Project: Spectrum | We are reviewing new samples

Hey community!

Remember your exclusive look of our development samples’ inspection back in September? Since then, many Spectrum advancements occurred – four generations of hard tooling took the overall build quality to a whole new level, slight design tweaks resolved annoyances, and I traveled to our manufacturing partner’s offices to check on the results. We now follow up on this sample review topic.


We fixed most of the imperfections found in the previous inspection based on our solutions and your feedback.

The exposed metal subframe didn’t fit with our design

Following your suggestion, we have applied dark paint to the exposed parts of the metal subframe. The contrast between the box and the back frame is now minimal.

The paint on the sides of the housing felt different from the back

The use of hard tooling achieved an even surface across the housing, and subsequently the paint on all angles feels identical to the touch. Soon, all paints will be monitored by professional quality engineers on the assembly lines.

Lack of tactile feedback

A nub has been added, so now you can feel when the monitor is rotated to a perfect landscape or portrait position. Also, when the monitor is attached to the stand, there is now a satisfying “click” to let you know the quick-release is securely in place.

The monitor was shaky on the stand

Four generations of changes to the hard tooling have created a precise fit for all parts. Now even when I rotate, tilt, or make height adjustments, Spectrum does so rigidly.

Bumpy edges and corners allowed light to pass through the monitor frame

Adjustments have been made to the manufacturing process, so now the mid frame’s edges sit flat against the display component. In these samples, no more light escapes around the edges of the panel.

The stand could be mounted to its base backward

The connector where the two parts join has been keyed so that it only fits in one direction. A user can now only connect the stand in the correct direction. Spectrum now offers a foolproof setup process.

The joystick was unusable

Its material and texture has been changed, and the OSD can now be appropriately navigated using the refreshed joystick design. It easily clicks in each of the five directions (up, down, left, right, depress). The surface feels good and grips my fingertip slightly during usage.

There was a concern about the cooling

The ventilation holes have been enlarged to increase cooling performance as recommended by our manufacturing partner following software thermal analysis. Additionally, several tests have been run on the printed circuit board (PCB), and improvements have been made to counter heat generated by Spectrum’s superior power delivery capability.

Cables could not be plugged into the Type-C port on the side

The Type-C cut-out on the housing has been enlarged, so that cables can now be easily plugged into this port.

We will continue to observe the list of improved aspects to check their consistency.

Ongoing exploration

The stand’s joint has a smaller gap, but still larger-than-ideal

The tolerance will be further reduced for future samples.

The stand’s various plastic parts still don’t match in color

We will consult with our engineer about why it is still the case.

LED was on and bluish all the time

We will check it and other OSD functions on upcoming samples loaded with more mature firmware.

Findings to address


Tightening the tolerance to make a part sit flush up against another helps Spectrum achieve a more aesthetically pleasing look.

Picture reference Solution
Minimize where the vertical part pops out.
Extend the plastic cover on the left.
Even the top of the plastic and aluminum parts.
Add ribs to fix assembly position.


Attention to color, material, and finish lets us optimize Spectrum’s function, look, and feel.

Picture reference Description Solution
The stand’s mounting hooks are too sharp, which makes it possible to scratch the paint accidentally when attaching the stand. Shorten the hooks and smoothen their tip.
The plastic part and screws’ color do not fit our design. Use black plastic and screws.
There are molding marks at the top of the stand’s base. Evenly spread the residual pressure.
Ejection marks appear at the bottom of the stand’s base. Optimize pressure from ejection pins.
Partition lines can be found in all corners. Further polish the surface before applying the paint.
The rear cover’s edges are too sharp. Observe the next run of samples.
One paint has an optimal color while the other’s smoothness is perfect. Adjust the paints’ formula to achieve a good mix of the two.


Any adjustment counts!

Description Solution
Rotating the monitor meets too much resistance. Adjust the force.
The vent hole pattern is not centered. Change parts of the mold based on new dimensions.

These are a lot of foreseeable improvements! We will soon meet with our manufacturing partner again to discuss the root cause of a few persisting issues and adjust Spectrum accordingly. After the tuning, we will get even better samples. What do you think? Leave us a comment!



Where does the sample sent to LTT sit in the generatios of tooling/quality?


Looks great, thanks for the update. Glad to see the close attention to detail!

Any concerns with getting enough components in time for mass production by February? The LG 27GN950 seems to be sold out everywhere and to my knowledge the Spectrum 4k version uses the same panel (or similar).


Speculation, but I’d guess earlier in the line of iterations, but it shouldn’t matter all too much because I’m sure they were informed of that and they’re probably gonna be taking more of a focus on the performance of the panel and tech.


Awesome update! Keep them coming!

Can we get pics/video and description/material choice of new joystick? Glad to hear it sounds much improved, but would like to see it in action


The development sample we sent to LTT was a couple of generations behind the samples we reviewed in this topic.

Hey, @Triebr! I hope the following quote helps to answer your question.

I will try to take some pictures and videos of the joystick for you. :smiley:

Update 08 Dec: @rcm024 I’ve got a good image below. The footage was corrupted; I will try again later.


Since you’re already reviewing samples, may I ask if there is an update regarding the openSource firmware for the spectrum?

Having the firmware be OS would be a USP that no other monitor with this level of quality has and it would make the spectrum shine even brighter :wink:


Latest reply shows current situation.


Recently got a 32 inch curved 4k monitor for my PS5 and PC and while it is only 60hz, it has a VA panel which I personally prefer for colors and contrast. I really hope the reviews from linus and whoever else come back good as they will be the deciding factor for me at this point. I really hope this monitor is as good as advertised because so far it seems amazing.


The ventilation holes have been enlarged to increase cooling performance

I can’t express how happy the expanded vent holes make me! Thermals were always going to be interesting and it’s better to be safe than to have any heat issues. Excellent decision!


LTT made a story on their YouTube channel saying they couldn’t change the brightness on the OSD. :frowning: Though I’m glad you guys fixed it this sample


I have only 1 concern - packaging. Are you guys sure it will survive the shipping unscathed?


Where can we found LLT’s review?


He hasn’t released it yet

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As the spectrum will primarily be sold online I’m 100% sure they will make sure the packaging protects the monitor well.
I have never bought a device that came with a broken screen so I’m very optimistic that this won’t be an issue.


Glad you guys are doing a thorough job at making sure a quality product is shipped.


It wasn’t that they couldn’t change something in the settings, its that the joystick wasn’t working one direction. If you read the OP they say that is an issue they have addressed in more recent generations.

They have some pretty detailed posts on packaging 1, 2.


So we’re maybe 3 months from “shipping” and the design Still isn’t even finalized…


I’m so impressed at the level of detail you guys are putting into those reviews! (should have ordered 3 immediately :D)

Keep up the good work, and don’t worry about all those “you’re not shipping any time soon, lul” posts… Quality over speed!


What do you mean, the design is finalized. They are working out the kinks and tweaking small things.