Project: Spectrum | Balance Payment FAQ

Hey @darraghlong, in regards to the payment processing the following quote is the some of current information we have.

I would like to speculate they will start invoicing early pre-orders soon.

That is correct. The current official estimated shipping date is the 20th of April for Model 3.

I’m sure we will have more updated information soon; to better answer your queries. We just have to wait for the next official announcement.

Edit: To avoid confusion:

*This post was created before the new estimate for balance payments had been updated.
*The new estimate for remaining balance payment emails (Chronological order) to commence on the May 20th.
*The new estimated shipment date is: June 29th


Will the spectrum be sent out in the same chronological order, or will people who pay the fastest be the first in the shipping order?


Hey @Arne2002,

I hope the following quote helps explain your question about payment, and shipment:

If you need further information I’ll be available to try to help answer your queries.


Hello ! I have a question :

  • Will the payment be debited at the time of the confirmation of the payment (May 20th) or at the time of shipment?

Thanks !


Hey @Sparkyberry, this will all depend on when you pre-ordered. On May 20th, people will start to be invited to complete their purchase from this date, but this will be done in chronological order. Allowing the earliest backers to complete their payment 1st.

Your account will be debited as soon as you complete your purchase. For example: If you received your invitation to complete your purchase on May 20th, and you then completed your payment the next day. You would be debited on the 21st. Your funds will then be dedicated to producing your Spectrum, and shipment will commence when your Spectrum is assembled.


Ok thanks for the answer !


What if I change my order (remove the stand)?
I place my order 16 may and after I’ve changed it in october.


@Bloodminer Your original pre-order date will be the reference point. Support will have placed a note on your order to not include the stand. Assuming that you contacted support to remove the stand from your order?


From what I understood when placing my order last year was that we would get an opportunity to review the order when it came to final payment and decide if we wanted the stand or not, and then also the option to then add additional cables and possibly accessories


Yes, and now I’m yhinking about change to wqhd model. RTX 3070 is not cheap for me (

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Give it a little more time on GPUs. There is some signs that the crypto market is starting to turn. If another crash happens you will have a nice pick of affordable GPUs when all the miners try to dump their cards. Nvidia is also supposed to be replacing the 3070 and 3080 GPU dies with new ones that have the mining limiters built in. Rumor is this is coming this or next month. May help a bit as well.


I’m hoping this might be true - but after watching this, I’ve lost all desire to get a 30x0 card at all, and not much more inclined to get an RDNA2 card, either.

At this point, I’m probably waiting until the next gen cards drop. I think that may be a better bet, in terms of actual performance increase for cost.

Now, if someone wants to give me a current gen card, sure, I’ll take it … :rofl:


Hey, have a question.
As its been stated monitors will be sent on a first come, first served basis, will we be informed on whether we will be in the first wave when going through payment?


Is it possible to add the vesa mount onto an order if you originally chose not to purchase one?

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Hey @FaultyTowels, @CosmicDuck
Apologies for the delay in responding to your query.
The follow quote offers information in-regards to stand, and accessories during the balance payment process:


Anyway to get confirmation as to whether or not the first payment emails have gone out to users? (Those start today, right?)

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Also, is the return policy anywhere yet?

Offering full payment on a product and debiting them that money without having an explicit return policy clearly stated likely violates California Law, among other states.

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It’s in Eve’s Terms and Conditions at the bottom of their site, right next to the Warranties.

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Here is the most up-to-date TNC’s; which also includes the returns policy.


Please find the Up-to-date topic about balance payments Here: