Project Muse Prototype and Specs are here!

From the bit of research I’ve done there are very few, if any, does everything headphones out there. By this I mean one set to serve the various use cases:

Bluetooth TV
Phone calls

Would be amazing if Muse could pull it off and be the one size fits all for everything!

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I’m only interested in music, video and gaming. And it doesn’t have to do all of those at the same ( so switching codec is OK by me). The others are nice to have imo.

Great choice of drivers!
In reviewing the patent plus a scientific paper on the technology (link below), I might call it an “Align Drive” or “LineDrive” acoustic engine because the twin section voice coil also aligns the voicecoil on axially throughout it’s travel, somewhat like a 4 link rear end keeps your axle at right angle to the drive line.
This scientific paper is phenominal in explaining the driver technology;

Clear Audio has also chosen the GranSun driver for their new headphone.
($280US, 20hr bat, w/built in mic for phone etc.)


Thanks for this post, btw. Very interesting!

I’m guessing I’m in the minority, but if these had alexa, google assistant, or any other state approved spying device baked in I would not purchase them. I value my privacy, and so should you.


FYI, …ClearAudio will release “FLOW II” in Jully (the 2ond interation which includes Google Assistant) and also offers an audiophile version “NEXT”. A perfect touchstone for “our team” to compare/contrast,
their design elements & egornomics may provide useful insight.

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Re: Mercededs - This is a great philosophy and approach.

Great to watch and be part of the “crowd” development process at work here.

Copying, improving and further innovating is far easier and more advantageous than innovating from nothing.
This is what I call the fast track way to success.

What’s more you are mostly and usually working with already “proven” concepts.

Old saying:- Many Pioneers get arrows in their back!

Just do it differently, better and at a lower cost.


Just thinking - Is there any way of having or adding adjustable spring tension in the Eve Muse headset?
This has sometimes stopped me in the past from using good headsets, because the spring tension is too strong and easily becomes uncomfortable for me to wear.

I don’t have time and I’m not interested enough to wear them for several days in order to get used to the tension. I’d rather return them and move to a another brand.

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Hey there i am very much excited to hear about the new projects going with EVE -
Lately ive been noticing just how bad the space is for bluetooth earbuds, for example something that is heavily marketed/paid to all bloggers is the Jabra brand but this is just awful (just read the comments)

What else is going on besides the Headphones, i think the Tablet/laptop has been done for a while now.

btw, as i wear glasses, i gravitate towards earbuds to reduce strain on my (over)ears. Hopefully there can one day be really good earbuds, i want to say that the samsung earbuds have a no-nonsense design, but they are pretty large/protruding out the ears as most do.

Picture make the point;

Pages 63 & 64 illustrate the new driver technology compared to the standard design.

The split coil reminds me of a linear drive motor (rail gun).
Linedrive acoustic motor, Linear drive motor, Vectordrive motor, …

Keep up the great work!

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more microphones == more data. More data == more precise noise cancellation. But there is a point of diminishing returns.


Welcome :slight_smile:

As you might see, I’m also wearing glasses. Quite thick ones at that. All I can say is that premium headphones are worth it. The audio quality is generally higher since there is more space. I own a pair of Sony 1000MX2 and I can wear them 12+ hours. The ear cushions gently spread the pressure around

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Adjustable spring tension is interesting idea. We will check what the suppliers can do


Design a replaceable earpads for glass wearing people is also what I am thinking of


Would like the buttons to be textured, we’ll spaced. Would appreciate deep ear cups just like bose qc35s. Very good build quality. Doesn’t need touch sensitive controls, buttons and knobs is very much acceptable. Minimal branding. Plush ear cups. Top build quality, and able to fold up.

All stuff people have said before, just wanted to bring it back into focus since design process should be starting soon


Replaceable earcups are also good for regular users from a longevity standpoint. From that same perspective, would a replaceable battery be possible, like in the B&O H9? Otherwise, the usefulness will deteriorate over the course of a few years as the battery degrades. It could also allow you to carry an extra battery with you while traveling for example.


Most headphones with this integrated have options to disable it, so assume eve will implement the same?

Please make sure it has multi point bluetooth and focus is also place on mic call quality in suppressing back ground noise while maintaining good mic voice pickup…

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How easily accessible should the battery be? By hand? With a screw? With a small pin like sim trays? Or even more proprietary device?


Slide battery cover off with your thumb! :sunglasses:

Could we implement something like this in the Muse? I haven’t tried them but they seem like a welcome improvement for some.