Project: Spectrum | Firmware Update

I ordered a Spectrum 6 months ago and I’ve been following the development of the monitor on a weekly basis without creating an account here. I made one just now because I think it might be an important time for Eve to get opinions from customers.

So I will say this : it’s FINE if you delay the monitor again. Of course I would like to get it ASAP, but I prefer to wait a few months and have a complete product rather than half of it and struggling for months until we get a firmware update (if we can actually get one).

To be honnest I wasn’t surprised by the LTT video, every issue we’ve seen was coming from the firmware and we knew it wasn’t finalized yet. I do think that you shouldn’t send early review units, in my opinion it’s pointless until we’re at a stage where we can get actual measurements of the monitor’s performance.

I do not want to cancel my preorder, however you can’t ask us to pay the full price until we can get a better idea of what the monitor is capable of. If you need more time, let it be. You’ve worked on it for years, don’t ruin it by rushing the last 2 months. Keep up the good work and make something you can be proud of.


I would tend to agree with this. I don’t think it’s fair to charge full price until the product has been fully reviewed and is ready to ship.


Agree with @Justin_Froelich and @EB27 - but to be clear, I seem to recall Eve indicating they would not charge the balance owing before real reviews are out - and the very fact that they haven’t asked for any money, now less than 8 weeks from Feb 26, is proof of that.


yes, they said it in another thread: no payment until final reviews are out. tbh I would not pay at this state though. however, if you buy any equipment on the market you go for tests and reviews first before making the decission to buy it. so that’s a similar thing here.


I’m glad were all onboard this topic. It is not fair to charge people the full order UNTIL the final product has been reviewed. If the reviews on the early december samples were good it would be different. But it wasn’t and I still haven’t seen a review on the monitor that I pre-ordered for. I don’t want Eve to delay again but it would be so much better for the community to have a final product reviewed even if it was delayed a extra month.


Eve has time and the price on their side for now but time will run out eventually when other companies start producing 2.1 monitors.


Fully agree, once the hardware is in place and everything is fine there, it would be easy if we could just hit a website, download the firmware update on usb and boom, be good to go.


We consider sending our community members Spectrum to review at a later stage. Stay tuned!

For most of the process, our FW team consisted of two engineers. To help overcome the challenges posed by our unique combination of hardware, we have recently brought an additional firmware engineer onto the team.

Until we are confident that it functions appropriately.

Yes! Spectrum will have an OSD crosshair option, which position can be adjusted vertically and quickly toggled on/off.

It is a feature we are working on implementing.

Our team is working hard on redesigning the joystick to enhance usability and durability as well as improving the firmware to meet the estimated date of February 26th; in the meantime, we continually monitor the project and adjust the timeline accordingly to ship you a complete product.


Looking great as ever!
Personally I feel the proposed UI may need a bit more tweaking.
If you are 1px outlining the selected state then maybe the arrows should be 1px too not solid?
Might be nice to have some sort of visual differentiator between intractable UI (the middle section) and static info (the top module).
Just my 2 cents!


In the spirit of money where my mouth is… this is what I was talking about, only a quick and dirty mock (needs a lot more visual design love) but a suggestion.


Is that a offical picture of the eve osd ? Looks fine and very clear


The white bar between the interactable parts and the static parts on the official mock up already works as a visual differentiator.


Fantastic work, @Chris_G_EAP! :100: I have brought your design to the team for study.

No. It’s an excellent mockup of the official concept created by our member @Chris_G_EAP.


Cheers @Lore_Wonder ! Was just a quick play, may be overkill differentiating (visually) between every instance (selected, active, non active, disabled) but wanted to visualise it anyway.
Sentence case I better for legibility btw, in the US there are constant legal cases around accessibility (which legibility of type is a part of).


I like that non-official mockup, but I think that the priority should be correct behaviour of the elements in the OSD and the OSD itself being fast, intuitive and with useful options.


Hey, @Revi! Welcome!

Yep, it’s what our FW team is focusing on right now; in the meantime, our graphical designer will take our community suggestions into account when developing the next iteration of the OSD visual.


The functionality of the OSD is obviously more important than the look & feel, in terms of the firmware it’s much more important that Spectrum is reliable and feature complete.

It would be great if you could share a development matrix, with a status indication of each core feature, that you update once a week or so.

Something like this: