[Project B] The start



Hello Community!

About a week ago I posted a pool about starting a new project in collaboration with Mozo.

The goal? To design a great product to carry your device and all your goodies around :wink:

The result is: 88% of voters have given a positive answer… well then…


This is going to be a fast :zap: pace project to design a great new product, to try to test different tools and overall to develop our design process in community!

The process for this project will be similar to the sleeves project with Mozo, FYI for the ones who were involved back then.
So it will be quick and dense. I am super excited about this project! :smiley:


Phase 1: Understand :mag:

  1. What we carry
  2. How we carry
  3. Our current setup
  4. Routes and routines
  5. Current Painpoints

Phase 2: Define :bulb:

  1. Product type
  2. User needs and priority
  3. Must-have features
  4. Materials + case study
  5. Brainstorming for the design scope

Phase 3: Develop :hammer_and_pick:

  1. Clarify our design goal or goals (The WHY we are making this product)
  2. Brainstorm ideas and interesting solutions
  3. Preliminary design concepts

Phase 4: Process Report for Mozo :scroll:

  1. Data collected and all important developments made in community

Phase 5: Design :pencil2:

  1. Reality check
  2. Mozo design process
  3. Concepts presentations
  4. Voting pools and community feedback
  5. Final concept

Phase 6: Product development :triangular_ruler:

  1. Reality check
  2. Prototypes
  3. Feedback and next samples round

:fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire: Coming soon the first post for Phase 1…

[Project B] [Step 1] Tell your story!

I’m really excited for this!! I loved the sleeve and it’s the same guys designing it! Having an Eve V bag :star_struck:


come on, you guys, why not call it project “N” or “R”?
totally missed the chance for Eve N or Eve R…


Whoop, whoop, we are live. I’m super excited to join this project. Let’s make it quick but not dirty!!!


Can’t wait to work with Mozo again!!:small_red_triangle_down:


sounds good to me. Let’s do it!


It’s just the project name - it might be called ‘N’ or ‘R’ in the end.

@Dario I’m pumped, so let’s do this! :smiley: :gorilla:


That’s a great idea! I loved the design of the sleeves and can’t wait to see what the eve community and mozo will make this time :smile:


I’ve been hoping for this. Sounds great!


Let’s start! Where would it be manufactured? Since Chinese New Year is coming in a month, we don’t usually launch a project this time of a year and expect it to be delivered soon. Unless it’s made somewhere else :slight_smile:


no. i think the V bag should be names EVE V.B
the B is the bag.
another example for the V’s charger could be named EVE V.C
C for charger


i will use the bag for school… options to carry the bag ling a backpack or a laptop bag.


i have a idea on how it will look and function. A duffel type tech bag. It has many pockets along one of the three sides of the bag. On the secon side is a lage padded sleve for computers. The bag contains a built in battery bank and is rigid enought to hold its shape. The aesthetics of the faces of the page is a thin recessed eve orange logo running near the edges of the triangular face of the bag.


Think of a slider with fashion on one end and practicality on the other. I think we need to be in the middle to get the most sales, this concept focuses a little too much on the practicality side of things in my humble opinion.


I thought i would go with a tech bag aesthetic one that look revolutionary and new.


I would prefer something like this:

But, with an bottle holder on one site like this Bagback with magnets:

Direkt Youtube link so you don’t have to watch to whole video:

And more pokets in the inside to organize the stuff.


I need to be able to carry one laptop, the V, all the accessories for both, plus some papers like notebook or something, plus some bottle, plus some external batteries.

I’m not sure if I don’t forget something here…


I quite like the look of this, and this is the type of thing I need for university :slight_smile:


Yes the bobby backbag looks nice. I am going to wait a bit to give this project a chance.

But if it is nothing for me than I going to order one after my V arrives.


Well don’t forget to get involved! it’s the community that will be illuminating use cases etc that will orchestrate on what type of bag is developed :smile: