? I am very confused and scared. I just paid it for the rush and the thrill, heeeelp :sob: @ReignDespair It hurts me to pay for the shipping but I trust that the maritime transport will hurry hahahaha I have paid 657€ in total but I don’t know what has become of that 100€ since I booked it

no no no, he said as soon as it’s ready. We could upgrade orders to a glossy screen. I hope it’s 20€ for the coating hahahahaha

Hey @HerrHoltz,

You can secure your reservation now for ES07D02 which secures your pre-order price and position when shipping (Shipping in chronological order). When we have more information available regarding a 240/280hz glossy variation we will be able to offer existing completed orders with an option to upgrade to the glossy version.

Hey @RocketJumpBlur,

It appears there could be some sort of issue with your order details. Please if you could help me clarify the details. Your pre-order price is 609 EU + 48 EU shipping, and the original reservation has been added not subtracted to your order? If so please send me your order number in a message, and ill get this looked into as soon as possible for you.

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Is there any way that the shipments were sent by another company? For the post you made. I recommended DHL, UPS and FedEX @ReignDespair It is a pity that the shipment takes from 18 to 35 days :smiling_face_with_tear: :sneezing_face: hahahaha I can pay a lot for a screen but not 120€ for shipping. It hurts me a lot to pay something like that

How do I write to you privately?

Yea, express shipping is crazy expensive. 175 euro.