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Hi @pgpierremb2,

Happy to hear that! At the moment we are still discussing how we should move forward with the contents. Video-wise, we were planning to make another that covers the entire process of mass production from start to finish. There will be multiple mass productions coming soon, so we will have several opportunities to do the shoot.

What do you think about it? or do you have any other ideas or pointers that we can possibly go with? Or is there any certain topic that you would like us to cover next?

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Any further updates?

Hi @PopotheDope,

Nothing as of yet. QC results are coming out this week.

So if the QC tests come back with good results, the first 1000 glossy will start shipping out to the regional warehouses?

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Hi @Cheebie,

Welcome to the community!

These units that currently on QC are first mass production run which adds up to 100 units at most. To fulfil the rest of the quota there needs be additional mass productions. There are already a few on schedule to take place, should the QC results are positive.

The shipping will take place once the units are available.

@Cas Are the first 100 units reserved for reviewers?

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Thought this first batch was the initial 1000?
@Phil I certainly hope not, that’d be pretty dirty.

Hi guys,

No, the units will be part of the first batch to be shipped out.

The first batch is 1000. But the first run is 100 units only. The main reason is inspection. We cannot commit on full “massive” mass production without any smaller-scale run before that. It is very risky in case any adjustments are needed on the line.

Well there goes the June shipping deadline.

Hi @PopotheDope,

The QC acts as the last gateway for the products before shipping. Units that pass the inspection will be candidates for shipping. However, we also need to see how many percent out of total produced units failed the inspection. If the yield rate is too low then changes need to be made, then we need more time to do necessary adjustments.

As soon as we have the QC results we will publish it as always. Fingers crossed!


Only 9 days until July. Not much time to make 900+ for the first 1k by July :confused:

Cas has confirmed that reviewers have priority over customers:

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Beat me to it. I was about to recall that same quote

May just have to cancel lmao, big rip if so

Ideally every unit will come out perfect, but what is considered an excellent yield ratio, like 1:100 is faulty or maybe 10:100? I’m hoping the run went very well so that there doesn’t need to be any changes which will cause more delays. But then strict QC is always good because it ensures every customer will receive a beautiful and functional Spectrum monitor.

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Hi guys,

Units that are going to be sent out for review are coming from previous stages of development (EVT, PVT). This way, no materials are wasted and we don’t have to lessen the MP quota. These units come from previous stages are fitted with a new board if necessary, got their firmware updated, and also go through the same QC (albeit separately) to make sure they are working as good as MP quality monitor would, to fit for review :slight_smile:

The yield needs to be above 97% in order for it to be at least acceptable. Imagine producing 1000 units, but 100 of them are defective (considering 90% yield). That is just way too much waste and creates more problems later on.


@Cas Many thanks for the info and explaining that.

Does that mean that the review units have already been sent out and we should expect to see some exciting reviews of the new glossy version soon? If not, when are you planning to send them out to reviewers?

Any update this week?

Hi there,

I am guessing you already posted your comment on the new topic. But I post the link here anyways for those who have the same question :slight_smile:

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Any update on QC for glossy?