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The packaging for shipment is also an important thing. We need a really strong option to guarantee the right protection to all products !


Yes, I want my monitor getting to me in one piece. Because it’ll these are made to order, I could be waiting a while for a replacement.

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Bro late December ain’t happening.


Rather than debating the actual release date all I ask for is regular and realistic updates from EVE regarding development.

Yes, this is a new product. Delays could happen at any stage. However it is better for us all for EVE staff to communicate this promptly. So far communication from the company has been brilliant and encouraging.


I’m glad to receive these updates. Being open and straightforward with us is comforting even when the news isn’t exactly what we wanted to hear. Thanks guys.


Yes, loving the consistent updates. Only issue is it just gets me more excited to actually receive the monitor.


People who think this will ship in December are mad… If we don’t have a public review by the middle of November I’m getting a refund and taking my money elsewhere.


Black Friday is going to be very bad for EVE, if there are good deals on monitors from proven brands, they will lose a lot of bookings. December is late and if they delay for whatever it is they will have it more difficult

Black Friday come now please.


Yes it could be a relatively big issue for Eve. I think they were originally surprised that most pre-orders were for the 4k 144hz model and that is the case due to new consoles coming out and lack of availability of hdmi 2.1 monitors. If ASUS and any others release hdmi 2.1 monitors before december i’d expect lots of people to jump ship. me possibly being one. waiting possibly half a year to be able to see what the console can actually do is a steep ask if there are other options out there. I’ve been following Eve since the beginning of this year so it’ll be sad to have to leave so hopefully they can stay on track with their dev plan.


I will be both overjoyed and very surprised if they don’t use styrofoam. I really hope they use paper or cardboard. Please use something sustainable for the packaging Eve team!


They do have more eco friendly options for packing materials, but I see the problem is with the cost. These alternatives are more expensive to use and if Eve is already having a hard time finding the budget to include basic cables in the box I really doubt they have it for alternative packaging. Would be happily surprised if they did though. Could also look at registering as a B corp as well.


Personally, I’d be happy to pay a little more (say £5 or so) to NOT have styrofoam.


Shipping electronics securely is actually a big challenge; I imagine this is where EVE’s priority will land as it may incur a big cost if they don’t get it right. It’s why a lot of PC integraters and TV manufacturers stuff their boxes with Styrofoam/Polystyrene boxes/brackets. There are alternatives, but I don’t believe they are widespread or mainstream hence the cost angle - you also have to consider that Styrofoam is an already tried and tested material for this kind of product. However, sustainable packaging will always be a “nice to have”.

In other news:

– Acer announced the XV282K KV 28″ 4K 144Hz gaming monitor based on an IPS panel by Innolux Other features include 98% DCI-P3 color gamut, DisplayHDR 600 support, a fast 1ms GtG response time speed, and HDMI 2.1.

Rumored to come out January 2021 (in china initially) at ~$1000. So all the more reason for EVE to try and meet Q4 2020 deadline.

Here is a full article if you want to know more of it’s features

The most notable differences:
maximum typical brightness rumoured as 550 cd/m²
Rumoured to have back-light strobing (probably without red phospher issue)


One side of me understands that rushing it will be no good. But the other side tells me I won’t get it until Q1 2021 :pensive:


One thing I think you forgot as a most notable difference… It will be about $350 more expensive than the Spectrum. :rofl:


Just to add another example, here’s another picture of rocket league with backlight strobing enabled on the Viewsonic elite xg270qg’s ULMB red phosphor


Currently, I didn’t bring up price because

  1. we don’t know the final price of spectrum, eve could easily make it ~$900 if it’s competitive with other hdmi 2.1 monitors.

  2. the ~$1000 is based on the pre-order price from chinese retailers directly converted to USD. Which is why different sites are reporting slightly different numbers. It’s possible acer officially release in the u.s at <$1000, I wouldn’t say anything is firm in terms of price, but I do expect it to be slightly more expensive than spectrum and competitive with Asus’ hdmI 2.1 monitor.


thats a shame, model 2 is unlikely to meet Q4 deadline