Project: Spectrum | Mass Production Imminent

@wizard_auz The current automatic settings are currently configured for Type-B to be mapped to HDMI & DP, and Type-C mapped to Type-C. We’ll explore the possibility of user customization of this setting later down the line.

The shipping for the 4k 144hz model is still due to commence from the 29th of this month!


This is overall great stuff. However, is the stuff that’s not currently implemented (such as split-screen mode or crosshair displays, which would be great for me), still being implemented?

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what you’re able to make of the adaptive-sync strobing, which would be a killer feature, but difficult to pull off if what Mark said in his post is true. Can’t wait to finally get this in my hands.


Split-screen mode is currently being worked on, and will be implemented at a later date. The crosshair feature is currently working in the latest firmware, but different crosshair selection will also be implemented in a future firmware update.


It’s looking really good and with some other features that will come later. I am a huge fan of being able to not only change the crosshair type but also the color as I love to use this when I practice my aim while gaming against bots.


any updates for the 1440p panels


Are we going to be able to change the ‘size’ of the cross hair overlays as well?


Any idea if any of the community testers are going to do proper colour testing? So far all I’ve seen are subjective opinions of “it looks vibrant” etc…

I do photo/video editing and work as a Product Designer so colour accuracy is important to me. It’s stopping me from committing to my final payment as I don’t want to push the button until I know how accurate it really is out of the box (due to lockdowns, it’ll be months before I can get a professional calibration if necessary).

Any idea on when/if we’ll see this? Otherwise will have to wait for a review from Rtings.



Looking at the OSD again, I wonder whether the indicator light settings would be better off with an HSL setting instead of RGB. Generally I’d want to either go from one color to another color at a similar brightness, or keep the same color but increase or reduce brightness.

With an HSL scale, I would only have to modify one or perhaps two sliders instead of changing values for all three. That seems much less annoying on an OSD, where you can’t just easily paste hex codes from a color selector and instead have to use navigation and sliders.


Hey, @Cad! We’ll see what we can do when it’s time for us to implement the crosshair overlay better.

I believe our tester Niraj (@nkyadav) has got himself a colorimeter; perhaps it’s a good idea to poke him for some color testing!

The measurement from our factory calibration tool shows that mass-produced Spectrum units have around 0.5 to 0.6 average Delta E after assembly line calibration. The display follows the 2.2 gamma curve correctly and has a D65 white point for the ‘Normal’ color temperature preset.

It’s a good point! We can take it into account if we do a Spectrum redesign in the future.


Is there an option to turn off local dimming?


Global dimming is an option when in SDR. In HDR the signal requires some form of local dimming. However I think from our tester discussions in Discord they’re looking into being able to turn off local dimming in HDR.

@Lore_Wonder correct me if I’m wrong!


Super awesome job you guys! So I was thinking something, and this might come at an inconvenient time so bear with me.

Is it possible that EVE will and can develop a specific software for the monitor, that allows for screen colour space/general settings to be adjusted?

Much like Dell has a software that does that? I don’t know if there exists thirdparty software that already makes that possible for any monitor, but thinking that EVE Spectrum is a highly costumized monitor I would assume it’d require costum software likewise?



Hey, I just posted in my thread about this:

Please feel free to add anything you want to there!


As a third party supplier of blur-busting adjustment software for multiple vendors (including Eve), I’d like to chime in.

Long term, our multivendor Blur Busters Strobe Utility codebase is designed to be extensible to add other DDC-commandable picture adjustments.

There is no timeline yet for this general-purpose picture adjustment feature (blur busting strobe-backlight features are Blur Busters business bread and butter). It uses a text-based configuration file (INI) that will be designed to be editable to point to arbitrary DDC commands, and shareable to other users who wants a custom configuration file.

Once this happens, we also have a new name for the utility when it becomes more general-purpose than a Strobe Utility. We are merging an old Configurator utility we had built for a different independent (non-vendor-specific) project, into this codebase.

In the interim, the converse is also possible for other utilities – Eve strobe tuning DDC commands are 0xE0, 0xE1, and 0xE2 for Strobe Phase, Strobe Width, and Overdrive Gain (during Blur Reduction) if you want to custom-configure your favourite DDC utility (SoftMCCS, Linux ddcutil, etc).


About the start of VRR strobing work, I’ve now posted a behind-the-scenes piece on this:


Love reading all the comments and this update was very informative. I’m so looking forward to having my 4K Spectrum as it’s main use for me will be gaming on the series X and some gaming on my PC. I’m not as technically sound as some in our community so I’m learning new things about stuff as well. Again being part of this project to me was a great decision for me as I look back on how bad the year 2020 was. Looking towards the future I wish everyone in this community the best and I will for sure post an update on my personal user experience once I have the Spectrum myself. Thanks again Team Eve and God Bless


Seven more days until shipping starts! :star_struck:


Is there a description available of what level of functionality you’re aiming for with the split-screen or PiP feature? How close to / far away from this, for example: (LG monitor)

And is there any indication of when such an update would happen, or is it “in the future”-vague? Not that I mind, but it sort of gives an indication for how far along it has come :slight_smile:


Hey @acidmoe,
I’ll be sure to pass your queries onto the team, and get back to you as soon as I receive the information to better answer your queries.


Here is our target functionality of the split-screen mode. When two source devices are connected to Spectrum, a user can determine which half of the screen (left or right) to display each video source. Each source image will be displayed in maintain aspect ratio mode (image touches the edges of half of the screen from inside). The refresh rate support is up to 60Hz. Additionally, a user can decide the output audio source of the 3.5mm headphone jack and downstream USB ports.

Below is a screenshot of the LG monitor for comparison:

The linked video shows that a demo LG monitor has both sides of the split-screen stretched. Such a change to aspect ratio adversely affects user experience in typical use cases.

Unfortunately, at the moment, we cannot provide an estimate on when the split-screen mode will be made available into a (future) shipping firmware and published as part of a user-upgradeable firmware version. However, we can confirm that we will work on implementing this feature as soon as possible.