[Project B] [Step 4] Zooming in!


Hi there!

Where are we?

We are designing a backpack…

  • For the tech-savvy urban commuters :sunglasses:
  • Best bang for the buck backpack
  • Slick and simple from the outside, high performance inside
  • Unconditional quality in materials and hardware for max reliability

  • Great and really smart space management inside
  • Premium looking and following EVE esthetic
  • Great weather protection and good shock protection
  • Amazing comfort and ergonomic


See previous voting: [Project B] [Step 3] The Wild zone

  • Great water protection but no need of dipping it the water
  • One product and not a system
  • Performance first, versatility second
  • Tech ready, not tech implemented
  • With some secret pocket, no need to be antitheft
  • There is not a clear winner regarding the expandability. This topic will be further developed later but we have found that a backpack between 20-24 liters could be the right fit for our needs.

Big boards…

We have been working closely with Mozo to define the requirements and to explore different solutions present in the market.

Also we have been mapping and research different topics for the design of the backpack.

What are these topics?

  • What to carry
  • How to access
  • Pockets organization
  • Safety and secret pockets
  • Backpack types
  • Volume and what can be carried
  • Different ways how to expand the volume
  • Visibility and inside compartments
  • Ergonomy and how to adjust. Comfort
  • Hardware and materials
  • Printing technics and branding elements
  • Ergonomy and breathability when carrying it
  • Interactions between backpack and environments

Picture time…

And personally, I have been quite obsessed, especially recently, in taking pictures of all interesting backpacks I have been finding around :camera_flash: :camera_flash: :camera_flash:

Your turn!

Now, during our research, we have found interesting topics of discussion that we believe are important to share with you guys! Especially before we vote for the concepts :sunglasses:


/// Back panel
About air ventilation in the back and back padding. We have found that hiking backpacks and running backpacks are naturally great inspirations for good solutions.

:point_right: Considering your previous backpack experiences which of the following fits your needs most?

Click here to see detalils

Here are some examples… please do not focus on the look but focus on the usability and comfort aspects

  • Amazing comfort and breathability. A solution like a net system or extra padding in the back would be cool and really comfy!
  • Just comfortable enough- limited padding. No need for extra padding or special features. It could increase the price and these features are not a must for me.
  • Air ventilation and amazing comfort are not that relevant to me. No padding necessary.
  • Other. I will specify in the comments

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/// Shoulder straps

Now… we have been looking around for different shoulder straps solutions and we feel that these are the key factors to make the best shoulder strap!

  1. Shaped to fit the human body and not just straight
  2. Air ventilation in the strap is a great feature
  3. A little hard reinforcement inside the strap makes it easy to grab and fit better on the chest
  4. Adjustability is a must on the bottom end of the straps but not a must on the top end. (Considering backpack volumes lower than 30 L)
  5. Chest strap that is adjustable and removable.
  6. Straps ends easy to grab for adjusting the fitting
  7. Never good to have little straps or parts that are flapping around

:point_right: Do you agree with this list for the shoulder straps?

  • I agree fully
  • I agree partially and I will write in the comments to tell what is missing or not that relevant to me
  • Other

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/// Chest strap

:point_right: Do you use the chest strap to increase comfort or stability when using the backpack?

  • Yes and I like it!
  • No but just because I do not have it! I would like to have it in this backpack!
  • Nope, I do not like chest straps

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/// Opening tab

:point_right: Do you have (or had) on your backpack or messenger this “grabbing tabs” when opening or closing the zipper?

You can see here what is a grabbing tab

  • Yes and I like to use them!
  • Yes, I have but I never use them…
  • No, but I would like to have them!
  • No… and honestly I do not need them…

0 voters

/// Visibility inside

:point_right: Bright colors on the inside can increase visibility when we are looking for something inside of the bag but of course, bright colors can define quite clearly the look and overall experience with the product… Where do you stand?

  • I want our cool bright red inside. I want good visibility and I think that the bright red inside can be really good solution!
  • I can sacrifice visibility but I really want all dark and cool black inside. Nice and stealth looking :wink:
  • I do not mind. Both are fine!
  • I have a better solution and I will tell about it in the comments!

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/// Attaching on the outside

:point_right: Do you usually add extra items on the outside of your backpack and feel comfortable doing it? (Example: the jacket in the outside net or elastic wire of the backpack)

You can see here one example

  • Yes
  • No
  • Other

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:point_right: About expandability… if we would be in the position that we MUST be able to add extra volume to the backpack. Which solution you feel could fit best your needs?

You can see here what is a compression strap.

You can see here what is a rolltop backpack.

This is a rolltop type of backpack…

  • Compression straps on the side of the bag are a fine solution for me to modify the volume
  • A zipper that when opened can increase the volume would work for me
  • A rolltop backpack solution is a good way to go
  • The possibility of attaching or insert on the outside of the backpack
  • It really depends… For me not an obvious winner among these options.
  • Other. I will specify in the comments!

