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I always imagined it as 1 sku, the 1 sku being monitor with no cables (only power cable). Then the other cables sent seperatly in an accessories box, or you can have a boxes inside a bigger box scenario as a big box can get packed with the monitor+any other accessories at regional warehouses before shipped. Very much like how amazon does shipping for bundles. Keep in mind im already expecting a box in a box scenario since I dont expect a shipping label slapped on the front of a colourful box with a picture of a monitor on it.


I had previously been a fan of not including any cables in the box. This point made me reconsider, so I decided to go do some research.

I looked at 16 monitors that are similar to the Model 3 (3840x2160 144HZ). Of those, 15 (94%) came with a DisplayPort cable and 8 (50%) came with a HDMI cable. Only 1 monitor came with no display cables, but that monitor listed both types of cable as optional. There were 14 monitors in this group that had USB hub functionality, and 12 (86%) of them came with USB cables.

I also looked at 13 monitors that are similar to the Model 2 (2560x1440 240Hz). Of those, 11 (85%) came with a DisplayPort cable and 4 (31%) came with a HDMI cable. There were 2 monitors that came with no display cables at all. All monitors in this group had USB hub functionality, and 10 (77%) of them came with USB cables.

From both sets of monitors, 4 of them supported USB-C connections. Only 1 (25%) of those came with a USB-C cable in the box, and that was a Model 3 equivalent.

I could only find cable information on a single HDMI 2.1 monitor, the Acer XV282K KV. It only comes with a HDMI cable. It doesn’t have a USB hub, so there’s no need for a USB cable.

LG’s 27GN950 monitor, which uses the same panel as the Model 3, includes both HDMI and DisplayPort cables. It doesn’t have a USB cable despite having a USB hub.

While it seems wasteful to include cables that people aren’t likely to use, it might be necessary due to market expectations. If that’s the case, I would suggest the following:

  • Include a HDMI 2.1 cable to showcase the HDMI 2.1 compatibility.
  • Include a DisplayPort 1.4 cable for people using PCs.
  • Include a USB 3.0 type A to type B cable, to connect the USB hub.
  • Do not include a USB type C cable. These are the most expensive of the 4 cable types, and it’ll be the least commonly used connection.

While this does add to the cost, and will probably result in people receiving cables they won’t use, it at least keeps Eve inline with current market expectations.


HDMI 2.1 cables can be up to 9 feet/ 3 meters for passive cables before reliability is affected.


I vote for just including the longest/best-quality HDMI 2.1 cable that fits within the budget. Including USB and dp cables or even a cheap hdmi cable is just wasteful for most users. If you are buying this monitor, odds are you’re going to want it for hdmi 2.1 and, like me, most of you probably already have unused usb type B to A and dp 1.4 cables from past purchases, but how many of us have old hdmi 2.1 cables lying around?


@NZgeek Thanks for doing this analysis. I think most monitors came with DP since they are focused on PC users which more often then not use DP. In the past DP has been the better port to use for PCs and the cables provided reflect this. Now that HDMI 2.1 is out with devices that use it I would expect monitors with HDMI 2.1 will include a cable since this is probably a feature they market. Maybe when DP 2.0 comes out we may go back to DP, but that will probably not be until the next GPU generation at the earliest.

I think this illustrates the fallacy a lot of people are making on here. We are the minority when it comes to customers for this monitor. Just because many people on here may have spare cables laying around this is not true for the average consumer. You need to remember that reviews make or break a small company like Eve. They already have a bumpy past that they have worked to move past and the last thing they need is Joe Schmoe getting their monitor and getting mad that they don’t have the cable they need to use it. Then this person goes online and gives a bad review or knocks a star or two off. For better or worse, someone who is unhappy with a purchase is much more likely to post a review then someone who liked it. A handful of bad reviews can wipe away dozens of good ones. Eve should make their decisions based on what the average consumer needs or would reasonably expect to get.


If you need help with testing the firmware or designing the UI itself let me know.


Well, you can think and say that my comment is fallacious, but that doesn’t make you right. I believe it is you who are wrong (and a bit snobby) to assume that eve supporters here are anything but a random cross section of this product’s larger consumer base.

And, I mean, we worry about using all cardboard packaging for the sake of the environment but this is totally fine. smh.


I agree ONLY if the cables are quality cables, if they aren’t due to costs or otherwise I would rather not have useless hdmi 2.1 cables to throw away and drive up costs in a wasteful way.