Project: Spectrum | First Ever Glossy 4K Gaming Monitor?

yeah, I cancelled the other day. Going to wait for the glossy version. Thanks!


I love Vincent’s YT channel HDTVtest - it’s what convinced me to jump on my pre-Black Friday deal on an LG C1 55inch TV for my bedroom.

I’m just as excited about qdOLED as many people were who reported on the two offerings at CES this year, but our current panels are from LG Display, a similarly separate entity from LG as Samsung Display. We’re well aware of both, but any display we made using any panel from SD would require designing a product from scratch as everything right now centers upon the LG Panels we’ve already sourced. A new product would be exactly that - a new product, starting from design and moving forward.

Might I suggest that you post this in the What’s Next section as a post? We’re always looking for good ideas for new products, and this really fits that bill.


Same as many here, I have only heard about Eve for the first time today, but I am so impressed by the Spectrum, it’s almost hard to believe this product exists.

It’s too late for the poll of course, but I would love a glossy 4K Spectrum. This would bring it very close to being perfect for my needs and taste. It’s really exciting stuff.

ps: I made my account to post this, but this whole forum looks really awesome. So much technical information, you love to see it (I do at least ahah).


I would love a glossy display. I don’t mind sticking with the 27” display since it would match the other displays you have. Having mating monitor designs is also something people when buying monitors.


Wish I knew the glossy was coming, I would have done the same -.-

Now I’m going to have to purchase an additional 4k for my Battlestation sigh.

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I came across Dave2Ds video and just registered an account here to show my support for a glossy monitor. If you were to sell one, I would buy two of them immediately.


Same for me! It will be the ultimate setup.