Project: Spectrum | How To Update The Firmware

If you’re talking about the ‘USB C bandwidth priority’ that is normal, that’s only relevant if you’re connecting a device to the USB C port for video, it makes no difference if you’re using hdmi (which you are :slight_smile: )
I don’t have a PS5 but I suspect the other people are correct and if you get a game that support 120htz will likely work.

But if you open the osd in the ps5 menu it says 60 or 120hz?

First of all, thank you so much for your explanations. My final question is: But is the open osd interface outside of a game normal to mark 60hz and not 144?

that is… the osd interface (and, I stress, not the frame counter) should not show the maximum potential performance of that hdmi port? Or is it normal that you show the performance you’re working on at the time?

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no I refer to the top row where it shows that hdmi2 port works in 4ka a60hz

Ahh, ok, so just checked on my PC and that number is, slightly bizarrely, the frame rate it was running at at the moment you pressed the button to bring up the OSD including taking account of VRR (through Display port at least but I suspect the same is true for hdmi).

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thank you very much!! so you confirm that that is the “photo” of the performance at that precise moment of the door? and not the maximum potential door performance?

The OSD shows the picture signal that the screen was receiving at the time that the OSD was opened. That includes the resolution, refresh rate, and whether it’s SDR or HDR.

In my opinion, showing the current picture signal is more important than showing the maximum possible. If you’re not getting 4K or 144Hz or HDR, you want to know why so that you can find the source of the issue.

@NZgeek you are fully right that it is more useful to show the current and not potential performance. I just wanted to clear my head, since there’s been a lot of reports that doors 2.1 didn’t work well. at this point I think that, as the friend said above, the ps5 menu transmits at 60hz (which was preventable)

Type C has worked perfectly fine for the different updates I’ve flashed.

With older firmware I had to specify Type-C connection but with newer (104 and newer Betas) I’ve been able to leave it at “Select automatically” and it works perfectly fine.

Hi Sauzer,

Not a problem.

It is normal for the PS5.

I have a 1080p 144hz monitor at home that I use with my PS5. When I check the OSD in the PS5 menu, it shows 60hz but when I start a PS5 game title (COD Cold War), my screen goes black for 1-2secs (The black screen shows the Monitor Transitioning from 60hz to 120hz) When I then check my OSD “In-Game” it shows 120hz instead of 60hz.

As previously stated, Xbox Series X is the only console that runs 120hz “In-Game” and “Out-of-Game”.

It’s the same with my PC, the Monitor will show a constant 144hz throughout.


Hooray ! I still managed to “update the firmware to 104”. Thank you :hugs: (though I don’t understand why it writes 60ghz, and not 120 “in the upper right corner” :thinking:

Xbox series X


hello! would tuis cable serve to update spectrum?

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That cable will probably work, but it is hard to tell from just a photo.

Make sure that you plug the USB-C end of that cable into the socket at the bottom of the Spectrum, next to where the power plugs in. Also, go into the Spectrum’s settings and change the USB hub source (upstream) to USB-C.


What is the status of the firmware update method via macOS?

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Ok I can confirm I’ve successfully updated to 104 using my late 2013 iMac in bootcamp mode with windows 10 and the usb type b 3.0 printer cable :+1::ok_hand:


How long does the “Processing update” usually take after power cycling the monitor? Seems to have been going for a while for me.

no more than 15min. shutdown(turn monitor off) then unplug for 5secs. turn monitor back on and double check to see if the firmware update went through. if not redo the process.

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Shut down the PC then power cycle again? Or shut down the monitor and power cycle again?

yes turn off monitor then unplug for 5sec then plug back in and turn back on.

Monitor won’t turn off, its stuck on the processing update screen, do you mean just power cycle the monitor?