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Agreed that it would be a good idea as on add-on product. I’ve been searching since I posted and have yet to find anything suitable. How can we go about requesting this as an add-on product?

I did actually find that link amid my searching, and was unsure since it was talking about the adapter as well. I was hoping (probably naively) that since it meets the wattage requirement (due to higher voltage even though the amperage was lower) that, for an extension cord, it would be sufficient. But like I said… I just don’t know enough about wiring/electrical engineering here.

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I got a question. The monitor has HDMI 2.1 and so it should have eARC. Is it on board already or does it release with a further update? Because i want to use my apple tv plus HomePod on it to get some nice sound over eARC.

eARC is an optional part of the HDMI specs. It isn’t available with Spectrum and cannot be. It’s a limitation of the hardware.


As a base rule, both ratings should be complied with. (And anything but official EVE accessories may be used against you if something goes wrong).

BUT Spectrum will not draw 10 Amps. For LG 27GP950-B maximum power draw listed by LG is 95 W and typical 65 W (depends of brightness, refresh rate, connected USB devices…). 95 W at 20 Volts is about 5 A so enough margin. Typical monitor only power depending of brightness is likely in the ballpark of 20 to 40 Watts, less than 2 A, so plenty of margin current wise.

BUT2 Spectrum has 100 W capable USB. 40 Watts more than LG. 140 W would be 7 A. (And in my mind quite a lot for a normal barrel connector).

Spectrum alone or combined with up to 60 W class USB charging (EVE V is max 45 W?) would be my personal limit without better knowledge.

Also, at first glance the specs on McMaster-Carr seem inconsistent, only the longer cable with 2.5 mm center pin is 8 A rated.
Also2 Would limit the extension length to <=2 meters with AWG18 wire.

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Is there any way to set the functions of 4 directions’ input by user? I want to set right as fast changing input source.


Were you able to fix your Nintendo Switch problem? I’m having the same issue where it is not working on my monitor as well.

So, I’m only allowed to post 5 replies to the shipping thread. Any moderator please message me?