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Beloved community,

We’ve gathered the latest Spectrum development news for you. Let’s take a look!

New to the project?

Welcome! We summarized Project: Spectrum’s critical milestones; hope it helps to quickly onboard you with our crowd-development journey.

Stand’s hard tooling

In the last update, we introduced how Spectrum’s latest hard tooling shapes its enclosure. Spectrum’s stand now follows as we create mass production tooling for high volume production, meaning that all newly produced Spectrum development samples use the same manufacturing procedure as the finished products. As we improve the stand and enclosure’s quality phase by phase, Spectrum will soon be ready for the production lines, where we move on to test their quality and create samples for external certification.

We use die-casting to manufacture Spectrum’s stand, after which our factory polishes the aluminum parts to acquire a smooth surface. Then, the parts are spray painted to give them their premium look and feel. The stand looks clean and minimalistic from the outside; however, its inner structure is more complicated than what many of you may expect. The stand comprises twenty-one individual parts, including the tilt hinge and height adjust mechanism, also assembled from separate parts by our factory.

Spectrum stand parts

Quality assurance (QA) testing of the stand involves specialized machines that inspect the paint’s resilience to rubbing and scratching, check the hinge’s durability by tilting it several thousand times, and examine its stability when subjected to extreme temperatures, corrosion, and fast deformation. This allows our manufacturer to spot imperfections in the current tooling, die-casting, molding, or painting processes and adjust accordingly to improve the stand. Soon the parts will be assembled by qualified production lines composed of operators, automation equipment, and fixtures, where the operators will perform quality control (QC) testing to make sure everything functions according to spec.

Hinge tilt cycling, temperature, and paper rubbing test machines

Our factory also manufactures monitor stands for brands such as ASUS, Acer, HP, and Dell. Here they are performing assembly line QC procedures similar to what they will be performing on Spectrum.

Besides refining the stand itself, we are exploring the best layout for the stand packaging to cut down the usage of materials, trim box size, all while guaranteeing your Spectrum stand can arrive safely. Drop tests will be conducted for safety assurance. We expect to use expanded polyethylene (EPE) as our stand packaging material, which is good at anti-vibration and has a relatively simple recycling solution.

Stand packaging concept and development sample

Gaming test, and more

Xbox One S compatibility test on a recent Spectrum sample

We hooked our new Spectrum samples up to an Xbox One S and a PC, gaming on them to test compatibility with titles such as Forza Horizon 4 on the Xbox and Titanfall 2 on the PC. Spectrum was driven by a PC via DisplayPort in the mixed video footage above, running 4K at 144Hz.

Other tests such as brightness, thermal, and electrostatic discharge are being conducted. We will bring more detailed information after these tests are completed and we inspect the results.

Brightness measurement

Your wallpaper on Spectrum

‘Stand Above’ by @Brendon_Leenheer, on a recent Spectrum sample

We would like to shout out to all creators who joined our community wallpaper contest! Your stunning wallpapers have let Spectrum shine with its wide color gamut and show-off its perfect black screen. We’ve tried our best to capture these scenes beautifully; however, as our product manager @Kira remarked, these wallpapers look even nicer when you can see them on Spectrum with our own eyes.

‘created by v1’ by @Juan_Hidalgo, on a recent Spectrum sample

The contest poll is ongoing – come vote to help decide our winners, and download some awesome wallpapers while you’re there!

What’s next

New samples will be sent to selected journalists and press by the end of November. We will have a lot to show you guys in the coming weeks. Talk soonTM!



Nice update. I really like the look of the packing material your planning to use. Keep up the great work!


Really looking forward to these new monitors! Just got my new Ryzen 9 5900X with an RTX 3080 and I have the Xbox series X on its way, just waiting for the 144 Hz 4k monitor now :slight_smile:

February 26 can’t come soon enough! Thank you for the update!


Nice! Would love to see some next gen console tests when they are out.


Hi, can i change my preorder from 2k model to 4k model?


We’ll definitely play with the new consoles when they are out thoroughly test Spectrum with the new consoles when they are out!


Certainly! Please contact our support team via this form; they will be able to look into the situation and provide you an appropriate solution.


When the new systems come out will you hook them up to a prototype and show us video?


We’ll test to ensure Spectrum runs smoothly with the next-gen consoles and the new graphics cards; as always, we will share the news with you guys and show the best materials that we get.


This is all we have been asking for. This update is seriously greatly appreciated. Having a window in on the process not only calms nerves, but it helps to understand what it actually takes to create a standout product. Thank you.


Any word on backlight strobing?


Keep up the awesome work guys!
Looking good!


Spectrum will have off/short/medium/long/user-defined backlight strobing modes, which will be carefully tuned to offer the best strobing experience of which Spectrum is capable.


Hi, I’m curious if you have run any of the tests yet from Blur Busters:

…and if so if you have any results you can share?


Hi! Monitor image on the photo looks just amazing! I would like to clarify whether everything is fine with the wallpaper I made (Dynamic waves)? Do I need to fix something in the colors or details for a good look on Spectrum?


Hey, @NikGud!

Your entry ‘Dynamic waves’ looks gorgeous, and from the poll, we know that many of our members agree, too. This time we would like to show it as well; unfortunately, as you can see, the only shoot we received was out of focus, thus not suitable for us to make it part of the topic. However, as Spectrum’s development moving forward, we will have plenty of development samples and opportunities to feature it in the future!


I’m honored to be one of the featured wallpapers! :slight_smile:

I’m glad that @NikGud’s wallpaper was also going to be featured! It’s a shame the photo didn’t turn out properly.

Congrats also to @Juan_Hidalgo!


Feeling loved :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Honestly everyone did an awesome job. I think all wallpapers should be packed and available for download somewhere. I’m already using a lot of them on my current monitors :rofl:


This looks Glorious! Can’t wait to see reviews, again… does it require active cooling fan???


No fan if I recall correctly. Meaning I believe they confirmed passive cooling