Project: Spectrum | Taking Shape

Dear Eve Family,

In this update, we will go through the latest Spectrum developments as well as provide an update to our shipping timeline.

Schedule update

We will postpone Spectrum shipping for 4K and 240Hz models from Late December 2020 to February 26th 2021. Though Spectrum is currently mostly functional, and the first iteration of mass production tooling has already been developed, there are still bugs, imperfections in design & manufacturing tolerances, as well as compatibility issues that we need to fix. We strongly believe that we shouldn’t ship Spectrum until it is ready.

We are building an exceptional monitor for content creation, consumption, and competitive play. Based on your feedback, we’ve pushed our partners and suppliers to deliver only the best, including community-requested features such as power delivery over USB-C, HDMI 2.1, integer-ratio upscaling, and precise overdrive gain adjustment. Promising these features is one thing. But to deliver, we need more time to test, improve, and refine.

Some of you may have already built a new battle-station around an RTX 3000-series GPU or ordered your next-gen console. When we ship Spectrum, it will work perfectly with all of these devices, and you will enjoy it for many years to come. But don’t take our word for it: In the coming weeks, we will send out DVT samples to some of your favorite media. We are very aware that waiting to complete your new setup is a big ask, but we are also confident that Spectrum will be worth the wait!

Hard tooling

We are happy to announce that the first iteration of Spectrum’s mass-production tooling is now ready. Our project manager @Kira just got her hands on the latest Spectrum enclosures as they come out of their molds. Let’s take a look:

Transparent back frame, black back frame, and black mid-frame

Spectrum’s enclosure is made of high-grade plastic, and we use injection molding to manufacture its various parts. The raw material acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) enters the process as wet plastic resin pellets. These are dried to the right moisture level, then heated and melted into a liquid resin. All of this takes precisely controlled timing, temperature, and pressure. The liquefied plastic is injected into the molding machine, where it gets cooled and solidifies in the desired shape. When the molding machine opens, a new Spectrum part is ready for our engineers to take out, and the process begins anew.

Black ABS resin pellets, the temperature monitor, and a finished part being removed from the mold

During the DVT stage, each molded part is carefully inspected to make sure they fit together nicely. The first batch is made of transparent plastic, which also allows a visual inspection of the inside. We check tolerances such as material uniformity, edges, and unwanted fiber and warping. Then, we snap them onto an existing Spectrum sample to see if they align correctly and if any machine interference exists. In between molds, we adjust the tooling’s alignment on the machine and the machine’s injection speed and pressure to obtain optimal results.

Eliminating tolerance and alignment issues. The transparent back panel shows clips added to the black middle frame to help manage the cables inside Spectrum

After enough black ABS parts are molded, measurements are taken using a slide caliper. The parts are classified and assembled to test assembly tolerances. We also check how different volumes of raw material affect shrinkage. Once assembly tolerances are met, we mark out areas that require improvements and back each of them up with a solution to implement in the next round of tooling.

assembly tolerance test and measurements

Other news

Our firmware engineers are re-designing the OSD software, as some of our requests deviate from the default structure the chip manufacturer provides. The goal is to implement all the features you asked for in a menu that is as convenient and intuitive as possible. We should soon have the first version that can run on Spectrum, and can’t wait to show you guys and hear your feedback!


We have now placed monthly rolling orders for the longest lead time components, such as the HDMI 2.1 scaler, controller IC, and display panel. Some of these parts can take months to arrive, so it’s important to order them early!

As usual, we’ll keep you up to date with the development process, and we should soon have more to show!



Great update!

Thank you for being honest in that regard!
This is what I want Eve to do - be honest about the status quo! :slight_smile:

Can we be sure that the production is running full scale again because CNY ends at the 21st of February & in the past we’ve seen that the previous partner for the Eve V has taken some time to get things rolling again after CNY.


Thank you so much for the update. I’m sure everyone appreciates you being so honest with where spectrum is at in development. Thanks for taking the time to make a stellar product.


Delayed until 2021? This surprises absolutely no one. I’m an injection mold designer. If Spectrum didn’t have hard tooling ready to go months ago there was no way it would be ready by December let alone producing ample inventory.

That being said, it’s best that the product be good even though it’s delayed.


Thanks for the update! Could that also mean shipping before the 21.02.2021?


Thanks for the update, appreciated.


Thanks for the update!


A bit sad that its getting delayed, but if tbat means Spectrum will be better, I am all for it.


Appreciate the update. Get it right!


How can we be sure that before the new shipping date there will not be another “update” with another delay? Can You quarantee that this is final release date?


We are working on perfecting Spectrum and ship you a monitor free of bugs; we have shared our timeline and will keep our community updated with the latest project status.

Our current schedule is shipping starts at 26.02.2021.


Thank you for being transparent on the delivery date. February 26th is quite specific so I am curious about how concrete it is. This would put the shipping announcement on January 1st so it seems very placeholder like. Regardless, I’m looking to the future updates! Information and pictures regarding the development process is very interesting and I love to see these small details. Can’t wait till the community gets the opportunity to contribute to the OSD!


I am not happy about this delay. I went through a hellish delay with the V. The Spectrum has been in the planning stages for months. This is either overly optimistic planning on your part or poor planning. Take your pick. An apology for the delay would have helped. There is none.


Thanks for letting us know and being honest!
Sorry i will drop back and refund my purchase for 4k spectrum, waiting 5 months for me way to much, id rather pay a few hundred extra and go for LG or something. you guys may also postpone again and again, i have a feeling we won’t get anything till 2022.

@clicata Yah keep waiting for a few years while they finish molding, good luck buddy


Thanks for the update and being honest about this!
Would this give enough time to add daisy chaining into Model 3?


We understand :disappointed:


Eh, I’m not worried. Gives me more time to save up and in the mean time I’ll keep using my 4K BenQ monitor even tho it’s only 60Hz. Thanks for letting us now beforehand instead of later


Thanks for the update!


I paid in advance to hold a certain price, but when will the actual pre-order or ability to purchase the monitor. And when is the actual launch?


Is the QHD/144Hz model still planned for shipping Q1 2021? Would it ship alongside the higher tier models?