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CLICK HERE for the list of things to carry..

• Laptop 15
• Tablet
• Notebook
• Dongle or hub
• Wallet
• Mouse
• Mouse mat
• Powerbank
• Charger
• 3 - 4 Cables
• Folder
• Paper & documents
• Headphones
• Water bottle
• V Pen (or similar)
• Other pens
• Phone
• Keys
• Passport
• Little cosmetic products
• Snacks

:point_right: How much of this you would want to carry?

  • % 30
  • % 50
  • % 70
  • % 100!
  • More than this! I will tell in the comments what is missing…

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You can give :fire: ONLY a total of 12 points :fire: (please do not cheat :wink: )
Please read them all first and then score from 1 to 5 how important are for you these aspects of the future backpack! MAX 12 points

Resilient (long lasting)

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

0 voters

Clever (these are smart solutions!)

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

0 voters

Comfortable (feels good)

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

0 voters

Simple (less is more)

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

0 voters

Distinctive (designed to stand out)

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

0 voters


:point_right: If you can pick only one. How do you want to feel when you are using this backpack?

  • I have a unique product. I am the coolest kid on the block.
  • I have a super reliable product. This is gonna last forever
  • I made an awesome deal. This really was a fair price!
  • I stand for what this company stands for. I am the messenger.
  • None of the above. I do not care about how I feel.

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Thank you! And next steps we will vote on the construction and concepts!

[Project B] [Step 5] Your type. Your choice!
Update 30.03 China, shipping countries, missing accessories

Had a backpack without. Even when you’re not doing anything you’ll be sweating. Wasn’t very nice to be always sweating, especially when other people notice the big wet spot on your back.

Red would be soooo cool :heart_eyes:

Never! It will either get stolen or it will fall of/out (or I’ll get stuck to something) :tired_face:.

SO HYPED ABOUT THIS!!! Reaaaly want to know what the result will look like… You’re doing a great job guys!


I don’t like the idea of adding a roll-top or side-straps. All of them look ugly and in the end if I travel further or want to carry more I would just use another backpack or bag.

One point I feel strongly about - inside my bag is a mess. And it is so messy because bag designers opt for few large compartments rather than a number of small pockets and nets. It would help me have my stuff in order if I had a number of compartments / pockets where I could stuff it. For example, as a V user that makes presentations a lot and travels a lot I carry a lot of dongles, a presentation remote, a handful of pen drives to hand stuff out on, a mouse + spare batteries and power supplies for all of this. Add to this documents, my Kindle, passport and small paper notebook (backup for important stuff), a handful of pens, a set of Neuland markers to draw on flipcharts plus invoices and receipts I collected along the way. Plus a water bottle, a pack of headache pills just in case, set of keys (including the so-called “conductor’s key” - kandy when you travel on the railways and know how to for example tweak heating in a carriage :slight_smile: ) and a couple of items I forgot about. I’d love to have them in their place, not mangled together at the bottom of one of three compartments the bag designer thought of.


About the expandability:

I’m fine with most of it as long as I can expand it, but I wouldn’t buy extra bags to hang somewhere on the outside. I wouldn’t mind the mesh being there for people to do so though, but I’d like to have other options. Additionally to the one’s mentioned above I would also mention the ones for hiking backpacks, where you have an extra piece of cloth with a strap inside sewed to the top, which you can fill as well and is usually just hidden inside until pulled out and filled.

Like the black cloth inside this backpack:

And, if we’re going bright coloured in the inside, different colours are kind of a must to me. I don’t really have a problem with a colour inside that no one sees anyways, but I think some people wouldn’t want a bright red inside in their bag. I’d much prefer a light green for example. I think that a few colour options would be really nice, if feasible, like green, red, blue, orange, yellow, pink, black and white or cream, for example.

Another thought:
What about an opening for a headphone or charger cable or a tube of a drinking bag?

Edit: I forgot the ape…


this is about adding extra items on the outside.

Yes I do this, but please not under a flap. Just put some straps on the side - like compression straps. I use it for a bottle/newspaper sometimes.



Above when I voted I noticed a feature that seems to have been overlooked.
It is a wide horizontal strap at the back between the shoulder straps to locate the back pack on the handle of my travel case in times when it’s too heavy or inconvenient in airports to have on my shoulders. It’s usually called a trolley handle pass through.

Like this one on the Everki Suite:-

I have the Everki Concept which is really great but it doesn’t have a trolley strap like this and that can be a problem for me in airports sometimes when I don’t want it on my back.

If Project B had one of these trolley straps it would be a game changer for me.

Otherwise I will most likely buy the Everki Suite, which I think is probably the best business travel back pack I’ve seen.



The things I carry around:
• Tablet (V)
• Wallet (See Phone)
• Powerbank
• Charger
• 3 - 4 Cables
• Folder (rare)
• Paper & documents (rare)
• Headphones
• Water bottle
• V Pen (or similar)
• Other pens
• Phone (in a Pocket of my jacket or trouses)
• Keys (same as the phone)
• lunch for work
• sometimes a book
• a small first aid kit

A jacket and a water bottle. That’s it.


