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When do we start to receive notifications about the final payment? or, is there a way i can pay the rest online ?

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Hey @Taz, hopefully the following quote helps answer your question.

There is no official date yet, but one thing to take note is that people will be offered to complete their order in chronological order. So those who ordered earlier will get the opportunity to complete their order sooner.

If you would like to read the full FAQs:
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Never said it is “shady” at all. Simply skeptical is all. 4K monitor 144 refresh rate with 2.1 capabilities? That’s brand new tech, just like the consoles are. Unless Eve perfected this and disproves my friends’ opinion of them who have done business with them, I am still skeptical

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You are entitled to be skeptical, but I wanted to point out that Eve doesn’t need to perfect the design of a 4K 144hz monitor with HDMI 2.1. This may come as a shock to people who have no experience in OEM manufacturing, but often times, fully validated reference designs are handed out for free in exchange for taking that design and using it to build and market products that lock in the use of major components (like LG panels, for instance).

This practice is most apparent in the GPU and Motherboard markets. Regardless of whichever brand you buy they had the same fully validated reference design handed to them by Intel, AMD or Nvidia.


It’s entirely possible that the Spectrum’s board design started off using a reference design. However, reference at that time would have been based on LG’s 27GN950, which means no USB-C and no HDMI 2.1.

If that was the case, Eve would have needed to do quite a bit of custom engineering to add those features to the reference. It’s not like reference video card designs where the circuit board is largely unchanged.


The HDMI 2.1 / USB C host controller IC manufacturers would provide the reference designs for those parts. The point I was making still stands, Eve would not need to perfect it all from scratch. They’d just need to provide the design “glue” that integrates the major pieces together. That said, it really depends on how closely they were able to follow and merge all the available reference designs.

GPU and Mobo PCB reference designs almost always get customized in some way, this is often how the various board partners differentiate their product tiers from the competition.


Hey, @keno2001!

You are on point that lots of engineering are done off a reference design. This is almost always true when the product is not the first to market with a new chipset or critical feature. Typically, one to two ODMs and their OEM projects are selected to be the first to develop the reference design with technology providers such as MTK, Nvidia, and Intel before it is released to the broader market. If we worked off the reference design, there would be much more timeline predictability as typically, the max spec is locked by the reference design itself. With Spectrum, we become one of MTKs partners in developing the reference board. Since HDMI 2.1, 100W charging, and some other high-end features were not implemented by MTK before on this scalar, add on to the fact that there are limitations on how many ports, bandwidth, as well as thermal load a product can handle, we need to perfect it from scratch, and unforeseen issues may happen during development. Our board will become the reference design once spectrum ships, and other brands will then be able to use it as a reference.


As far as your PCB, chassis and custom integration goes, that part is new, I get that, however, if you are saying the panel and IC manufacturers did not supply Eve with validated reference schematics, I find that hard to believe. I worked for Intel for years, so I know first hand that they design the reference motherboards in house as they are designing the CPUs and chipsets. These are first used for firmware/BIOS development, then as validation platforms for the new silicon, then they evolve into fully featured reference boards that they share as a complete package with board partners, and eventually Intel may even release it commercially as an intel branded motherboard.

I don’t mean to diminish the effort that goes into taking various bits of silicon and getting them to work together, that is not easy, but if Eve is using parts that did not already undergo a full validation and include a reference schematic, or if Eve is using those parts in a way that the IC manufacturers didn’t already test for, then honestly, my confidence in the product you are creating will be seriously shaken.


The relevant technology providers have approved and mass-produced all parts we are using, and have provided implementation guidelines for our engineers to follow. Based on these parts, we work on our board that will eventually become the reference design.


IOW, Eve is somewhat doing what Intel was doing - actually making and testing the reference board. Which does require research, as well as time, to test and further develop. It’s actually one of the reasons I understand the delay. But I do hope that this is not a long, drawn-out process of design, build, test, then go back to the drawing board to redesign - that will undermine the faith a lot of people here have in the upcoming product, as Keno said.


I appreciate the clarification, Lore. When you say “implementation guidelines” I assume you are not disputing the fact that it includes schematics that show a part in question being used in a working circuit with all I/O, discrete electronics, power and ground connections illustrated. By definition, that is a reference design. Every subsequent use of those designs makes the resulting product a derivative and not a 100% original design, ie not designed from scratch, which was my original point.

I believe you when you say you are building a reference board for MTK, but if MTK provided schematics, discrete part specifications, etc. then they helped design it.

Sorry if I seem argumentative here, but I chose my words carefully in my original post on this, there is a pretty big difference between a reference design and a reference board.