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Sorry, I was using the wrong terminology there. For 1080p on 4K you want integer scaling, whereas for 1440p on 4K or for 1080p on 1440p the Spectrum’s 1:1 “non-scaling with surrounding black bars” feature (is there a good name for it?) is what preserves the sharpness. For anything more than 50% of the native resolution, integer scaling is not a thing.


Hey, @wizard_auz!

Thank you for your in-depth questions; they are quite valid indeed! We embedded a lot of their answers in the latest topic, and here I’ll try to comment on some remaining ones.

We think we’ve been good at providing regular updates; since most of the work ahead is about FW, we expect most of the updates moving forward to be FW related.

Let @Kira ask the exact question to the FW team; we would also love to know ourselves;)

Updating the FW they get is doable, the requirement being us send over a FW kit.

Spectrum’s OSD supports auto input switch feature.


No HDMI 2.1. No thanks.

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Only the Model 1 doesn’t have HDMI 2.1, being limited to HDMI 2.0.

The other 2 have HDMI 2.1

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Just created an account to say I can definitely wait. Spectrum is not the most expensive monitor out there, but it isn’t cheap and I don’t want a head ache trying to solve problems after I get it at my home. After giving a look to the reviews, the device they are showing to us is NOT the device I paid for (although I can cancel my order and get a refund). So, please, take your time.

I don’t care there are other capable monitors out there with common specs and not so higher price. I want the Spectrum, I really like the concept behind it. I really want to use it as my main monitor. A well-built monitor lasts flawless for YEARS and I can wait months to get it, there’s no trouble at it. But please, make a good product, the product we expect, the one we paid for. As many other clients, I put my trust in you for the first time. My trust is still with you, don’t change that, deliver the product your company deserve.