First of all, I’m new to ‘Project B’ and haven’t yet read Steps 1-3 so my apologies if this has already been covered… I searched and found only one mention of it by @JohnS in Step 3 which didn’t get much attention…

GPS Tracking - I used to think this would be prohibitively expensive but have found out over the past couple of years (mainly re tracking cars and pets) that it’s not… even when roaming. The amount of data is sooo small that accurate tracking for cars can be done for no more than £40/yr in the UK and £55 globally! These figures could probably be halved with objects that move about less and/or with less frequent updates… and the hardware costs are only between c. £20 and £50 for a device that would do the job.
Charging requirements would be a bit of a PITA… you could be looking at having to charge it every 2-3 days (depending on internal battery size).

Vodafone in the UK are doing this: https://shop.v.vodafone.com/UK/V-Bag

As a cheaper/smaller alternative (that doesn’t require charging), a TrackR could be used: https://secure.thetrackr.com/

I’m not saying the bag should come with tracking… but perhaps a suitably-located (and/or hidden) pocket could be utilised for the purpose somewhere on the surface/top of the bag… or it could be an upsell item.


+1 vote for a trolley handle pass-through. It’s such a useful feature to have and so simple to implement.


What if the sholder strap were slf tightening? Im mean the straps will automatically and taturally want tighten up. I am think of the same mechanism that make the slap on watches work. The one that you slap onto ur risk and the bands wrap around ur hand. What ip the sholder straps were like that? The user would push on a pressure point the the straps will release and when the user puts on the bag… the press the opposite pressure pont and the straps will tray and wrap into the bag BUT the user’s body is in the way, so the straps form to the users body shape and provides comfortable and secure backpack experience.?


I’m not interested in this bag yet but if this feature gets left out because it keeps someone up at night imma fkin lose my tits on principle.


This is definitely a must-have for me


Then that’s it. It’s a done deal!

Automatic inclusion because we finally reached the critical mass of people required who want it.

There’s now 4 of us critical buyers!

And if we don’t get what we want then we can be critical like so many others on this forum have been in the past.


Back panel and padding:

  • Ventilation on the back is good, but this needs to be part of the overall design, not just a feature.
  • Padding mainly for protection of contents.

Chest strap:

  • Not really necessary if the carrying straps are well designed, contoured and stiff enough.
  • Personally I can see myself using a chest strap only while running or similar activity.
  • Or if the backpack weighs a lot.

Shoulder straps:

  • “Air ventilation in the strap is a great feature.” How do you suggest achieving this?
  • Easy adjustability and good buckles essential.

Opening/grabbing tabs:

  • Only necessary if the fabric is soft.

Visibility inside:

  • Red sounds awesome, but maybe something lighter would be better.


  • Extendable sleeve with a draw string and easily adjustable top flap.
  • Solutions depend on how the backpack is packed (top opening versus side opening etc.).



psst notification L.E.D


As someone who carries his backpack for hours on end, ventilation and expandability is the most important to me. I carry a MBP (sometimes the V) and two external USB Monitors (15.6" ASUS MB168B+)

Also, maybe this only applies to me, but I will also carry a mechanical keyboard :stuck_out_tongue:

Chest strap:

  • Never really used it but it would be a nice addition if it is detachable. (Like on the Peak Design Everyday Backpack)


  • A bright orange red matches the branding of Eve so far, but I would prefer less aggressive colours (darker colours)


  • Same preference as @mirv, extendable sleeve with a draw string

Sidenote, I would love to see that the bag can be opened from the sides.

USB Monitor Dropping Out (Asus MB169B+)

I think you need a truck, not a bag. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The chest cross strap is are awesome for making the weight easier and more distributed. I didn’t realise how good they are until I used it on my everki. They are adjustable and not big, so I don’t understand the need for it to be removable.

The one on my bag here is small and not noticed when you don’t use it and it slides up and down for you to use the most suitable position

Side opening is a nice idea, but could be trouble in an airport or crowds as you’ll never know if someone is taking stuff.

While I’m at it what about a built in Hard Shell Quick Access sun glasses case and small top carry handle for those times you don’t want it on your back. I often don’t put it on my back because I could be a bit dressed up for a meeting and don’t really want my shirt crushed by the shoulder straps. Have a look at these features on this bag, I don’t think they’d be too expensive to incorporate into the design.


OK, Everki Suite Premium is a strong contender for my $$$s. :smiley: Just by looking at the website I can tell whoever designed this has a lot of miles to spend. :wink: :slight_smile:


Yes… I have big backpacks that is larger than my back and people say I’m nuts… D:


Then I have the perfect solution just for you.

You actually need our very latest innovation and the newly released Head Strap model as shown here.
It will cover your back and carry more than a small truck.

It even comes with a Notification LED in the strap to show whether it’s full or not (different colours will tell you the load capacity.