Project: Spectrum | ES07D02 Project Update II


Hi there, community!

It is me, Theo the community reporter, here to present more news on ES07D02 (280Hz matte) project development! I am here to bring any information on the development front as promised. This topic will be a quick update for you guys, and we are excited to get things rolling again!

*If you are looking for an overview of Spectrum development, click here.

The situation right now

It has been quite a tough past weeks for our colleagues in China with strict lockdown measures. While the cases seem to lessen, it is still a far cry from an ideal situation as restrictions are applied country-wide, as can be seen in this article. If you are interested, you may also read more about the situation in Shanghai here.

This posed a challenge for our operations, as majority of our partners are based in China, including the PCBA (logic board) factory. As explained in our previous topic, the situation prevented us from advancing with the development of ES07D02. However, it is improving and the lockdown policy is loosening up slowly.

Things are starting again for ES07D02

The policy changes allow our PCBA factory to operate again, albeit with limited capacity. This means ES07D02 can resume its development with the next step, design validation testing (DVT). We started supplying our logic boards directly to Lehui for further testing, followed by the assembly of ES07D02’s DVT build, which will continue its set of QRE testing.

Currently, we are investigating an issue with the backlight being too bright on the bottom. Our manufacturer’s panel team and panel provider, LG Display, are currently investigating the cause. This will be one of the items needed to be resolved during the DVT phase, as having the issue means that we will fail the out-of-box (OOB) test, which in turn prevents us from proceeding to the next phase of the project.

Uneven light
Bottom part of the panel appears brighter. The character in Chinese reads “(the panel’s) bottom looks bright.”

In addition, ES07D02 showed color banding when displaying a 10bit video. This issue was identified from our EVT prototype and needs to be fixed because it prevents our screen from being suitable for color grading.

Color banding when playback some 10bit Panasonic V-log footage. The screen is slightly out of focus to emulate human perception.

Original V-log footage for comparison.

Anyways, that is all for now! As always, I will bring you guys more news in the future for any advancements we will accomplish with our projects. Stay tuned!