[Project B] [Step 5] Your type. Your choice!


Let’s go visual!

Hello community, here we are with a new IMPORTANTE step!
From the previous steps, if you want to freshen up your memory:

  • For the tech-savvy urban commuters :sunglasses:
  • Best bang for the buck backpack
  • Slick and simple from the outside, high performance inside
  • Unconditional quality in materials and hardware for max reliability

  • Great and really smart space management inside
  • Premium looking and following EVE aesthetic
  • Great water protection and good shock protection
  • Amazing comfort and ergonomic


[Project B] [Step 3] The Wild zone

  • Great water protection but no need of dipping it the water
  • One product and not a system
  • Performance first, versatility second
  • Tech ready, not tech implemented
  • With some secret pocket, no need to be antitheft
  • There is no clear winner regarding the expandability. This topic will be further developed later but we have found that a backpack between 20-24 liters could be the right fit for our needs.

[Project B] [Step 4] Zooming in!

  • Top comfort and breathability on the back panel.
  • The chest strap is needed but removable would be the best option as there is no clear winner in the pool.
  • Great visibility inside is important. Our bright red interior will be an option taken into consideration!
  • Regarding expandability, the 2 most voted solutions are: zipper to increase volume (51%) and compression straps (22%). But a solid 33% wants to see this how this is implemented first, in order to vote.
  • Of the listed items presented in the previous post, only 16% voted to carry with them all the items. This will be carefully considered when designing the inside of the bag.
  • When asked about what to prioritize between these different aspects of the product these are the results:
  1. Resilient
  2. Comfortable
  3. Clever
  4. Simple
  5. Distinctive
  • When asked about how do you want to feel when using the future Eve backpack the 2 most voted options are:
    Reliability (the solid winner 56%)
    Uniqueness (21%)

The goal of this STEP

In this phase, we are voting our favorite type of backpack that we think is the most suitable for us and we want to have. :sunglasses:

We have been doodling a lot to explore different options!

Please just let me zoom out a little bit… The original plan was to come up with new concepts and vote directly in this phase but we realized by discussing with Mozo that would be great to decide before developing the actual product concept what is the best TYPE of construction for us.
The type of construction is usually defined by the “way” the user like to interacts with the product and stores what is carried.


Please read carefully these 3 things. Super important to keep in mind when we vote!

  • These are only “types” of backpacks and NOT final product pictures. These are illustrations only and do not represent the final organization, color, placement of pockets, etc…
  • We are now ONLY voting for the basic structure that will be the base of our product concept.
  • Please check the links at the bottom of each option. These are existing products for each type to fully understand the potential of each option.

Here we go!

These are 4 types of backpack sketched by Mozo and pros and cons for each variants. We can vote for!


  • EASY to load and organize
  • ALL around access (top and 2 sides)
  • SIMPLE construction guarantees great durability
  • MOST trusted construction


  • NEED to lay it down in order to pack optimally
  • QUICK access pockets on the front only
  • DIFFICULT to implement the water bottle on the sides
  • The 2 large zippers will define the OVERALL SHAPE of the backpack
  • The SIDE HANDLE is difficult to implement in this design


  • Only vertical orientation
  • We can consider using compression straps or expansion zippers to increase the volume of the bag



  • MOST water-resistant option
  • EASY to expand the volume (because of the rolltop)
  • Constructions is tubular so the backpack can actually STAND STRAIGHT on the floor
  • SIDE or FRONT pockets for quick access


  • ROLLING to enter the main compartment is not easy
  • DIFFICULT to access the bottom of the bag
  • Difficult to implement good ORGANIZATION inside (because of top loading only)


  • Possibility to have quick access to the main compartment on the sides as well
  • Only vertical orientation



  • SOLID construction
  • MOST potential (we can have top pockets, side pockets, etc without compromising usability)
  • The top LEAD guarantees good water protection and extra storage (potentially)


  • DIFFICULT to access the bottom of the bag
  • EXPANDABILITY might be difficult to implement
  • Might be difficult to implement good ORGANIZATION inside (because of top loading only)


