Project Muse Prototype and Specs are here!

more microphones == more data. More data == more precise noise cancellation. But there is a point of diminishing returns.


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As you might see, I’m also wearing glasses. Quite thick ones at that. All I can say is that premium headphones are worth it. The audio quality is generally higher since there is more space. I own a pair of Sony 1000MX2 and I can wear them 12+ hours. The ear cushions gently spread the pressure around

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Adjustable spring tension is interesting idea. We will check what the suppliers can do


Design a replaceable earpads for glass wearing people is also what I am thinking of


Would like the buttons to be textured, we’ll spaced. Would appreciate deep ear cups just like bose qc35s. Very good build quality. Doesn’t need touch sensitive controls, buttons and knobs is very much acceptable. Minimal branding. Plush ear cups. Top build quality, and able to fold up.

All stuff people have said before, just wanted to bring it back into focus since design process should be starting soon


Replaceable earcups are also good for regular users from a longevity standpoint. From that same perspective, would a replaceable battery be possible, like in the B&O H9? Otherwise, the usefulness will deteriorate over the course of a few years as the battery degrades. It could also allow you to carry an extra battery with you while traveling for example.


Most headphones with this integrated have options to disable it, so assume eve will implement the same?

Please make sure it has multi point bluetooth and focus is also place on mic call quality in suppressing back ground noise while maintaining good mic voice pickup…

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How easily accessible should the battery be? By hand? With a screw? With a small pin like sim trays? Or even more proprietary device?


Slide battery cover off with your thumb! :sunglasses:

Could we implement something like this in the Muse? I haven’t tried them but they seem like a welcome improvement for some.


Well, really it’s two choices.
You either add an extra hotswap feature or you just keep it vanilla.

In the case of the former -
The less I have to stay plugged in, the better. If you go hotswap, i’d recommend you go all out and also offer a seperate battery + charger as a standalone extra so I can hotswap my batteries and practically never have to connect a cable. ( Unless i don’t have access to my charger or i want to use a wire )

That, along with easy access that doesn’t compromise the percieved build quality. ( aforementioned headphones H8 and Zik3.0 are pretty baller in this regard )

Another extra in this case would be having a little bit extra capacitence on the PCB to give me a grace period of like, 10 to 15 seconds, in which i can swap the battery and not have to reconnect.

In the case of the latter - just put it behind some screws or something, enough that it’s replacable, it doesn’t really need to be all that user accessible either, just don’t glue it in or solder the wires to the PCB directly (I.E, use a connector) and it’s all going to be great.

So, I guess what i’m saying is, that, unless there is hotswap capability, even if it isnt as fancy as i’m fantascizing about, there isn’t much point in making it accessible, rather at that point just make it replacable/repairable at all and we’re good.


I saw a pair of Sony cans today that had some touch feature on the right cup. It said it was to stop the ANC but it just ended up changing tracks or something. Neat idea overall.

Oh I know what you’re talking about. Overall I’d prefer to cut corners on touch features because buttons are easier to use blind and they can be finicky in general. The gesture I believe is covering the right earcup with your hand turns on ambient mode and pauses your media so that you can hear someone. It’s definitely cool and I’d want the Muse to have the ability to raise the volume of the environment when we want but perhaps through a button or dial (as on the surface headphones), instead


Very much agreed here. If we’re going to do replaceable batteries, hotswap is a must - it needs to be seamless. Capacitance would be ideal (20s to swap your battery before shutting down would be AWESOME). Additional charger as an option would be great.

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Dunno about that, i’m fine with most of these controls, as long as they’re well implemented.

So for example, if you were to add buttons, pls don’t take the generic " Button press sends button down command to device " approach, but rather just do it smoothly on board, for example :

( wait for confirmation of intent, if button is held for more than 200ms, start routine, otherwise ramp up by fixed amount ) 
( for as long as the button is held, update at some rate, like 100 times a second, increase/decrease the gain a small amount based on the direction of the button ) 
( Maybe throw in an ease curve in there, maybe not )
(end logic)

Implementation Notes on this : On iOS you can set the absolute device volume based on internal playback volume on the headset, so you’ll be able to provide full volume range without any extra work involved, while Android doesn’t have the API for that so that’s a bummer for android users who’ll have to deal with two volume bars. On windows, same as android, but that’s the expected behaviour.

With dials it’s just dials. I’d love dials. Dials are the best. But you’re going to have to do a circular cup design for dials. Or tack it on as a small thing somewhere on the edge. At which point it’s just a little better than a pair of buttons.

And touch, if you have a Zik2/Zik3 in the office, just do that, that one does it almost perfectly, except the leather surface, which stretches and deforms if you’re not gentle.

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Those drivers pieces kind of remind me of iron man’s arc reactor.

How about calling it:

  • Eve ArcDriver
  • Eve Tersus Driver
    tip: “Tersus” comes from latin

VE Monk+? Those are pretty good and dirt cheap. try them. Also I hear good words about Yincrow X6 but haven’t tried them yet. I’m sure either of these can beat the crap out of anything Samsung makes :slight_smile:

There are more ways to achieve this. We could make the dial bigger, but extend the cup beyond just the dial. Just look at some DJ mixing boards and you’ll see the CD scratcher is a design we could implement.

Yeah, I had the same idea when first saw them. Arc reactors.

About the app(s). If Eve will open source the basic/rough app for changing headphone settings, people of the web will easily create all ports to any OSes and nice UI. If I’ll ever buy it I’ll definitely do that.