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Correct me if i’m wrong, but the reward of being an early backer is that you’ll be first on the list to receive the monitor, right? Cables etc. would be nice but I’d rather not have EVE financially sinking bc we all needed gifts to make ourselves feel better lol


Great news, you can get 100€ as soon as you cancel your reservation!


Yo i don’t mind if the product is being pushed again. All I care is that the finished product is POLISHED AND EXCELLENT!


Please remember that EVE is a start-up company. The team at Eve is limited however they do work extremely hard to ensure that the products we receive will be worth it - as seen in this post.
By extending the deadline to ensure the product is great, they are also eating into their budget. Just like every kickstarter, indiegogo, you do not get compensation if a project is delayed - and I’d expect this to be no similar. Delays should have been expected by everyone due to the current situation in the world. And this delay is so that the product you get at the end works and is exactly what you expect.

Well done guys for all your hard work! Can’t wait to see what another firmware engineer brings to the table! Hopefully they have a enough time and don’t get too stressed! Thanks once again for the update. Transparency is key, and you have been with this!


“we do not want to ruin that experience by rushing steps, especially now that we are so close to the finish line.”

Says Eve who very prematurely sent reviewers broken samples and then blamed us for asking for it.


The units weren’t broken. As we have mentioned multiple times before, we sent units even with the early firmware to provide a third-party view of the current advancements. We sent those units knowing that the firmware had several issues, we’re not blaming anyone for it.


And they have been with 100 euros of mine for more than a year with which they have been able to earn interest.

I’m not asking for anything exorbitant.

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Interest on 100 Euros is sweet FA. You’re not entitled to compensation.

@Eduardo_Eddy1 They literally did not blame anyone.


It would be nice if I couldn’t get them back, but it’s not my goal.

As an investing client in this project from the beginning, I want the best that this company can give me.

Nice Update!
The firmware update with fallback feature was really needed, great your team added this!

As most of the people here said:
I want a functional monitor with mostly no bugs later and no rushed product where the Devs have to do 24/7 shifts for weeks and potentially overlooking bugs because they got not enough sleep… The people in IT jobs now what I’m talking about…:sweat_smile:

I personally like the external „Powerbrick“.
The young people on here probably don’t remember but: we repaired stuff some years ago and didn’t throw them instantly in the trashcan :grimacing:
In very few occasions components on the Main PCB are broken (except they are designed to last only some time, looking at you Samsung). Mostly components on the Main power circuits stop working first, if you have a external Power supply, you can just replace it. If you have an embedded one, you have to waste your time to search for broken components on the PCB and these things got tiny.

Really hope for the open source firmware though.

Will be waiting patiently for the release, good luck to your team Eve !


HAPPY 4/20 to us!! Can’t hate the date.


Will be a pretty chill day either way :grimacing:


I said in another forum that I expected a delay. So, I’m not actually disappointed.

And, like the sentiments projected here by more than a few people, I’d rather have a top-notch build-quality device with the firmware bugs as non-existent as possible, rather than have a rushed product that I then need to ‘fix’ once or more than once.

BUT - I’m still doing my homework. And I still may jump ship - it all depends. If I do, I won’t be bad-mouthing, as it will simply be a matter of doing what is right for me in the short and long run. For now, though, I’m still here with my pre-order of a pair of the 4K Model 3s.


Thanks for the update, and I agree 100% with the decision to delay. I’m still in for 3 spectrum 3’s.


totally! I only preordered one and will keep waiting for now unless something equal/better comes out AND is available to purchase, but I think in general people should just do what’s best for them whether it’s continuing to wait or requesting a refund now.


I won’t try to claim that I’m a little disappointed about the delay, but it was totally expected and I’m glad that Eve are looking at delivering a quality product rather than trying to meet an arbitrary date.

I don’t have any problems holding out because there’s nothing else out there yet that meets my requirements (for now, anyway). That might change as time goes on, but as long as the dates don’t slip too much more, it’s definitely the best option for me.

I’m also really happy to see that the firmware has been confirmed upgradeable via USB. I would highly recommend building a digital signature into the firmware update mechanism - not to prevent user-modded firmware, but rather to show what’s genuine Eve firmware and what isn’t. (It can be used to prevent user mods if absolutely needed, but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that!)


You know what else you sometimes get with Dell monitors? Liquid Goo

I say this having loved Dell Ultrasharp monitors from 2002 via an Inspiron laptop and my current 2005FPW and 2209WAf (oh yeah, the Spectrum’s going to be a major upgrade for me).

But a pile of their monitors since then… leak. I have a pile of these at work, and cleaning up after that goo has lost them my business, pretty much permanently (at least with respect to monitors, and I’m less likely to buy their laptops now too, since they’re also impacted).


Is there any possibility of shipping the Spectrum before the expected shipping day if everything completed ahead of schedule?


Thanks for the update! With the hardware being improved and the firmware still being in early development, it was a good decision to ask for more time to get everything ready. When I saw the early reviews and read they were shipping by the end of february, I knew it wouldn’t have been possible. I can’t wait to see good reviews when it’s ready to ship!


We’ll start to ship as soon as we’re confident that Spectrum is complete.