  • Possibility to have quick access to the main compartment on the sides as well
  • Only vertical orientation



  • Professional look if carried like a BRIEFCASE
  • SIDE LOADING when on the floor is easy (just like a messenger)
  • Potentially EASY to organize inside
  • TOP and SIDE handle


  • NEED to lay it down in order to pack optimally
  • Will require COMPROMISES regarding comfort and usability
  • BOXY shape is required
  • Not symmetrical


  • In a previous post, the community voted for “optimal performance” as a priority. Because of this, we are currently not considering making a backpack + messenger option (hybrid).
    But this CASE LOOK could be designed so that if carried by hand with the side handle, it can look like a handbag and guarantee a more professional look for short trips.


Voting time…

:fire::fire: Your favorite type is: :fire::fire:

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • Can not decide
  • None of these

0 voters

:fire::fire: Your least favorite type is: :fire::fire:

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

0 voters

After these step we will have proper concept pictures of our product!!



Ah cool, been looking forward to this.

I’ve been looking at the Nomatic Backpack (and getting retargeting ads ever since) but $200+ for a backpack seems very steep to me. With the 15% off code they are pushing, it’s tempting but still can’t justify the price when I look at it. So interested to see what this one turns out like.


Great designs. Can’t wait to see the next concepts of the product :grinning:


What I find really interesting is that concept B seems the most polarizing for now.

Yes, we’ve got a small sample-size but currently ~20% name it as their favorite type and ~50% as their least favorite type.

Also, personally am totally for type A as I like my stuff organized and so the other types aren’t really for me - except D but it looks more like a small suitcase with shoulder-straps :confused:


type D has not to be automatically asymmetric. just add a third handle at the other side and you got more pickup options…
type A is so boooooring standard…


I voted for C as my favourite but A is a very close second.


I voted for C, but I would like to have a sleeve at the top to expand the space inside. The top lead could be adjustable by straps.
Like this:

Of course, not looking like this, but with a similar mechanism. You could also make the top with a shell to safely store glasses or some other breakable stuff and have an easy access at the same time.

In general, I don’t feel that type A would give me any reason to choose it over my current backpack (or any backpack for that matter), type B is your basic Hipster backpack right now with much space, but you can’t get to the bottom. So, you would need a side opening. And type C gives the greatest expandability with a sleeve and expandable top and, if you add a side opening, also easy access while still looking simple and urban. Type D is just bullshit imo, but just because I really don’t see the use of handbags :smiley:


Voted for D.
Because it has potential.
You are very flexible with it.
Put in your Car and grab it by the handles if you are going to a meeting or to the Office.
Carry it with the shoulder straps, while travelling.
I like that :slight_smile:

But it needs a good organisation inside and to make it work, there must be a solution for either hiding the straps or at least tighten them, that they are not hanging around while carrying.


Thank you for your input :slight_smile: Interesting example for the expandability and at the same time this top lead can guarantee good protection from rain.

Out of curiosity, in your daily life what kind of items would you carry that could require this sort of solution? Or in what kind of situation?


I mainly need a small extra compartment for the V and then I’m free for other things.

I’d prefer a backpack that I can easily use for buying groceries, hiking and things like that. So, a small foot print in general, but with expandability and rain protection is what I’m looking for. And being comfortable even at 10 (to 30) kg of weight.

I like the idea of smaller extra compartments for cables, glasses, papers, pens and other small items, but I really need one large compartment since buying groceries after work will be the main thing I’m doing with the backpack. So, A with zippers to expand it and B are also ok for me, but I like these hiking backpacks with sleeves for expansion from a practical point of view and I feel that the weight is balanced better, if you’re stacking it close to your body instead of away from your body (like with A).

Another thing: Hiking backpacks sometimes have a hidden compartment at the bottom that is also like a sleeve that you can take out. It’s pretty practical for sleeping bags that shouldn’t get dirty, but don’t mind being pressed.

