Project: Spectrum | After the burn-in

Beloved community,

Let me guide you through the post-assembly line tests after the overnight burn-in.

Post-Assembly Line Tests

This topic is part of a series: Spectrum On The Line

Check out Spectrum’s behind-the-scene looks through my camera!

In last month’s timeline update, we mentioned how the firmware team implemented factory command features to help set-up and test Spectrum on the assembly line. Because of this, much of what is shown here will now be automated. The benefit of these slower, manual tests is that they make it a lot easier to show the various tests that each Spectrum goes through after it’s stay in the burn-in room!

Development samples are loaded onto a conveyor with the burn-in program still running.

Operators manually plug-in DisplayPort, HDMI, and Type-C cables to test if ports on the sample can receive a signal.

Next, a static test pattern is loaded to check the color quality.

An operator plays a video to check the dynamic image quality, then plugs a speaker into the 3.5mm headphone jack to test audio output.

After these tests, comes the visual inspection. An operator thoroughly cleans the monitor with a slightly dampened cloth, then examines the housing, panel, gap tolerance, power button, and joystick. Any major defects are marked on a card and sent for repair.

Passed monitors are wrapped in their protective bag and packed into the box. An operator scans and inserts the power brick, wall plug, and (in this run) three signal cables. The bag has been changed to non-woven fabric, as detailed in a previous topic.

We spotted one issue that requires immediate correction: the monitor holder on the conveyor belt scratches the rear frame.

This is resolved in time by adding protective foam to the holder. Not the prettiest protective measure, but it works fine;)

More to come

Our China team had our hands on those samples and recorded some advanced test procedures such as Delta E and color space measurements. We’ll be back with footage on those in the conclusion of our On The Line series!



Blown away by how nice these monitors look every time I see them. The only thing that beats them imo is Apples own, but that’s a different beast.

Spectrum Pro with all aluminium construction, available in silver or space grey, £899?


I have three questions:

  1. Is the April timeline still in play?

  2. Will you use payment options like Afterpay, Affrim or Klarna?

  3. Has the PS5/XSX/S been tested yet?

Excited to get my hands on my dual Spectrum 4K displays!! :blush:



A couple months ago @Kira posted a timeline of spectrum’s stages. Would you say that we are in the PVT stage at this point with the next being mass production? Also, the 8 week period before April 20 is this Tuesday. Should we be expecting some announcement then?


Subbed. And have the 4Ks been delayed till April? :pleading_face:


Thanks for the great update @Lore_Wonder.

Do you plan on sending out monitors, with the updated firmware, to reviewers so we can get an in depth view of all the great work you and the team have been doing over the past few months?

The updates and pictures you’re posting are great but I’m sure everyone will agree with me that having it confirmed by an independent third party will put everyones mind at ease.

Thanks again and can’t wait to get my hands on my monitor.

@MF_Shroom Yeah, that’s the current ETA.


Has the HDMI 2.1 been tested with the next gen consoles?


I’m waiting for the answer to this as well. Hopefully they will get back to us soon.


Aesthetically the Apple monitor is better, but that’s about it. If this this monitor lives up to what has been promised it will blow that one out of the water IMO, but that’s a big if.


I think the Apple Pro Display XDR has multiple other benefits over the Spectrum, but, firstly, they aren’t really in the same category of monitors, and secondly, they aren’t even close to being in the same price bracket.

The Pro Display XDR has a higher brightness, peak brightness, contrast, color reproduction, and a nice anti glare etched glass screen. But it’s meant for really high end video, photo work flows, and that’s not what the Spectrum is aiming at. Spectrum is for consumers, and those consumers can be professional video and photo editors, but it’s not the same level as someone who is a the market for the Apple Pro Display XDR or another reference monitor.


It’ll be a cool option indeed. Of course, we’ll need to look into what is possible and maybe survey the demand. Having Spectrum with all-aluminum housing may require a change of tooling, and it will probably drive up the price significantly, especially if it’s a limited edition. There have been discussions about a white edition; it perhaps only requires a change in paint color. Do you think it’s also a cool idea to do?

Hey, @hoodnerd! Yes. It’s still our best shipping estimation.

I hope the following quote from the FAQ helps!

I briefly tried out the XBoxX on a prototype in December; it worked in 4K at 60Hz. We’ve bought the PS5 as well, and compatibility testing with them should begin after the HDMI2.1 firmware function is implemented.


@Rdp131 FYI:)


Let’s ask @Kira for the best possible insight!

We’re working on the preparation for balance payment collection and will provide more details in the weeks to come!

Absolutely, we plan to send out review units that represent the final product and let the reviewers have the same experience as you will get when your Spectrum order arrives. We expect it to happen close to shipping.

Apart from that, we will soon discuss internally sending our community members prototypes to test; key points we would like to figure out involve what kind of valuable feedback we can get from community testers to improve Spectrum and how to select these members.

@Helios will try to visualize a lot of the firmware improvements on the camera as he has got the prototypes back from reviewers such as Linus and the needed kits to fix the joystick and update the firmware.


I couldn’t find anywhere if something like “instant wake” from standby has been implemented, meaning similar to how Apple Displays behave - there is no “No Signal, going to standby” screen and they wake up almost immediately.

How does the Spectrum behave regarding switching to and off standby?


Hi @Lore_Wonder,

Please ensure that the ability to pay via other means than a credit card is looked into as its disappointing to hear that you are able to accept a pre-payment (or whatever you refer to it as) via a debit card but not payment for the product itself.

Thanks again


You can pay the full amount for the monitor. It’s just shipping that is being worked out and how much that will cost which will be factored into the final cost. I haven’t heard anything about not being able to pay more than the initial $100 down. I am sure that besides debit/credit cards, there will be something like PayPal but whatever they use, it will need to be accepted worldwide. Everybody has a debit/credit card, unless you are only holding cash or crypto. Even then you can go out and put money on a pre-paid card from Walmart or wherever you shop and use that if needed, I think.

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Any update on taking payment? We are within the 8 week period I believe.
Would love more info either way @Lore_Wonder


Hey, @Chris_G_EAP! Yes, we are within the 8 weeks period. I hope the following quote helps!

We plan to introduce some preliminary information and gather your feedback before the payment is actually being collected.


Thanks for the reply.
Sounds like things are not ready to collect payment and ship on planned date.
Look forward to being updated.


@Lore_Wonder So the spectrum won’t be ready by April 20? (4k) or do you just need to update the payment?


Hi, @Gaetano_Zito! As the FAQ on the website states:

The remainder is available to pay up to 8 weeks in advance of the shipping of your product.

We are working on the payment process and will update you in the coming weeks.


So does this bode well that spectrum is ready? :heart_eyes: