Project: Spectrum | Balance Payment FAQ

WiseC, - I asked the same question and want an answer. Otherwise, something is discussed and talked about here all the time. When the invoice for the last payment will be sent? :roll_eyes:

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This is the second of three posts. They have said the third, and last, post will be the one giving details on making final payments. My guess is it will come sometime this week, maybe tomorrow since it would be two weeks out.

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They have mentioned in the past that the invitations will be sent out in order from those who reserved the earliest to those who reserved the most recent.


Tomorrow, Tuesday, we will be just 2 weeks from the shipment.

Please confirm if the shipping price without support is cheaper.

I need to see how the Spectrum box has turned out.

Upload new images of the Spectrum working.

I need more updates, there is little left!


I’m sure we will have more information soon.

I’m so excited for the Spectrum release!


Guess I’m just waiting to see some questions answered about invoices. April 20 is just around the corner , regardless I’m still excited and can’t wait.


When the early booking for 4k monitors had started? I had applied in October. It’s early or late…?


I believe the pre-orders started January 2020.
I ordered January 2021.
I hope that helps give you a rough indication of how early you ordered.


So based on this quote, would you say that we are near this locking in on payment process? There have not been much updates on OSD development or specific function certifications and @Kira stated last month that we are still in the DVT stage. With testers yet to receive their Spectrums I would imagine that this culminates to be a bit more time added so that those first on the list receive a product based on some master monitor which meets all standards.


Yes. We are working on it and will provide more information soon.


Am I understanding correctly that the payment process has not finalised, and also that Eve’s current position is that the devices will ship by the end of this month?

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Hey @darraghlong, in regards to the payment processing the following quote is the some of current information we have.

I would like to speculate they will start invoicing early pre-orders soon.

That is correct. The current official estimated shipping date is the 20th of April for Model 3.

I’m sure we will have more updated information soon; to better answer your queries. We just have to wait for the next official announcement.