Project: Spectrum | Glossy Talk

Its been 3 days now, and we’re quickly heading to the end of June. When will I have a tracking number for my day one ordered Spectrum Glossy?

No refund yet, and the glossy spectrum is delayed as I thought.

This thread has the latest info on the glossy Spectrum.

There were some delays and it’s currently going through production validation testing, to check that the production process doesn’t result in too many faulty units in a batch. It’ll be a couple of weeks probably before mass production begins.

Eve has yet to produce and ship anything on time. The glossy 4K is absolutely no exception to this.

I requested a refund for my glossy order on June 10th. I was informed it would take up to 20 business days for me to see the refund in my account. I will report back here when (hopefully not if) I get my refund.

This is a very exciting project and I will be ready to purchase once they sort out their supply issues and I can buy one and have it shipped immediately.

I requested a refund on May 30th, it was accepted quickly but still no refund 30 days later.

Hey @mohasi If you could provide me your order ID and Ticket ID I will see if we can provide you an update on your refund!