Project: Spectrum | Types of Display Finishes

I prefer glossy. I work with photography so the contrast and sharpness needs to be as high as possible. In my experience, brightness can overcome most nuisance glare. I can watch movies on my M1 iPad outdoors on a clear sunny day most of the time unless the sun is directly opposite the screen. Even then, 1000+ nits and the AR coating Apple uses works really well.

Also, if I had the choice, I’d definitely prefer a glass cover. Easier to clean smudges and prevents dust from getting behind the LCD layer. Had this happen to an LG 5K ultrafine when somebody used compressed air to dust off the display.


The glare and reflectivity properties of a matte display are a superior accessibility feature, but I think that the screen finish trade-off isn’t worth the decrease in clarity, saturation, or brightness. I wonder if an anti-glare directionally etched screen protector would help glasses wearers, and hope that could be looked into as an accessory.
To tick all the boxes in one fell swoop, the new LG anti-glare glossy OLED appeals dramatically more than any other competing option, and would be ideal for production conditions in the 27" size factor.


For a long time I had a glossy and matte screen side by side with a large window directly behind.

While it is true that there are fewer mirror like reflections with a matte display, the matte display was actually harder to read in direct sunlight (actually unreadable due to the way it diffuses light - if I can find a photo from this time I will post it)

My preference is for glossy displays in all environments.

Edit: photo from my old setup

Something that should be given some consideration is reintroduction of ATW polarisers to reduce IPS screen glow: Why manufacturer remove ATW Polarizer if it solves one of the biggest IPS problem? | [H]ard|Forum


I would prefer the Matte finish. I intend to use the 240Hz model for hyper-competitive CS:GO and other fps games. A glossy display would cause too much eyestrain.


I definitely prefer a matte finish, glossy is too reflective for me.


NO! No and NO, we do NOT need Glossy displays!

All I need from Spectre in 2022 is a DP2 + HDMI 2.1 VERSION! It will be a 100% must buy for me! Please focus on important features, no need to obscure the screen image with stupid reflections!

EDIT after Dave2D video… Well, still skeptical, but I would be more open if you show us more comparison videos.


What ever tech eliminates/reduces reflections. Seems like matte from what i can tell.
But then some are saying glass can be anti glare or anti reflection?

Currently i sit against the wall with a window behind me that has blinds and curtains drawn but even then, with my matte monitor i can see a bright halo at times on especially sunny days.
And if my center room ceiling light is on in the evenings, its almost no different.
I imagine with a glossy that would be a nightmare to look at :confused:

All i care about in the end is not seeing reflections in my monitor, whatever tech enables that.
If its matte at the cost of slightly reduced sharpness and whatnot, so be it.
IMO benefits of glossy colors/sharpness are not enough to outweigh the drawbacks of reflectivity.
If it need to see reflections i can go look at my bathroom mirror XD


Didn’t have big issues with glossy NEC 20WGX² (that I used before 2015), but tend to like matte more just because I don’t like to see reflections of me and light sources in the dark screen. My current 4K monitor (Dell P2415Q) I use since 2015 has a matte coating and I’m quite happy with it. The matte coating of the current Eve Spectrum 4K monitor is fine as well.

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I guess like many my first pick would be the best of both worlds, haha! But as that may not be possible, maybe a glossy screen with a screen protector that is anti-glare that people who want anti-glare can install easily (well, I’ve never had an easy time with them!), while those who want glossy screens don’t need it or maybe you send along a screen protector that is not anti-glare for those who want the full glossy effect.
I am not as technical as most here, but I like glossy. But, at the same time I spend a lot of time lying in bed due to a severe disability which means I suffer with an overhead ceiling light or a floor lamp. One or the other is usually on in the evening because I can’t stand to be in the dark all evening and much of the night (I sleep more during the day) and unless I’m turn on my side which puts the laptop in front of the lights, I get constant reflection and glare from the lights. Also sun seeps through the mini blinds in the window which can also produce some reflection and glare though much less that the room lights.
So, though I really like the clear picture of a glossy screen, I have a lot of chances of light reflection and glare so if there was an easy way, such as an anti-glare/reflection screen protector, I would go with that and a glossy screen. If that is not possible or a major hassle, than I’d rather stick with a matte screen, especially since I’m already 59 years old and probably can’t appreciate a super nice screen as well as the youngsters can! LOL

I’d absolutely go Glossy if the option was available. 3 years on a MacBook display and I never looked back.

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You know, I don’t think now is the time to worry about future products when Spectrum is so far behind its original advertised release that it’s not even really a good deal anymore. Not blaming Eve for that, but given the reputation the original V has, maybe this is in bad taste.

I prefer glossy, but am happy with either one, if it really matters.


Adding on to what I wrote earlier, I’m really quite disappointed in the general monitor industry. So many big players, yet so very few willing to push the industry forward. I have an LG C9 that’s glass with an AR coating and roughly 800nits of brightness and sometimes glare can be annoying trying to play a dark game like CP2077 in the afternoon. If it were, maybe 1300-1500 nits, I don’t think it would be a problem.

But here’s where I am at (and I recognize I’m in a very small minority); I own two LG 5K UltraFines, and for what they cost, are kind of disappointing apart from the rare 5K resolution. They are $1300 each. I manage a lab full of new M1 iMacs with wall to wall rows of overhead fluorescent lights, and glare has not been an issue for me. I was so impressed that I almost bought an iMac to use as a monitor for my laptop, but Apple removed that ability from Macs a long while ago. If they had some in stock locally I probably would have pulled the trigger and accepted the compromise of AirPlaying my laptop screen to it.

Bottom line, I’m extremely motivated to throw money at ideally: 27" to 32"; 180 or more ppi display density; a minimum 500 nits of maximum brightness, 800+ nits preferred; glossy/glass finish; 120hz refresh rate; wide color gamut (DCI-P3 or aRGB); Don’t really care for HDR as general implementation is a mess at this point in time. If this could exist, I’d happily part with 2,000 of my dollars.

Matte screen please. That’s what you showed on the initial renders and that’s what I want from my 2k monitor that I preordered. I will be so disappointed if that’s not what you end up pushing out. That will cause me not to finish my purchase and be sorely disappointed as I’ve been waiting for a long time as has everyone else.

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I 100% prefer glossy, if there is an option for this on the 1440p 240hz or 4K models I would gladly swap my preorders and wait. I have never liked the compromise of matte finishes and frankly think outside of office environments most people can control their lighting and positioning enough to make glossy vastly superior.

I’ve been waiting for a good gaming glossy monitor for over ten years in 1440p and there hasn’t been a single option, which blows me away considering TVs, phones, laptops and gaming consoles all offer then and are used in much brighter environments.


They aren’t talking about not offering matte finish, they are gauging interest in glossy to see if it makes sense to offer. Besides, you have literally dozens of comparable options for matte and there isn’t a single 1440p or higher gaming monitor in glossy. So if it did go down that way you’d be fine, people like me who would pay double or wait a year for a custom order gladly deserve our options too.

Panels these days are getting better and better. Oled has a new glossy glare free panel. Imo its a win win for both parties.
Plus there are screen protectors that are glare free which can be made into a monitor screen size to be put onto a glossy monitor. Another win win scenario for both parties.

Touchscreen and Glossy? You’ll be cleaning your screen every five minutes.

Matte is definitely my preferred choice.

Buy a “stylus pen” instead of using your fingers. You wont be needing to clean your screen every 5min. :wink:

I prefer to have glossy. I play all my games in a dark room and I want to enjoy every pixel on my new screen when I can finally get it ;-).

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Yes. We all know that cave that’s being looted. :smiley: