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How would I go about getting a refund on my 100 dollar deposit.


Hey, @Jack_Reddam if you contact support. They will be able to arrange your refund. Personally I’m pretty shocked you would ask for a refund at this stage.

I will check this out soon for you. Currently testing/gaming the prototype as we speak.

Edit: So I have checked the indicator light settings which are pretty cool in their own right.

If you edit the colour settings to be all 0. This will result in the indicator light being completely off. So in short yes the indicator light can be turned off.
Here is a little glimpse into the OSD settings for the indicator light.

Based on my current experience. You will not be disappointed!


This is truly good news. I’ll be waiting for some third party reviews just to make sure there are little to, preferably, no kinks. But not gonna lie, I’m hype. Can’t wait to have one at my door. We’re almost at the finish line, but not gonna celebrate until we cross it (fully functional monitor on my desk, siting pretty with my XBOX Series X :blush:).


Hey @Spartty69, may I recommend you check out the current prototype tester’s 1st impressions (more to follow). There are some pretty good reports so far (My own post included).
Here’s a link to all the current threads. these will be updated, and there are some testers yet to receive/write about their prototypes! Stay tuned for more updates!


Oh Boy, looks great.
I can look at these automatic assembly lines all day, freakin amazing what these things can do.
Thanks for the update :pray:
I‘ll look forward to the day the monitor will geht here :heart_eyes:


I just did lol. Tikio, posted that he has an Xbox series X and will be testing the one game I’m interesting in test results for, call of duty. Will be keeping an eye on his posts.


Can’t wait to merry my 4K up to the PS5!


If your game is Cold war. In terms of the PS5. It performs beautifully at 4k 120z. I would go as far to say perfect. I would like to presume the same for XBSX.

For Warzone currently out of the 2 consoles: Only XBSX supports 4k 120hz. I to would like to know of the results, because it’s a glimpse of things to come for the PS5.

Tuesday was currently my 1st experience with 4k on the PS5. Outstanding would be the word I would use! This was also at 120hz. Which for me this is the important part.


Is DCI-P3 the only color mode? I hope there could be a sRGB mode.


I can confirm that DVI-P3, and sRGB mode are available on the Spectrum through the OSD!


A slight change in topic direction, although still relevant.

Does anyone know the approximate turn-around-time is on support replying to a ticket?

Nothing bad. I made an amendment to my order back in October however this has still not been properly reflected in my basket and I wanted to confirm everything looked good on their end. I send the ticket last Thursday.

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In my experience the longest I’ve waited was a week. It varies depending on how busy the support team are. I’m sure you will receive a reply ASAP!

In my case they put a note on my order to make amendments when issuing the balance payment. If you get issued the balance payment with no amendment be sure to re-send a message to support with your previous reference numbers, and this will get resolved for you!


A few questions:

  1. Is this OSD design still live?
  2. Any updates on the monitor certifications? Will they come before 30th June?
  3. It seems that the color of the motherboard of the PVT samples changed to green…?

I need it already, the wait is too much!:weary:😮‍💨:pleading_face:

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At the moment, we are prioritizing function over look for the OSD. Even so, we have made sure its current appearance is what we are satisfied to settle on for now. We’ll look into implementing a prettier OSD design later down the line, enabled by our user-upgradeable firmware. By that time, we will already hear feedback from all of our end-users on their opinions using the current OSD design, including possible directions for future improvement.

For most regions, we have obtained the required certifications. We are on track to get the rest.

Yes, exactly! In my opinion, it even looks much prettier than the blue PCB from earlier development samples. The primary purpose is to differentiate these samples from those of the earlier development stages and grant them a more premium appearance.


I think the current OSD design is a bit crude, and the target one is much better.


Did you not implement [eARC] in this product?
Is there a possibility that [eARC] will work with a firmware update in the future?


Hey @nitz_Japan, I’ve passed your question onto the team. I will inform you when I have the relevant information; to answer your queries as accurate as possible.


Ooh, I put my pre-order in around feb 2020, delays have been sad, but it’s looking like it’ll turn out really good. Hopefully they manage to stick to the final release schedule!

Also, I ordered just one monitor and I’m thinking of getting 2. Is this possible at the same time? Or will the second monitor have to wait?


Hey @seppo Here is a quote from the balance payment FAQ that should help answer your query.

Any more questions feel free to reply.