And in the main compartment in the middle you could still make smaller compartments like shelves and an opening like solution A to access them all with ease.



I’d like to explore the potential of D (briefcase-like), reason being type A is too common and is everywhere, so its only brand, quality and price.

Whereas for type D, it’s actually quite sleek, kinda unique, and has the ability to be a very organize-able bag.

Design wise, I believe it also has the a lot of potential to improve, making it slightly rounded, some stitch, etc etc.

Straps can also be designed to be hide-able.



if I’m looking at type D I always think: this is eve. it even looks like a V. and it is a 2in1. and… and… and…


I understand that this is for deciding which is the best option, but could you also make prototypes from all 4 and make a video, so that we can just get a better grasp on the benefits and problems?
I’d personally like to see a video with a V in sleeve, 2 notebooks, 3 folders, a book, charging accessories, water bottle, and writing utensils being used in a video with each design.

I like ABC. Is it possible to make a roll top with a clam shell attached to it, with compression straps to maximize / minimize space?

A is the most similar to what I currently have. B is the most cool to me. But a combination of C and A or B sounds like the best option. We could have a main body of C a secondary attached one, either clam shell or an additional slightly smaller roll top behind it. Compression straps could be used to make it manageable. The top strap/flap of C of the main body should have an adjustable closing spots for the varibaliltiy of size (like compressed and expanded clasps.

Idea for sides would be to add pockets all along side. Left side could have a closed/zipper cable management pocket on the bottom and a strap/pocket for the top. And the right side could have a pen/utensil pocket on the top and another closed pocket or strap for bottle or umbrella on the bottom.

Also red interior is a must!

I also agree with @SyrtakiVampir on that A is boring. I think we can shape C to be better than A, and I think it looks the best.


I preferred (A), zipper faster than unrolling (B) and unbuckle the lead ©.

Since A is a clam shell type, I can’t see why it can’t have (D) advantage of side loading?

I like Minaal Cary-on 2.0 bag low-profile design and its functionality… except for the price.

I hope Eve’s bag can have separate computer compartment and suspended from the bag edges and can be access from the top and the side.


For a while I been considering a bag large enough to meet cabin luggage requirement. Let’s create one that wow every owner. why create a bag that can fit into 8 wheels frame with brakes when park and flows nicely when pushed. When the 8 wheels are not need. The bag is removed from the 8 wheels frame and used as a backpack. Note the backpack access two compartments. One via the front and the other from the back for great security. I seen tourist pushing their 8 or 4 wheelers instead of backpacks. Built in steel cord to lock things in place and alternative 8 wheel with brakes cabin size bag strong enough to sit on when there is no seat around. Have more ideas to share if asked takes time to do it will do if asked. The concept bags so far is just another bag variation.


Would there be any marginally higher costs in the final retail-price: regarding the type of bag?


And maybe the materials could be kinda recycled? I’ve seen a lot of ideas out in the web and I’ve seen some Backpacks who are created outta used airbags and safety belts. The site who is selling them call them Airpaq. Yes I know the Design isn’t the one you guys are looking for but maybe the choose of Material and the actually working product can give some inspiration for choosing the right materials for being a little green.


That looks cool for sure but $300 is daft. They are kidding themselves with pricing like that tbh.


Pretty late to the party and I’m not sure if anyone has requested this or is already decided that it’s going to be implemented but this is just my idea , we can have the backpack have a removable huge battery with a reasonable weight somewhere in the backpack and there will be wide variety and number of ports so you can charge your phone or laptop or pretty much anything at the same time and on the go and there will be a small hole on the bottom of the backpack for the cable that could recharge the battery . Imo I think it’s a pretty sweet idea cuz it’s will just be so convenient and simple being able to just plug multiple things at a time on the go. And you can add some extra holes to the backpack for the cables like for headphones and cell phone to pass through. You can pretty much forget about keeping your battery life up and focus more on important things for just a little extra weight .And we can add several more functions and make it have fast charging and make it so it doesn’t get hot easily . Thoughts ?